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Tuesday morning hellos!!!

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    Tuesday morning hellos!!!

    Good morning dear friends. I spent the better part of the day sewing. YAH!!! I made two daycare quilt tops. The fabric was provided and I made two strip quilt tops. They really turned out cute. I will take pictures. So today I will quilt them and then be done. WOW, I amazed myself. Now the big question is, "How much do I charge?". I have no idea. $25 each?

    Les was gone for the night, went to a camp. He should be back sometime today.

    Prayers for Auntimern who fell yesterday and hurt herself. Bubba, I hope the prayers helped YOU yesterday as well. Prayers for Nancy as her sewing machine got fried last week at the workshop, total write off. Coffee was spilled into her machine by accident (not by me, thankfully). She is just sick over it and I really feel badly as well.

    Well that's about it for me. It is going to be a cloudy, cold, rainy day, a good day to sew.

    Have a wonderful day friends.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: Tuesday morning hellos!!!

    It's a rainy, windy morning. Not much exciting happening here, just laundry and then back to making dog quilts. I hope all who need prayers feel the love today and always.



      Re: Tuesday morning hellos!!!


      I took a break from the bedroom/closets cleaning to make new curtains for the laundry room yesterday, so I at least got to my machine. Other than that, still cleaning out the top floor and moving stuff to the basement. We're hoping to have the new floors in before Thanksgiving - we will see.

      Monique, can't wait to see pics of the tops you made. So sorry to hear about Auntiemern, Bubba, Bubby, and the other forum members who are having medical issues at this time. Prayers for all who need them and hugs, too.

      Have a great day, everyone. I'm off to find more boxes.


        Re: Tuesday morning hellos!!!

        Morning all,
        Sunny day here, I'm sitting in the sunroom trying to soak it all up while I enjoy a cup of coffee. Woke up ready to jump start the day and started it off making some cranberry/orange scones, kitchen smells yummy.

        Been sewing away for the craft fair just about done just want to finish another two or three things. Sure wish I had more time as I've got some more ideas rolling around in my head. I love the curling iron holder someone posted and ordered some of the therma-flec fabric to make one for me. Seems I'm always waiting for my curling iron to cool down before I can pack it in my suitcase. Will make some for gifts next year.

        Sending positive thoughts for all our members with medical issues, and wishing everyone a good day. Off to sample a scone.
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          Re: Tuesday morning hellos!!!

          Good morning all! Cathy, I can almost smell those scones from here! Yummy!

          Getting to the last of my costume projects for the year! So glad to be done with it so I can get back to doing some quilting for myself!

          Hope our folks with medical worries get good resolution. And Nan, a sewing machine fried by coffee? How tragic! Hope you can get that situation resolved!

          Have a good day folks!


            Re: Tuesday morning hellos!!!

            Good Tues. morning ~ I'm actually here early today. We have clouds & 50 deg. this a.m. Yesterday was a balmy 84 deg. & sunny. It's supposed to be in the 70's all week. We've had unusually nice weather for Oct.

            I finally got some sewing done yesterday! I machine basted the edges of the Carolina Chain, which already was sandwiched & pin basted. I did some practice FMQ since it had been awhile. Wanted to get some of that muscle memory for the pattern I planned to do. I'm doing a floral pattern in each 6" block. I got in a total of an hour of LA quilting. It's coming along nicely. I hope to get more done today.

            This morning I plan to go to the groc. store. I'll wait till tomorrow to buy the salmon; it comes in fresh on Mon - Wed. - Fri. DH eats salmon every day for lunch. Sadly, his weight has dropped to only 97 lb. He's quite weak, but still gets up every day, dresses, & does his activities of daily living. He sits in his favorite chair & reads a lot--mostly the Bible or inspirational books. I keep wondering how much longer I'll have him with me. Only the good Lord knows. Our times are in His hands.


              Re: Tuesday morning hellos!!!

              Hi Everyone,

              I have a busy day. I've been cooking chicken breasts for the Girls. I boil it and after shredding it in the Kitchenaid mixer, it is packaged for the freezer. Later this morning I have to take Dottie to the vet. She has what looks like an abscess on her tail. She had an issue a while back and we thought it was resolved.

              I'm playing with the Whimsical Shoofly block Jenny showed us last Friday. Think I will make a baby quilt for a future Great-grand (if that ever!)

              I'm off to get myself organized. I have to leave Olive home when Dot & I visit the vet. I can't manage both of them at the vet.....they get very stubborn and don't listen to anything when we are there. When Jeff goes along we take them both. Dottie likes alone time with me, so it should be a smooth trip.

              Wishing everyone a blessed day.

              Scottie Mom Barb


                Re: Tuesday morning hellos!!!

                Had a great day yesterday as DGD Christine and her baby James visited us. Had a great time cuddling him and seeing how well he crawls and stands up, hasn't taken any steps yet but at 8 months he's ready to walk alone. The proud grandpa, DS#2, visited also.

                Have a good day.TUESDAY.jpg


                  Re: Tuesday morning hellos!!!

                  Good day all. All of the plans I had for today got put off after I fell. My pedal foot and leg is pretty torn up and very sore. I did it up good for sure. Nothing half a$$ with me, lol. So sorry to hear about Nancy's sewing machine. I would be sick too. Can't wait to see pics of your quilts Monique.
                  I talked to Blondie yesterday and all is going good with her. Had a good long chat. Momma Ruth is doing well, and so is baby Eli. She could use some prayers for her DIL, Billie, who has some health issues. The more prayer warriors the better.
                  Nothing else much going on with me. Getting ready to change the numerous bandages that are covering the numerous boo boo's. UGHHH!!!!
                  Hugs and prayers for all those in need.
                  Blankets wrap you in warmth, quilts wrap you in love



                    Re: Tuesday morning hellos!!!

                    Stepped away from the Chat to find a photo and another gal is down, Marilyn and all our friends with health problems, Please heal quickly.

                    Here's the photo I searched for, DGD Christine and baby James who we enjoyed a wonderful afternoon with yesterday. Too bad they will be heading home tomorrow but will be back in a few months.

                    CHRISTINE N JAMES my copy.jpg
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