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Sunny Sunday to All

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    Sunny Sunday to All

    Has been pretty cold in the northeast lately so I spent yesterday getting my warmer clothes out. Some have been getting a bit of snow and now I'm ready if it heads our way. Hope it's nice in DC today as DS#3 is running in the Marine Corps Marathon. Good Luck Tim.

    Time to get these old bones moving and get some cooking done - feels like a pot roast kind of day. What's up today in your neck of the woods?

    Re: Sunny Sunday to All

    Good morning, May! and all who follow;
    Today is very windy with a rain storm expected. We need the water so it is a good thing. Today should be a day of rest for us, except for the never ending laundry of course. I hope everyone has a wonderful day!



      Re: Sunny Sunday to All

      Happy Sunday to all!
      We also have a beautiful day but really need it to be rainy. We are in a horrible drought situation, not like California but bad for our whole region. I am certain it will rain again one day and I will enjoy our sunshine until it does.
      I pulled out fabric yesterday to make a scrappy Christmas wallhanging, hopefully today I will press and cut it. I haven't been at the sewing machine for more than a week and I am missing it.
      Claire from Pelham, Alabama


        Re: Sunny Sunday to All

        Good Sunday Morning to All ~ I decided to stay home from church today to keep DH company. It's a cloudy, murky day & only 50 deg. Speaking of snow -- I follow the Tamarack Shack blog (LA quilter). She lives in Canada. Most of her photographs are taken outside. It looks like they have several inches of snow already. She's also "into" photography, so she often posts pics of the northern lights, Milky Way stars, etc. I love to browse all her pics & get ideas for quilting patterns.

        Yest. I was feeling a bit under the weather -- very tired, not much energy. My main accomplishment was to bake 2 loaves of spelt bread for DH. I love the smell of bread baking. I also worked on my Bible Study Fellowship lesson, and took it easy the rest of the day. I'm on round #2 of an antibiotic for that root canal tooth; I don't like the way it makes me feel, so I'll be glad when that's done.

        Anyone remember the TV movie, "The Shell Seekers"? It was based on Rosamunde Pilcher's book. I'm re-reading that for maybe the 3rd time. I ran out of my "new" books. I order quite a few used books on line. I just finished several series of books by Kathy Herman -- Christian fiction, but good mysteries with a little love story thrown in. Her books are hard to put down.

        Well, time to get some breakfast. Have a good rest of the week-end. Maybe I'll feel up to a bit of sewing today.


          Re: Sunny Sunday to All

          Happy rainy Sunday. Gonna attempt to get my Halloween table runner together today. I don't really care if it's finished for tomorrow, I just want it off of my cutting mat.

          Spent yesterday morning at the Creativ Festival here in Toronto with the Toronto Modern Quilt Guild. I had a lot of fun and plan to join the guild. However, I will not be attending today's meeting because my knee is not happy after the standing yesterday, and I need to drive to the guild. Oh well, I will get there.

          Happy day folks.


            Re: Sunny Sunday to All

            Good morning. Nice and sunny here today and it is actually warm out! I had my winter coat on a few days ago and now it feels spring-like. Ahhh, the change of the seasons.

            Today I need to get laundry done and spend a majority of my time in the sewing room. We had a nice time at Lily's 1st birthday party yesterday, then I went to a lqs and bought an embroidery/sewing machine and then argued with my Pfaff last night about skipping stitches. It only skips them when I'm trying to do some decorative zig zag stitching on a project I'm working on using In R Form. I cleaned the machine, changed the needle changed the thread all to no avail. I did a bit of research this morning and it might be the size needle I'm using. Going to check that out now and if that doesn't work, I'm just going to use a different stitch. I tried one last night and seemed to be ok but I really want to use the zig zag.

            So that's what my day holds. I hope everyone has a super Sunday.
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            Ginny B
            Levittown, NY


              Re: Sunny Sunday to All

              Hi Everyone,

              We will be working in our yard after breakfast. We are hosting a neighborhood get together next Saturday evening. Since we have to work in Cuba that day I want to get the area ready ahead of time and get the fire pit loaded with logs. I plan to make a huge pot of chili and some other soup for the non-chili eaters. We will also have hamburgers and brats and all the trimmings.

              It got quite warm yesterday and we are supposed to have more of the same today. May, I wish it was cool enough here to need our winter clothes. I need to put together a bag to donate to the community center fro

              Time is getting away from me so I wish everyone a wonderful day.

              Scottie Mom Barb


                Re: Sunny Sunday to All

                We got to the late service at Lutherans we were celebrating Reformation Sunday so we sang a lot of versions of "A Mighty Fortress is Our God" but the not old version I grew up with. Apparently "He helps us free from every need that hath us now o'ertaken" is considered a confusing line? lol I miss the old hymns, though. Some of the gloomiest Lenten hymns have completely disappeared from the hymnal. I suppose I was a weird kid but going to a darkened church for evening Lenten services and singing morbid songs was an exciting treat to me.

                I'm still doing the big stitch quilting on my Kaffe quilt. I think I will wind up putting 10 skeins of #5 perle cotton into it. It should be firmly stitched together for future washing, although I'm so paranoid about it falling apart in the wash that I haven't washed it yet. I'm pretty sure I got all those seams sewn together tight...

                I keep waking up early with my right arm/hand in pain from the carpal tunnel "needles and pins" sensation. I can't seem to find a position in the bed to relieve it so I have to get up and move around. Sitting at the computer helps. I slump my shoulders at the computer. I can't slump when I am holding up stitching, though. I have a doctor's appointment soon so I'll ask her.

                I wish we had a pot roast cooking around here...we got nuffin'! So hot dogs or grilled cheese sandwiches are yer choices...actually I have to eat a bunch of spinach since DH bought a huge tub of it and it doesn't stay fresh long. Hope everybody has a good day!


                  Re: Sunny Sunday to All

                  Semper Fi to your grand son May. Took the kids to a couple of trunk or treats last night. They had a good time and made a haul. Thank goodness the lines were slow, because I am not moving very fast with my, oh so sore legs. I may run to the doc tomorrow and have them look at them. The wounds are quite quite deep and slow healing. It has been almost a week, and they still look very bad. I don't really know what more they can do, than what I am already doing, just want to make sure there is no infection, although I don't think there is. If I could stay off of them, I think they would do better. All of that pressure and and movement isn't helping. Not gonna happen though when I have 3 younguns to look after. Taking them to another trunk or treat this afternoon. DH is gone for the day. Bow hunting season is in full swing. So I have them by myself today. He was great last night, hanging on to me, and making sure no little ones stepped on my heel. My oldest GD will take care of me today. I will be finishing the binding on a quilt later today. Hugs and prayers for all.
                  Blankets wrap you in warmth, quilts wrap you in love



                    Re: Sunny Sunday to All

                    I've been absent for a while. My new computer quit working and had to send it back to the factory. They put in a new hard drive and a few other things. It's still under warranty, so no charge.

                    I've been cleaning out stuff. The weather has been warm and sunny, so I wish I had planned a garage sale. I guess I'll wait till spring. I hope it turns cool soon. We are about 15 degrees above normal. We need some rain, desperately. The pretty leaves are not so pretty this year. They turn red and gold for 1 day and then fall off the tree. The ground is gorgeous! I have been finishing borders on several quilts when my hands will work. Some days it just isn't worth the effort.

                    I have to go back and see what has been happening in your lives. Back when I catch up!