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    Re: Sorry

    I read everyones post here daily and like the others I have missed your comments on here. I just want to say we all need you in our lives and you do much for all. I have no answers for you, I am so sorry. One thing keep posting and we all want and need you in our lives. I do wish I was closer to come and visit you. Love and sincere thoughts and prayers to you.


      Re: Sorry

      Sandy, as everyone else has said, we have missed you very much. I too wish I lived closer so I could help you out. I am going to try to find out what services are available in your area. I have a younger friend that lives in Cincinnati that can help me out with that. Please, please, talk to your family, and your minister if you have one. If you could send me some private info in a PM , I would so appreciate it.
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        Re: Sorry

        Sandy, your post is so sad and so telling. How much I wish, along with others, that I could be of some help to you. Feel blessed that you still have family, and allow them to feel needed by you. They needed you for years and I'm sure you never failed to be there for them. They absolutely need to be told about the depression and helplessness you are feeling. So many of us are aging and facing some of the same things you are currently facing. Your post is actually very informative about what may be in store for each of us, and you have actually been very helpful in being so open and forthcoming with your sadness and depression. I am not thankful that you are in the state you are in, nor am I happy for your post, but I do thank you for the courage it took to put your sadness and depression into words. MY heart is saddened for you and I am going to say many prayers for you. PLEASE, give your family the gift of knowing your feelings and the depression you are feeling, so they can pull together to help you. God Bless you, Sandy. God has not forgotten you. He has given you family and friends who can help you. Let them.
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          Re: Sorry

          Sandy first i'm happy to see you on the forum.I'm really sorry that your life seems to be in so much turmoil right now.I can completely understand how you feel though.I have never been able to drive and when I was in my early 30's I began having seizures that caused me to fall and I lost my job and went through the same useless feeling that you are feeling now.I spoke with my priest and he would come to my home once a week so I had someone to talk or vent to,this was helpful.Have you called your local senior center? they usually have a day to go to stores and things like that and you could ask if someone would pick you up to take you to the activities etc.. . I hope you feel better soon if not please call anyone for help(I used to call operators because I was so desperate just reach out you should still have my number call me


            Re: Sorry

            Sandy, your post today broke my heart. I feel so helpless to help you. Everyone gave you a list of action items and I know how hard it is to do even one of them when you are feeling the way you are feeling! I rarely cry when I read a post, but I've cried buckets since reading your comments. Please read the private message that I have posted to you. Love and hugs, Bev


              Re: Sorry

              Sandy I too echo what everyone else has said here. I would definitely gather the family and have a talk. Maybe show them this post you wrote here so they understand. Hoping you find a solution maybe with the senior center or a church group if you belong. Your family needs to know and should be helping you in time of need.
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                Re: Sorry

                Sandy, like the others.....I'm sorry to hear what you are going through. I do agree the first thing you should do is tell your family everything you are feeling. I like Iris Girls suggestion. Show them your post if you need too. They may not realize that you feel isolated and depressed.

                Definitely make arrangements to talk with a therapist or counselor.....someone qualified to help you through this depression. Your doctor or your local NAMI office can help direct you to a therapist.

                This link might be of help for transportation. They provide transportation to quite a few places including a senior center. The senior center may have daily activities. That would give you others to socialize with.


                We care about you. Please tell your family. That will be the first step towards feeling better. We will praying for you.
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                  Re: Sorry

                  Sandy, I was so saddened by your post. Prayers lifted for all of your needs. Your situation reminds me of my mother. It is very difficult when you've been very independent all your life and then gradually, or even suddenly, you need to ask others for help. Above all, God knows your situation. Prayer works! Even if that prayer brought you the courage to enter your post. It was a first step to getting you the help you need. Sure wish I was near to you and could help. I agree with what everyone else has posted with compassionate and helpful suggestions. I do know that the Center for Aging is extremely helpful. They sent out someone to assess my Mom to get her what she needed. Your family needs to really know what is going on. Please keep posting and let us know what is going on. We all care about you, even if we haven't met you in person.
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                    Re: Sorry

                    Sandy, I cannot add to all the great advice you have been given, but I will add my sentiments that you are a valuable member of this group and are so important to us. We treasure you as a forum friend and when you are gone, you are so missed! Keep hanging out with us and sharing. We are here for you.

                    My prayers are with you every day. Hugs!!
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                      Re: Sorry

                      Oh Sandy, honey - my heart is aching for you right now! Hugs and prayers to you
                      I'll echo what others have said. Reach out to Senior services and/or your church, neighborhood group, etc.
                      I do know that my parents get free delivery from a local supermarket - they call the store every Monday, and give the store a list. Everyone knows them there because they have shopped there for years! They also have something called 'the ride', where they can set up a ride with 24 hours notice. Now, they do live in a large city, so you'll have to research what is available in your area. Definitely start with Senior Services.
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                        Re: Sorry

                        As someone who suffers from depression, anxiety and loneliness, my heart broke reading your post. There are some very good helpful solutions on here and you are the only one who can put them into play. I also hate asking people for anything and am very often disappointed when I do. Take advantage of what your community has to offer and speak to caregivers. Get on a good antidepressant and see a therapist. And I know this is the most painful thought of all...but consider moving where amenities are closer for you. It's a difficult decision to make but a house and things are nothing compared to quality of life. And mostly, keep posting here. The more you shut yourself away the more isolated and depressed you will feel. Sending you lots of warm hugs and love!!! xoxoxox


                          Re: Sorry

                          You're such a sweet person Sandy. This breaks my heart :-(

                          I know there is nothing more that I can add that others have not already. I'm glad you love us enough here to be able to put all this out there. We all love you very much. I know that there are mega prayers out there for you that God will give you the strength to go through this very hard time.

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                            Re: Sorry

                            Ok...I've read all these posts and everyone really loves you. You know that. And you know your family really loves you. But right now, we need to get you out of that depression funk.
                            How about this?
                            You are a very talented gal. You sew, you knit, you crochet.
                            How about passing along this talent. ? Run an ad, post a bulletin at church at LQS. Call the local High School and Jr. high. Let them know that you are ready to teach young people this wonderful world of fabrics.
                            Take 4 or 5 people at a many as you feel comfortable with in your home and charge a very nominal fee and start them with the basics. You will get a renewed will have people coming in several times a week and you might connect with a few of them as life long friends. Hopefully this will solve the isolation problem. And, these folks won't be in a hurry!
                            The extra income will pay for someone to come in and keep the house clean and maybe some snacks for your students.


                              Re: Sorry

                              So very sorry for all this Sandy. But we're all happy to hear from you. Please remember you're in the prayers of many. I echo all that has already been said.....with love

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                                Re: Sorry

                                Sandy, your post breaks my heart to read. I think all of us fear that time in our lives when we are alone and feel abandoned. We hate the thought of losing our autonomy to go where we want and do what we want. I know I fear that so much.

                                Many people have given great ideas of how you might seek out help, companionship and someone to lift your spirits. My prayers for you are that the Good Lord gives you the strength to conquer your fears and find a way of living in your present situation that makes you happy. But I think you need to be Frank with your children as to what you need. They need to know how their indifference to your situation is affecting you, and they need to step up and help you more!

                                Love you, dear quilting friend! Please come to us when you need to talk!