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Thursday has arrived

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    Thursday has arrived


    Aw isn't that cute.

    Good morning friends. Yesterday was just as quiet as the day before. If I hadn't bought stamps that would have been 2 days in a row with no transactions. I thank the good Lord that I can quilt here or I would go out of my mind. I did have lunch out with our previous mailman, a nice lunch catching up and he paid for lunch as well. That was a nice treat.

    Really I can't wait for the week to be over with. I am still not sure if Phil and the girls are coming for Thanksgiving this weekend or not. I guess I will find out soon enough. Les is leaving this morning to go to the camp. Moose season starts Saturday but he won't be hunting. He is supposed to be back Saturday. Saturday night we were invited to a wedding reception. Maizyn and I are going to go dancing (that is, if they come).

    Have a wonderful day everyone. Keep on keeping on!!!
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: Thursday has arrived

    Hi Monique and Everyone,

    I'm determined to sew today. Yesterday was a blah day except for a call from Pam (pcbatiks).

    Jeff is on the front porch in his rocker and the Girls are on a mad frog hunt. Olive loves to find them and play with them, but not my Dottie.

    I'm happy to hear that Andrea and Hubby are getting to spend more time here and that they have friends along the way. This should be a great trip for them.

    I may pop back in later but for now I wish everyone a blessed day.

    Scottie Mom Barb


      Re: Thursday has arrived

      Good Morning Monique, Bubby, and all who follow,
      I have been busy making saint costumes for the GS's for the catechism party. Will have to get one boy for a try one. I think the cape that goes on over his head is going to be too short for his arms. Hmmm will have to see about this. Have made a great mess of my cutting table, Moved my costume project to the kitchen table, until I can clean off the cutting table.
      Off to find more coffee and see where Matthew is. Suppose to be very windy here today. Hope that's all we get.
      Hugs & prayers for all. Happy BD for those who celebrate today. Kathy
      All quilts cat tested and approved.


        Re: Thursday has arrived

        Good Morning all...
        I will be binding a quilt today, along with other assorted things. My friend is in the hospital, so I'll go see her as well.
        Praying for Florida and other areas right now - please stay safe and evacuate if necessary!


          Re: Thursday has arrived

          It's an overcast, fall morning here. Although the weather is still summer like, that will change for the weekend.

          I had my dreaded physio appointment yesterday afternoon. He does manual manipulation of my knee(cap) with his hands and then I had my second shockwave treatment. Got to say, that it was nowhere near as bad as the first one. Now this could be because I knew what to expect this time, or it could be because it is starting to heal. I hope it's that I'm starting to heal.

          As a treat to myself and added motivation, I picked up a new pair of running shoes after my appointment. I rotate 3 pairs at a time. I already have a pair of these, but these are a different colour. This way, when I am ready to get back out there, I have new shoes too.

          DH has told me that he will build me (yes, I'm married to Mr. Fix It) any type of sewing/cutting table that I want. I spent some of yesterday looking at the cabinet makers e.g. Horn, Koala, etc. and printing stuff of their sites. I have some very specific ideas of what I want e.g. no open shelves where dust can collect. I want all sides covered, therefore there will be doors that open and reveal what's inside. I think this is going to be fun, at least for me..

          Have a great day.


            Re: Thursday has arrived

            Hi good morning everyone, we are mid-week but in my country this week is a bit special because tomorrow is holiday so until Monday no work also on Wednesday 12th we celebrate the day of the "Descubrimiento de America" "Discovery of America" and is a very special day besides party, so you see we have almost a week of vacation because you can order two holidays and not start working until Thursday. My daughters have decided to make a little trip so my husband and I will have to be a little alone, I hope they keep on sunny days as before to give some walk Wish all forum spend a nice day and command smiles, to those who need prayers and greetings


              Re: Thursday has arrived

              Morning to all. Trying to find things to occupy myself today as things have slowed again at work. I have caught up on all projects and several are stalled waiting on others to do things...which really drives me insane! So to occupy myself I am attempting to order some books from my work library to have for the long weekend as this is our Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada.

              Going to dinner with a close friend (who is basically my only "family" here) and her family on Saturday. Had an interesting "discussion" with my ex about time with Liam this weekend which was very frustrating!! I've realized this week that I am pretty much over him and ready to get on with my life for sure.

              After dinner on Saturday we are leaving to go to my friends cottage until late on Monday. I'm debating whether or not to take my own car or not....I'd prefer not to have to drive but at the same time they like to come home really late which means I'm tired on Tuesday at work! LOL! It will be nice to get away though!

              Hoping everyone is safe in the path of the hurricane and sending love and hugs to those in need! xox


                Re: Thursday has arrived

                Good Morning, Everyone ~ I'm actually getting here before noon today. A busy a.m. Our sprinkler guy (of 24 yrs.) came to blow out our sprinkler system for the winter. Glad that job is done. It might get down to 30 deg. tonight. We're getting rain this a.m. Skies are dark. Always glad for the free precipitation. Our water bills are pretty high during the hot months. It's snowing in the mts. The 5 a.m. news said I-70 near Silverthorne & Georgetown was shut down due to slide offs & multiple accidents.

                My M* order arrived yest. -- the "Forever Love" layer cake, charm pack, JR, & a yd. of Animal ABC's for a baby quilt. I still haven't had time or felt like sewing for several days. I'm debating making Jenny's Prairie Flower pattern from the Forever Love fabrics. I watched the tut again last night.

                My LA quilter called yest. I'll be taking my queen sized Herringbone to her Mon. It was made with "Chloe" fabrics (no longer available). The backing is a batik purple/burgundy color. It will be a gift for my Gr. Son who got married last mo. His wife's favorite color is purple.

                Have a good day. Thoughts & prayers to all those in FL & along the eastern seaboard who will be affected by Hurricane Matthew.