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This Night Owl can finally head to bed.

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    This Night Owl can finally head to bed.

    Since the World Series is over, I can finally head to bed. What a game it was. I am happy that I was able to see it. But it was a real nail biter.

    We had some really yucky storms today. Lots of hail and rain - not a good timing because crops are still in the field.

    I have not gotten to do much sewing lately. But am hoping to get back to it next week.

    Have a wonderful night everyone

    Re: This Night Owl can finally head to bed.

    Hoot hoot...I'm still up for a while. The Bulls lost to the Celtics tonight but they tied it up in the 4th quarter, but couldn't get the win. My buddy and I got falafel pitas before the game and then stopped at a fancy cheese shop. Holy cow, that was $20 a pound cheese. I got two kinds, .25 lbs of each which was the This cheese had better transport me to cheese heaven when we serve it on Friday.

    I've been progressing on my ribbon embroidery practice. I'm making little book markers that can be done relatively quickly. They are kinda cute. The only other sewing was making little cloth bags to contain silica gel to dry seeds I harvested. Easy peasy.

    Hope everyone has a good night. @,@