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Hoot hoot, Night Owls!

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    Hoot hoot, Night Owls!

    Hooo's still up? I am in the middle of baking a batch of egg bread. I saw a show Alton Brown did on the subject of baking, plus the cooler weather puts me more in the mind to turn on the oven. I brought my succulents indoors as it is getting chilly enough at night to threaten them...I hope we get some warmer weather so they can get more sunshine outdoors.

    The last Santa cross stitch project is coming along. He's over half done but he's carrying a Christmas tree and a bag of presents.

    I'm thankful that we are hearing from our members that they made it through the hurricane safely so far...

    What's up in your neck of the woods?

    Re: Hoot hoot, Night Owls!

    ZZZZZ, Nothing was happening in my neck of the woods so I went back to sleep, ZZZZZ.