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All Souls Night Owl

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    All Souls Night Owl

    Hoot hoot! Wow, Nov. 2nd already and Day of the Dead. Some of my favorite people are dead!

    How are you? I was getting antsy with no stitching in two days so I pulled out some ribbon embroidery materials. I'm trying to make a bookmark a la this kind of look:

    It's raining on my nest! How about you? @,@

    Re: All Souls Night Owl

    It was a beautiful day here.. temps in the 70's with a bit of wind. Unusual for this time of year. Generally we have cold rain and wind... needing a coat, hat & gloves weather.

    Cleaning up a bit of Halloween decorations.. and finding ways to get rid of extra candy. Nope, not eating another piece til I have some "healthy" food. But I do love my 3 musketeers!! Oh, there's a packet of M&M's...... FUN SIZE!!

    I gotta get the boxes of decorations put away so I can get to my sewing.. I promised myself I'd have 2 more quilts done this past month..(Oct), but I fell behind due to health issues. So after the cleaning lady (comes tomorrow) & I get stuff put away, I can get back to the sewing. DD loves to decorate but stores the containers in MY sewing area. I know, it's out of sight and so handy.

    Time is flying by so fast, that I can't keep up with my "to do" list. But I'll be back at it and try to meet a few deadlines. No pressure, just promises. November is Christmas Card Making Month for me...Luckily I have all the supplies on hand for them.

    cat N dogs.JPG
    Got to get this bunch of Orphans together..
    my fav block.jpg
    My favorite block...

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      Re: All Souls Night Owl

      Well, it's morning now and I feel as though I may have slept an hour. Just put a load of laundry going. Now that I try to be productive, maybe I'll fall asleep. Doubtful. Need to pick up my machine from shop this morning. That's good news. To do list for today includes make binding for a lap quilt and finish cutting and ironing pieces for wall hanging I committed to creating for a customer. Probably won't get to sewing since I need to leave by 2 to help setup booth for quilt festival. Tonight is preview night, so hopefully I can stay alert.
      Spring, TX