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It's Friday at last

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    Re: It's Friday at last

    Good afternoon everyone. Well, it's finally happening. My son is at his closing for his house so now it's on to getting our close for the house here in Brooklyn firmed up. Also, the Emp. Rec. B'fst went famously yesterday so that's one more thing off my mind.

    Been thinking about all those in the path of Hurricane Matthew. My youngest son and his gf live in Bruswick, GA and they had to evacuate. So they took the two dogs and the two cats, the two cars and some valuables and headed north and west to some town in N. Carolina where Mandy's (ds's gf) cousin has a place they could stay to wait it out. Not sure how long they will have to wait to head back home. I was talking with them a few nights ago and at that point they weren't sure what would be happening so they were preparing for both scenarios of either riding it out at the house or evacuating. So when the word came to get out, they were ready. Praying for all those dealing with the aftermath of the storm.

    I am off of work today. Sis and I came into Brooklyn last night. My dh drove us because #1 son had my car here to help #2 son get to his closing upstate today. We will be heading up to the new place tomorrow with a couple carloads of things to hold my son over until the movers come next Saturday to take everything up. I am looking forward to not having to worry through this winter re: frozen pipes, furnace breaking down, etc. here in B'klyn. It is a VERY old house and needs a lot of work.

    OK, breaktime is over. Just took the dog for a walk and now it's back to organizing everything for the move.

    Have a great day everyone and Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian friend.
    Ginny B
    Levittown, NY