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    Halloween Night Owl

    Hoot hoot! Did you have trick or treaters? My neighbor has so many decorations out that she is the star of the neighborhood and probably whole town. She has animatronic witches, skeletons, a graveyard, tombstones and far more (including a recording of scary noises). She gives out little packets of candy and toys. She takes two weeks vacation to put all this out. It's really amazing.

    I didn't sew at all today but I did cook. I stole May's pot roast idea and also made pumpkin spice cookies that are really good. They are too much work to make, IMO, but they taste great.

    Hoot away! @,@

    Re: Halloween Night Owl

    Hoot hoot Happy Halloween! We probably had about one hundred kids tonight,which is down from other years. There is a street in my town where all the neighbors go all out and decorate,one neighbor puts a projection screen up in his yard and shows Halloween movies.There are others that give out fresh made cotton candy,popcorn,beer for the adults, etc. It has got so busy up there the police close the road down so that kids don't get run over,they get between 600-1,000 kids up at their we don't get anywhere close to what we used to get here.Your cookies sound good right now.


      Re: Halloween Night Owl

      No Trick-or-Treaters here. The community does a Trunk-or-Treat event, and we held it last Friday. There were a few other things going on, but we stayed home tonight. I'm not so sure Em was pleased about that, but the weather was icky, and I didn't want to drive 45 minutes into town to see Nana.
      I finished up the submission of the Box Tops for Education. I'm just going to say that if you see those things on any of the products in your home, from canned veggies to cleaning items, clip/tear them off and get those puppies to an Elementary school! They translate to cash for the school to use for special projects or activities. We fund a lot of the transportation fees for our kids field trips with them.
      The other thing we do is the Campbell's Labels for Education. If you have any of the labels that still have the Labels for Education logo AND the UPC barcode, trim them off and send those in too! (You can use a sharp knife, or razor blade to remove them from the can with out taking off the whole label.) Normally I wouldn't suggest you raid the pantry for the labels, but that program is ending this year, and it's sad to let them go to waste.
      If you don't have a school to donate them to, then pop them in an envelope and send them my way! (I think my P.O. address is in my profile.) Our little school would be greatful for the boost. We are building an outdoor learning center on the neighboring plot. Hopefully this will allow the kids in engage in hands on learning, and not just have their noses stuck in books all day.

      After boxing up our Tops, I swung into the library for some quilting with the ladies. We have had a few new ones show up since the article in the local paper featured us as one of the monthly activities that happens in the meeting room. It is kind of nice to see new faces. I was able to get all of the 'purple' bits straight line quilted in the time I had there.
      Now to decide to take on the free-motion bit of this quilt. I want to quilt the panel inserts, but trying to make my walking foot do some of the loopy bits, is going to be a nightmare. Ugh. I want this done, but I know I will be tempted to put it aside to work on one of the other Beach Ladies quilt tops. Not that all of those won't have elements that need some freehand work! I'll just have a reprieve from it until the piecing is done on those.
      I think it really comes down to the fact I don't want to mess with the tension on my machine! When I put the BigFoot quilting foot on Bernette, I need to adjust it to make the stitches look right on the front. I just don't wanna!
      Well, I had better hit the hay, or I am not going to be any good tomorrow!
      Hugs! Cathy
      Be who you are and say what you feel
      because those who mind don't matter,
      and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss


        Re: Halloween Night Owl

        It was pouring rain tonight. We only had four trick-or-treaters