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Tuesday hellos!!!

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    Tuesday hellos!!!

    Good morning. It's another frosty morning here today.

    I didn't much of anything yesterday, except laundry and dishes. I believe my sciatica is what is ailing me. Pain in the buttocks (a real pain in the ass*) and hip and down my leg. Sleeping the night before was painful. Last night was better, found a position that didn't hurt too bad. Oh this can't be happening right now. I am meeting Vicky (rivermomm), Jean, Nancy and her sister Pat in 2 sleeps. We are having a mini retreat at Nancy's. Jean is giving us a tutorial on the Missouri Star block. Friday is a shop hop. I am so looking forward to meeting Vicky and Jean and of course seeing Nancy and Pat again, it has been a while. My pain in the ass will not deter me, I can tell you that. I shall soldier on for the sake of buying fabric oh yes.

    My niece sent me more tomatoes so guess what I am making today, MORE SALSA!! I need to get to the grocery store and get a few supplies.

    And then it's trying to decide what to bring with me to Kingston on Thursday.

    Have a great everyone.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: Tuesday hellos!!!

    Morning Everyone,

    Monique, I hope your pain wears itself out before your trip. You five will have a grand time. Have a safe trip everyone.

    I woke up feeling almost like I'm getting the flu. We had a good day yesterday and Jeff got to take a nap or two. The blocks for both Present Quilts are done and waiting to become something. I made a few extra blocks that may become table runners.

    Wishing everyone a great day.
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    Scottie Mom Barb


      Re: Tuesday hellos!!!

      I am very excited too Monique. I'm making some turkey soup today (post Thanksgiving staple) so we can soup and sew. It will be so much fun. We are naming this MSQC (cause that's how we all met) Retreat North. We will post pictures and video at 11.
      Today is my heart pillow stuffing day and then I work later. Still trying to decide if I like working post retirement. It takes a bit of getting used to but I have to keep the goal in mind- more quilting money and I want to buy a 5th wheel. So if you want the frills you gotta work for them.

      Chilly today but beautiful and sunny. Although I know this is the prelude to winter, I do love the fall weather (not as much as summer).

      Like I said, I can't wait to see my quilty friends on Thursday-this is becoming a tradition now that we have done this twice. I have planned a shop hop/road trip/take in the fall scenery and I really hope everyone enjoys it. I think it will be a ball. Hope your sciatica is better by then Monique. If necessary, we will carry you.

      Have a good day.
      Grandma Nan



      "Some of the best memories are created in flip flops"


        Re: Tuesday hellos!!!

        Morning everyone, The MSQC Retreat North sounds like fun, looking forward to the photos. Monique you're not the only one who woke up with a PITA, sitting straight up helps.

        Plan for yesterday afternoon was meeting my 3 Granny cousins for lunch at a local restaurant and then back here for dessert and a gab fest. It usually is just the 4 of us Grannys so I set my kitchen table before I left to meet them for lunch. DGD Elizabeth was stopping by later in the afternoon so great she would join us for dessert. Imagine my surprise when cousin Alice arrived at lunch with 2 friends but we all could fit around my kitchen table so no problem. Grannys and I had just gotten settled in my kitchen when DGD Elizabeth came in. She had a surprise for me too, her sister Laura and her 3 boys were here too! It took a bit of organizing but we all had a good time especially great grand sons Jack (5 1/2) and George (3 1/2) who liked the black and white cakes and loved the fruit salad. 1 1/2 year old Christian wasn't interested in eating but joined in the fun with his brothers. DH was also in the crowd so he served the coffee and tea as I had got stuck in a corner and couldn't get up unless everyone got up first. It was a bit hectic but everyone enjoyed themselves but next time I'll set up in the dining room with its bigger table and. While all this was going on DS#1 called he's Elizabeth and Laura's Dad, he said he was coming over for dinner but thankfully that's tomorrow night. It's either feast or famine.


          Re: Tuesday hellos!!!

          Good morning all. It's a very sunny morning here.

          I wish I could join the M* North Retreat.

          It's been an exciting few days here. My new BabyLock serger came home on Friday, I bought lycra/spandex for the first time on Saturday, DH got his new planer on Saturday (it makes boards flat and sanded), bought a new organizer unit from Ikea on Sunday and even cooked a turkey and pumpkin pie in there.

          I got my serger threaded yesterday, now all I have to do is turn it on. Scary!!!!

          Wishing everyone a lovely day.


            Re: Tuesday hellos!!!

            Morning all,
            Chilly here this morning with a light frost. Sun is out and startingto warm up. Summer is definitely over. Think it is time to start bring out the heavier clothes and get them in my closet.
            Have not been food shopping since my mini vacation, all the food I made and stocked up for my husband while I was away is gone. So a run to the store is on the to do list today.
            We are still amazed at the fact that our children were able to pull off such a surprise party for us. We were just about in tears laughing as my daughter told us how she accumulated the addresses of the people she invited. You just never know what goes on in your house when you're not looking!
            Did get a little work done on the embroidery machine, still working on the parts to the snowman. Time consuming but I think my sister will love him and that's what counts.
            Off to get my chores done, then to the store. Wishing everyone a productive day.
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              Re: Tuesday hellos!!!

              Cooler weather in Orange County begins today. Yay! Oh sure, it will heat up again but for now I'm groovin' on temps in the 70's. Finished the handwork on a new wall hanging for my family room. I'll post a photo when it's in place. Sounds like some of our Canada members are havin' way more fun than me. hahaha
              Goodbye Europe! Hello California! Home sweet home.


                Re: Tuesday hellos!!!

                Monique, something that can help the sciatica is a floor exercise.
                Lay on your floor flat then pull your knees up to your chest one at a time and hold for about a 15 count. You can either alternate or do one leg 15 times then the other leg.
                I hope it feels better and you can enjoy your mini quilt retreat. I wish I could be there to join you all.
                Claire from Pelham, Alabama


                  Re: Tuesday hellos!!!

                  After a 4 day jaunt to Wisconsin, it is back to real life! Hubby had a RARE break in harvest and a 4 day weekend from his work, so we did a spontaneous trip to the Wisconsin Dells. Beautiful scenery, peaceful drive, saw an area of the country we had never been in, and learned several new things. We stopped at the House on the Rock and that really baffled us and made us ponder! Lots of oddities, but we conclude the man was also a genius in some regards. We saw more farms and silos on a return drive back another way and added Minnesota to our list. It was a great weekend get away.....but now to unpack, clean, do laundry and try to carve some time in this day to quilt a fall table runner for me! I so need to draw out a quilt block for our barn....we saw so many and I have so many great ideas now!


                    Re: Tuesday hellos!!!

                    Originally posted by Monique View Post
                    Oh this can't be happening right now. I am meeting Vicky (rivermomm), Jean, Nancy and her sister Pat in 2 sleeps. We are having a mini retreat at Nancy's. Jean is giving us a tutorial on the Missouri Star block. Friday is a shop hop. I am so looking forward to meeting Vicky and Jean and of course seeing Nancy and Pat again, it has been a while.
                    Hey! Where is this happening?!?! Where?!? I'm sad! I wanna play!! Ok..sorry...temporary whine fit there. Sounds like you will have fun. Hope your ass gets better!

                    Happy Tuesday everyone. I'm soooo late getting in here. Been doing mostly research today which clogs up time pretty quick but is tiring. I also cleaned off my current desk as I am getting a new one tomorrow. The desk I have now is too small and I have almost no work space and I'm constantly dropping things. It's very frustrating, so I'm looking forward to that.

                    I was away at my family's new cottage this weekend. It is in a place called Lion's Head just under 3 hours from where I live on Georgian Bay. The water is crystal clear and indigo beautiful! It was a very relaxing and enjoyable weekend for sure. I am trying to find a permanent dog/bird sitter so that I can go more often. Wish me luck!!
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                      Re: Tuesday hellos!!!

                      It's already mid-afternoon. This morning I pressed the queen size quilt top & backing & took it to the LA quilter. She hopes to have it done by the end of the week. She has a Gammill LA & uses pantographs. Does an excellent job. With the batting, this one's going to cost ~$215. I provided the thread. It's a wedding gift for my gr. son. With the cost of the fabrics, by the time I get done, I'll have close to $400. in this one. Yikes!

                      It's mostly sunny & ~80 deg. It was 60 deg. & cloudy when we got up, which was a change from several mornings of frost & 38-42. It's supposed to be much cooler tomorrow & chance of showers. Still some warmer temps. are predicted for later in the week. It's been such a beautiful fall. I was noticing all the colorful trees as I was out & about this morning.

                      I'm gradually working on blocks for the Prairie Flower quilt. I'm lucky to get one quilt block, or maybe 2, made each day. I'm squaring the unfinished blocks to 13.75". All that snowballing takes time --16 corners on each block.

                      Now that our sprinkler system has been blown out for the winter, I guess I better drag out the hoses & set out the sprinkler.


                        Re: Tuesday hellos!!!

                        Oh, Monique, I know what a pain sciatica can be. I had it so bad a couple of years ago, I really got depressed. And angry.
                        I found gentle exercises that stretch the butt, back and leg muscles, plus yoga stretches took care of it. The stretch described earlier (pulling one leg at a time to your chest) and getting in child's pose are great. Please don't get too discouraged. Look for stretches on you-tube for sciatica. They work!