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Thursday, one day closer to Friday

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    Thursday, one day closer to Friday

    Good morning everyone. Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs on winning the World Series. The curse of the Billy Goat is OVER and so is the 108 year old drought! I was on the Cleveland Indians side, but heck, maybe next year. (Les' grandfather came from Cleveland is why we cheered for them). Here are some statistics for those of you who are interested.

    I didn't do much of anything yesterday. I did finish the last of the two daycare quilts. I did not have matching thread to sew the binding onto the back so I used invisible thread. The customer was very happy. I practically charged her nothing as I did not have a clue as to what to charge. She supplied the fabric and thread for one of the quilts. I told her to tell her friends I did a special favour just for her. I posted them in Show and Tell if you care to take a look

    So today I will start on the quilt for my MIL. I made two blocks last night. It shouldn't take too long for this one.

    So that is about all for today. Here is a little something to make you smile!! Have a great day everyone.

    Today's holiday list:

    Today is Cliché Day!
    Today is Give Someone a Dollar Today Day! (address is in user notes)

    Today is National Housewife Day!
    Today is National Men Make Dinner Day!
    Today is National Sandwich Day!
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: Thursday, one day closer to Friday

    Morning Everyone,

    So if today is National Men Cook Dinner Day, maybe Jeff will take me out for Chinese this evening.

    It's raining this morning but so far no storms. I love gloomy days but I need to get out and food shop this morning.

    There's nothing fun in my sewing room at the moment but that could change a the blink of the eye.

    Wishing everyone a wonderful day.

    Scottie Mom Barb


      Re: Thursday, one day closer to Friday

      Morning all. My son will cook tonight Yay! Making headway on the cat quilt quilting. Inside area all done. working on a swirl pattern for the narrow border. Have I ever said how much I hate pounce? But it works for dark areas and irons off. So I deal with it when I have to. Its 51 going into the 60's today , rain this afternoon and very foggy atm. Will be heading to work soon.Not my favorite time of year. You would think this would be a happy time of year, but so many customers get nasty and have shorter tempers and they all seem to take it out on the cashier or the waitress. Not fair for us. I would like to say one thing if your heading to a store and have a mobile coupon , know how to work your phone and bring up the coupon and have it ready when you arrive at the check out, makes everyone's life easier. Oh and if you don't know, don't just blow it off and shove your phone in your purse ask we are always willing to show you how, so you can be prepared next time.
      Thats it for today
      hugs to all
      sigpic:icon_hug: Iris Girl = April = fabric, Fabric FABRIC!!
      Time spent with cats is never wasted.
      Sigmund Freud


        Re: Thursday, one day closer to Friday

        Good morning, everyone!

        My dh is taking the car to work, so I am a home-body today, which is fine with me. Working on dog quilts (I only have two left to do!) and house training the new dog. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!



          Re: Thursday, one day closer to Friday

          Good morning! If today is Husband Make Dinner Day and Sandwich Day, that's probably what I'd get if DH made dinner...a sandwich! It's busy here. I'm still working 3 days a week, usually Tues-Thurs, for the realty company with sewing being done around work and on weekends. I should get the quilt I'm making for a friend all pieced this week. Batting arrives today but backing is yet to be bought. I want to get it done as soon as possible so I'm not coming down to the wire on this Christmas gift from husband to wife.
          *~* Myrna *~*
          *~* Quilters lead pieceful lives *~*


            Re: Thursday, one day closer to Friday

            Good morning peeps.

            It's a somewhat bright morning here. I'm off to Hamilton to volunteer some time at the race that I won't be running on Sunday due to injury. Today I get to stuff the goody bags and tomorrow I will be helping runners with their registration i.e. handing out race numbers. Looking forward to it.

            Yesterday, and rather by accident, I found the pattern for the tardis quilts that need to be completed for Xmas. Guess it's time to get going on that.

            Have a great day.


              Re: Thursday, one day closer to Friday

              Good Morning, All ~ Bright & sunny. A crisp 35 deg. this morning with heavy frost. My morning job will be to mix up turkey patties. As needed, I mix up 3 lb. of lean ground turkey with eggs, cracker crumbs, garlic & onions, with seasonings, make 3.75 oz. patties, then freeze them up individually. It usually makes 18-20 patties.

              Yesterday was BSF (Bible Study Fellowship), my usual $1.83 lunch at Wendy's, a stop at Vitamin Cottage for Kombucha & spelt flour, then to the groc. store. Another blindside on "Survivor" last evening. Does anyone know why "The Amazing Race" isn't on this season?

              I haven't done any sewing for a few days. However, I finally got the label made & sewed on the Herringbone quilt, got it packaged up & put in the mail to my gr. son. I insured it for $400. I figure that's about how much I have into it in fabric, LA quilting, etc. Which of course, doesn't include the labor of love. I hope they like it. For the first time I changed the color of ink for the label. I used purple lettering on that label, which turned out nice. Usually I use black.

              I'm looking forward to Jenny's new tutorial tomorrow.


                Re: Thursday, one day closer to Friday

                afternoon all...

                Been stressed a bit the last few days. I have a few people in my life that are energy vampires. I love them dearly but sometimes they push me to my limits. Finally started my xmas shopping. Will be glad when that is all done!

                It started out dreary and rainy today and my arthritis was sure complaining about it...and still is even though the sun is out. Not my fav. time of year for that.

                Looking forward to a nice weekend. Going to a play with friends on Saturday night. Other than that, a mountain of laundry I have been procrastinating on. uhg.