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    Bushed Night Owl

    It was a busy day on the farm. I finished the CoC quilt, just barely! Mom called and wanted to chat. Not normally a problem, but I needed to finish that binding and make the label. I think she was a bit miffed that I sewed while on the phone with her. Oh well.
    We gave Mrs. Mc Dougall a great last day at school. Most of the kids wore pink or red to support her cancer fight. They made cheerful notes or drew her pictures. Then we sang her out to the busses. The kids were going to sing Roar, but the staff didn't know the words, so we opted for Ain't No Mountain High Enough, but the sound system finked out on us in the middle. There were plenty of hugs and lots of love to make up for it.

    We had a heat wave in the barn. All of our Toggenburg does were in heat this afternoon along with 3 of our Saanens. I must have been nuts. I bred 4 of them today. That will be a lot of babies in a really short time next March! The newest buck may not have a very long stay. He has a poor attitude, and his first owners didn't do him any favors by not properly training him. He was a real handful. I have never had to resort to a halter to control one of our breeding bucks. This one ended up in a halter with a chin chain. He did behave with that get up, but it is NOT how we raise our boys. I used muscles I haven't had to test out in a while wrestling him down to the main barn. I got a bit stinky while I was at it.

    I cleaned up a little bit of the garden today, but the rest will have to wait. Tomorrow is turkey butchering day. Not a real happy thought, but they are getting so big and really messy. The smaller number will be greatly appreciated.

    I'm all showered and ready for bed. I'll probably check the e-mail and tuck into my nest for the night.
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    Re: Bushed Night Owl

    I'm doing a fly in to check on everyone.. This is my first trip here today. I am starting to feel better with this inner ear infection.. medicine is finally taking hold and I was able to walk a straight line today.

    Fix a big pot of Ham & beans with corn bread. Chocolate pudding for desert,too. Tomorrow I'll have to tackle a couple of pies.. I'll get 'em together and DD can do the baking.

    Did sew a couple of rope bowls together for gifts and started putting together some orphan blocks.. got the fabric for the sashing in my stash, so far not having to spend any on this one.

    Planned out Christmas cards this year, so will be able to whip out a few before the date to mail... These holidays sure are creeping up way to fast..

    Otherwise I'm just taking care of myself and not overdoing anything. Hope everyone has a great week end.

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      Re: Bushed Night Owl

      Cathy sounds like you had a busy day for sure,Judy I hope your ear keeps getting better.Not much up here I went and spent time with a friend tonight.We ate dinner and then just watched tv and talked.It poured here tonight and a lot of roads ended up being closed due to flooding.


        Re: Bushed Night Owl

        Ahh it was a wonderful day. DD#3 came with BF and our two GD to stay with us for four whole days, big family wedding tomorrow and GD is the flower girl. DH starts chemo treatments on Monday so this is the perfect thing to take our minds off of that. Especially since DH refused to tell anyone he has cancer, at least not yet including our daughters.

        Getting cold here, 34 tonight so we had our first fire of the season in the fireplace tonight. So warm and cozy in the LR tonight. The dog is absolutely crashed out cold by the fire. He is not used to the activity that a 1- and 4 year old brings into the house so he hardly slept all day which is unusual. Dogs normally sleep a lot all day. Tomorrow's the wedding and the other two DD will be over early to do their hair and makeup so it will be more fun. Also meeting DD#1 New BF at the wedding. We can't wait.

        So who is getting married you wonder? Interesting question! All our three daughters are adopted. Our youngest daughter's birthmother is my sister's best friend. At the time she gave birth to the baby we adopted she was a single mom raising her son who was then four years old. He is the one getting married. The birth mother met her husband when our DD (the baby) was about 3. They got married when our DD was 4 and she was the flower girl at their wedding. Now our DD has a 4- year old daughter and she is going to be the flower girl at the now-grown brother's (formerly 4 year old brother) wedding!! The birth mother married a man from Ireland and about 10 of his family members are here for the wedding. So there is LOTS going on here with family. People can't believe we are one big happy family and this adoption has been so completely open from the start but it is true. It has worked out wonderful for everyone because nothing was ever kept secret from the very beginning and we have always allowed the birth mother to see her daughter whenever she wanted to and they are actually very close. I wouldn't have it any other way. It is the best thing for everyone. She has two mothers in my mind how could that be a bad thing? It would be perfect for an episode of Oprah!!
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          Re: Bushed Night Owl

          It's wonderful to read everyone's news. Everyone seems so busy. The biggest thing I've done is clean the Chicago home. Got some Method cleaner that was discussed on another thread here. The bathroom cleaner worked very well. I have a ceramic bath floor and it is due to be resealed. Going to Tile Outlet to see what's available. Stripped the kitchen floor and will wax tomorrow.

          The next door neighbors have a new dog. It's a Dorky - Dachshund and Yorkie mix. Looks, well .... different.

          Cooling off up here. Possible frost at night so it's time to plan on heading back to NC and see how the house fared during the hurricane. But while I'm here I have to cheer for the Cubs. The city has all the police on the alert and on call if they win their League championship Sat (or Sun if it goes to 7 games.)

          Y'all stay cozy in your nests!


            Re: Bushed Night Owl

            I'm afraid I haven't been a night owl lately, falling asleep around 10, but it is nice to hear the Night Owl News! I am on my third day off from stitching...or, sorta off, since I did some more big stitch quilting on my Kaffe quilt. I dinked around in my sewing room and found some perle cotton I'd lost. My aunt sent me another box of fabric scraps. There's nothing I want to do with it so I put it up on FreeCycle. She saves things from the garbage after church garage sales. She means well.