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Tuesday hellos

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    Tuesday hellos

    Good morning from Kingston! It's still dark out! I arrived here last night at Nancy's. The workshop is today. I have no doubt it will be a fun day.

    Have a wonderful day friends!!
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: Tuesday hellos

    Guess I'm the first one to read your post. Have a good day. My plans for today are to finish the last five lizard footprints I'm using to quilt my couch quilt with, then sew my DD a Halloween scrub top. That's probably all I will get done today since I haven't made it to bed yet!


      Re: Tuesday hellos

      Hi Everyone,

      I have a busy day again today. Haircut at 8 am and off from there.

      I'm still cleaning the sawdust in our kitchen and eating area....quite the mess for as little as we sawed. The new sink is so nice. It isn't divided in the middle so it looks huge. We have this type of sinks in the apartments so I knew I would like it. I love being able to dump a full bushel of green beans or apples at one time and wash them.

      Monique, enjoy your class today!!

      Wishing everyone a blessed day.

      Scottie Mom Barb


        Re: Tuesday hellos

        Morning all. Monique hope you have a fun time at your class. Work today, then some ferns and bleeding hearts to get in the ground. Gotta take my son to pick up his car at the shop should be done today. Then maybe I can do another row of cat foot print quilting on my quilt. Have fun all
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          Re: Tuesday hellos

          Morning everyone
          Boy is it ever dark out! Seems like the middle of the night and I can't seem to get my act together this morning...even after 2 cups of coffee. I spent the past few days in the sewing room making little things for a charity bazaar this coming weekend -- 3 wallets, 10 gift card holders, 4 cell phone pouches, 10 microwave bowls --- all ready to go. Tried to do a sunglasses case, but the pattern was a little off and I didn't manage to figure it out last night at midnight! Maybe this morning will be better, but I have to clean up the kitchen and the rest of the house or I won't be able to make dinner tonight.
          Monique --- have a good time with Nancy! Enjoy the workshop.
          Have a great day everyone.
          "I don't need to get organized, I just need a bigger sewing room." :)


            Re: Tuesday hellos

            Monique, have a great time today. I'm sure you will.

            I had the final shockwave treatment yesterday. Really happy that is over with. My physio is happy with my progression with his exercises and I won't see him for a month. Over the moon happy that he says I should be able to start running in January! And yes, I run outside in the winter and it will be a large shock to my system to start then, but I will suck it up buttercup!

            As for sewing, I'm going to make samples of all stitches that my serger can make today. I can't take the classes at my dealer until early December, so I need to get figuring out all that this machine can do.

            Wishing everyone a lovely day.


              Re: Tuesday hellos

              Morning all,
              Monique sounds like a fun day ahead of you, enjoy!
              Barb, haircut on my to do list today also.

              Beena busy little bee in the sewing room making things for an upcoming craft fair. If I can keep up at this speed I should have enough done....big if!

              Off, to get some coffee and then up to the sewing room. Wishing everyone a good and productive day.
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                Re: Tuesday hellos

                Good morning! I hope you have a really fun time, Monique!

                It sounds like it's the craft bazaar time of year. That's what I'm doing as well. I'm finishing up some quilts. I also have a Halloween wall hanging I'd like to finish up today. I'm putting together a tutorial for it. Then I have a stack of bib and burp cloth fabric. I won't get it all done today, but I'll get as much as I can done.

                Sending everyone blessings from Southern Indiana!
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                  Re: Tuesday hellos

                  Morning everyone. It's going to be a noisy day today and the next day or 2. We are getting a new roof today and they are already up there scrapping off the old. We built this house over 29 years ago and this is the first time we have replaced the roof so I guess I can stand the noise for a little bit. If only the sheltie would not bark so much.



                    Re: Tuesday hellos

                    Good morning, everyone!

                    It's our busy time of year here, also, but not with craft bazaars or even sewing. DS started his basketball season so there is constant running around to do. He doesn't have his own car and he is too tall (6' 8") to fit behind the wheel of mine, so if the truck isn't available, I need to chauffeur him to practice. And of course, we always attend games. I am the team mom, so I have meetings to attend also. I have 4 projects going - each in a different state of need, so sometimes I can do some binding (by hand) while I'm waiting to run to the next thing. He's our last one at home, so I am trying to enjoy every minute of the craziness - it will all be over way too soon and I know I will miss it.

                    Monique & Nancy - enjoy your workshop today. Can't wait to see what you make.
                    Laura, get some sleep!
                    Barb, I'm glad you're enjoying your new sink. I miss not having a 'stationary tub' in this house. It is so handy to have that much room.
                    Peggie, Cathy & Summer - good luck getting those projects finished for your bazaars.
                    Lynda - have fun playing with that serger.
                    Beth, I know what you mean about a dog that is not happy with workers wondering around the property. We are preparing for a flooring project on 2 different levels of the house. I'm not sure what to do with ours when the time comes.

                    Hope everyone has a great & productive day!


                      Re: Tuesday hellos

             all are up and at'em today! Work for me as is diploma stuffing day so I've volunteered to help out with that. I can't assist during convocation because it's too much standing and my knees won't take it, so this is my way to help out. Then I have a tonne of new projects to keep me busy thankfully.

                      The fall is my fav time of year for sure but I do tend to go into hibernation mode....all I want to do is watch movies and read. Makes it hard to get anything done in the house! I keep saying I'm going to organize my sewing room and then never end up doing it. I need to start watching Jenny's videos to get motivated again.

                      Hope you all have a lovely day! Sending love and hugs to those in need! xox


                        Re: Tuesday hellos

                        Getting in here late this morning
                        Been a bit under the weather for the past few days. We had gone to a 3 day Bible Rally over the weekend (like a short conference with seminars and preaching); well, it looks like the icky cold that is working its way around that church came home with us So my daughter and I took a sick day yesterday and did nothing. Feeling a bit better this morning, and DD doesn't want to miss her bio class, so we'll head out soon.
                        I'm starting to work on a couple of small baby quilts. I'm waiting to hear if there will be another craft fair at the library in December, and I want to get a head start so I have some decent things to put up for sale there. Last year went really well for me, so I'm hoping for a repeat!
                        Hope everyone has a great day today - smile!