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First Monday in November.

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    First Monday in November.

    Good morning everyone. Have we all got the time change woes? I was dreading yesterday but heck it went okay. The only difference is, it get lighter in the morning and darker at night.

    Well I ended up having a busy weekend. Friday was the wake for a friend's father and we went out for lunch. Saturday was a sewing day, finished the top for the MIL's quilt. And yesterday, we ended up at the race track/casino for supper. We had stopped in at an auction sale as hubby had won an oil lamp with an extra chimney. I ended up buying it for him. I was very lucky at the slots as well last night. I played my first $20 and won $77, cashed out. I put another $20 and won $39, cashed out. I like to be ahead. Les won on the first horse race, $34 and he also won at the slots $50 (played $20). Can you tell we aren't big gamblers? Later in the evening, I went back, lost the first $20 but made $77 again on the second $20. Not a bad night after all. I treated hubby to dinner. Now today I have spending money. I am going with Bonnie up to Pembroke today and I think there is a quilt store in the trip and Fabricland too. I was asked to pick up a sewing machine that has been at the repair shop since early Spring. I don't think it is fixed. And a stop at Walmart for a few groceries.

    I have a very busy week ahead. Wednesday I take Doug to the doctor's. Thursday I work/quilt all day. Friday is Remembrance Day. I need to make 4 loaves of sandwiches for two services. Phil and the family are coming and Phil will be laying a wreath for our Lionette Club. Saturday night I will be going to the high school and presenting two students with bursaries. And in between all that, I need to straighten out the spare room, although that should not take too long to do. And I also need to make room for Sadie in my sewing room.

    So this is what my week is shaping up to be. I can't say I have a dull life, that's for sure.

    Have a wonderful day friends.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: First Monday in November.

    Morning Everyone,

    Monique, you keep such a busy schedule all the time....I don't know how you keep up the pace.

    I have a busy week, including the Moh's surgery IF my doctor is well enough to work. He's been out with a bad cold.

    I'm off to fold a load of clothes and feed the Girls.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Scottie Mom Barb


      Re: First Monday in November.

      Monique, Lucky you at the casino, I'm not lucky at them as I've only won some bucks once. You certainly have a great busy week planned, it's nice that family will be with you for Remembrance Day.

      We had a nice day yesterday when DGD Catherine visited, we had some yummy carrot soup for lunch. Her parents joined us later in the afternoon for tea and cake. DGD. DIL and I discussed Thanksgiving dinner which DGD and her DH will be hosting this year. If everyone can make it there will be 22 people for dinner. With that in mind we gave DGD our card table and folding chairs. They will be making the turkey, stuffing and gravy and everyone will bring the side dishes. This year's food challenge is Apples so I need to find a tasty apple recipe for my entry.


        Re: First Monday in November.

        Good morning everyone. Monique you do keep busy. I wish I was going to Pembroke with you today-then I would sneak on to Petawawa and see my babies. Grandma is missing her little ones but they will be down on Nov 19 for a visit and I am looking forward to that. It is my dad's 85th birthday so we are having a party. He is really amazing-still living in his own home and completely looks after himself, still drives, does his own laundry and cooks his own meals.

        Well as some of you know I had a terrible accident with my Pfaff Performance 5 at a workshop. Coffee was accidentally spilled and the repair shop said it was fried and not worth repairing. Luckily, my household insurance gave me full replacement value for the machine but it doesn't stop there. I went out shopping and looking around and decided on adding some to the insurance money and bought the Bernina B770 QE. What a machine!! The worst part is that I have been so busy (have 2 part time jobs right now) that I have hardly been able to try it out. I have played a bit though and i think it is going to be quite a machine and a bit of a learning curve. Going to a 3 day retreat this weekend so I plan to give it a good trial.

        You may have noticed I have not been on the forum much lately. I have taken on 2 part time jobs but (really only planned on having one) but I like both of them so having a hard time deciding. My motivation to work (instead of quilting every day) was that we want to buy a 5th wheel RV before Spring and so I wanted to contribute towards that. I am thinking I will work hard all winter and then in Spring I will need to make a decision what I am going to do. I will put that decision on the back burner til Spring. We are also still trying to sell our home so with 2 jobs and all this going on I have not had much time on the forum. I am slowly liquidating my excess possessions (but not my sewing stash) so when it is time to move it will be a bit easier job. We have reserved an apartment in a brand new building which will be ready in February so finger crossed that our house is sold by then as we really love the apartment- it is an active living with mostly 55+ residents. The apartment is 1300 sq feet so a very good size, with 2 beds plus den and 2 bathrooms. Just need all the ducks to line up in a row so this can all happen.
        All that being said, I have not had a lot of time to sew since about September so that is why I am so anxious for this Retreat on the weekend.

        Hope everyone has a great week.
        Grandma Nan



        "Some of the best memories are created in flip flops"


          Re: First Monday in November.

          Good Morning, All ~ Sunny & clear here in Colorado. We're still having very nice weather. It was 75 yest. Very dry. We really could use some moisture.

          Yesterday was church. In the afternoon I got the Cutting Corners quilt sandwiched & pin basted, but I still need to mach. baste around the edges. I also sewed together FQ strips for a pieced binding. I already had the strips left over from making the blocks, so figured I might as well use them. One always takes the chance that when turning the corners, a seam may hit right at the corner. But it's doable.

          The laundry is under way. Time now for my breakfast. Have a great Monday.


            Re: First Monday in November.

            Good morning all! One weekend down of shows, one more week to go, then I don't think about costumes till February! Which quilt to work on? Baby quilt for my friend's great grandson? Putting together my blooming 9 patch? Start a winter quilt with the cardinals in the birch trees? I bought the most luscious birch tree flannel for backing this quilt when I was at M* at the retreat! Can't wait to snuggle under that! Or just clean the sewing studio and turning off the light for a while! No, can't do that!

            I love to see what you all are doing. So I read the daily greeting every day! Nan, glad to get an update on your work and other events! I was so bummed that I didn't get to see you in October. Hopefully I'll get up there in spring and we can visit then!

            Hope you all have a great day!


              Re: First Monday in November.

              Morning all,
              Off to a late start had our Monday morning out to breakfast group today.
              Had a busy week glad it's behind me another one coming up but looking forward to it. Thursday our Pilot Club was one of four honorees at a breakfast so it was out the door by 80am, Saturday was the craft fair and I did very well I was almost sold out. Items I thought would definitely sell were slow moving and items I thought wouldn't sell due to the higher pricing sold out and I took a few pre-paid orders from the people I knew. Go figure! Saturday was profitable but painful as I took a bad tumble on my bad knee. I never saw a step and fell, just being my graceful self in public��. Today we have a wake to attend for my husband's half sister which we really only met a few times but they called to let us know she passed so we will go and pay our respects.
              Wednesday, I leave for upstate again my sister and I are going to our friends house for a 4 day quilt retreat. There are 6 of us who get together a few times a year for a retreat. Looking forward to gal talk and sewing.
              Well back to the machine to finish a few more orders before I leave.
              Visit my Flickr page, sewing and cakes!