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Wednesday, hump day

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    Wednesday, hump day

    How can it be Wednesday already? Cheesh!!!

    It was a very quiet day at the PO. Not a single sale all day. Strange things happening though. There was a parcel received yesterday with nothing in it. I think the contents fell out somewhere, as I could put my hand inside the little envelope. AND there is no such address at this PO, did a search and there is an address in PEI, so I will forward it there and a letter noting the damaged parcel. Things wouldn't scan and I couldn't log out. Golywoggles I tell ya.

    BUT, I did quilt, believe it or not. LOL!!!

    And then it was off to a meeting last night. I was telling them about the knitted knockers so I actually went to the ladies room and removed one to show them what it was. It got passed around, lol!!! My club is making a donation to them.

    Today is another day. I may go out at lunchtime (3 hours). Thankfully there isn't too much shopping close enough to spend my money on.

    To all of you in the path of the storms, I pray that you all stay safe. Check in when you are able.

    Have a great day everyone.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: Wednesday, hump day

    Morning all,
    I'd like to welcome my friend barb to the board (babs13), I've been telling her about our forum and she's joined us. She does beautiful work and machine embroidery. Hope she'll share some of her pictures with you. I know you'll all give her a big welcome.
    She and I will be traveling up near the Lake George region today and visiting our friend Patti's quilt shop. I know my wallet will come home lighter again today!
    Made two sets off bibs and burps for a friend expecting a new grandbaby, got the bindings cut and pressed for two quilts that are out being quilted,a nd working on some potholders and towels. Felt good to get so much accomplished.
    Monique, good donation for a good cause!
    Wishing everyone a good day and sending a few extra hugs for those in need of one today.
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      Re: Wednesday, hump day

      Morning Monique & Everyone,

      We're getting a good solid rain without lightning, which is good.

      Monique, you have a wonderful job!!

      No real plans for today. I dug out some of our Fall decorations and may put some of them up today. I need to clean first.

      Wishing everyone a blessed Wednesday.

      Scottie Mom Barb


        Re: Wednesday, hump day

        Good morning.

        I am off to physio this morning for shockwave treatment 2. The last one will be on October 17 and I am very much looking forward to them being completed.

        Waiting for my new serger to come in. Getting excited to learn this new skill. Going to buy some fabby/pattern on Saturday.

        Got my new iPhone 7 yesterday It's not such a radical change from my iPhone 5. Still waiting for the case I ordered a while ago from the UK though.

        Have a good one peeps.


          Re: Wednesday, hump day

          Good Morning all,
          Busy day today making saint costumes for GS's for catechism party. DD brought the sheets over yesterday. I got them washed last night. Need to make more cookie dough too. Can't understand why I can't keep cookies in the house.
          Made some little isolette covers for Auntiemern yesterday too.
          Will be storm watching too, not much of Fla is left that doesn't have storm warnings up.
          Hopefully, I will get an answer from MSQC about the Star Wars Rogue One FQ bundle too. Well, better go find another cuppa and get going.
          Hugs & prayers to all who need them. BD wishes to all who celebrate today. Kathy
          All quilts cat tested and approved.


            Re: Wednesday, hump day

            Good morning all. So far it seems the hurricane won't be a direct hit here in Jersey where Sandy hit a few years ago. Hope our southern friends fare well.

            Today will be an at home day as we need to catch up with laundry and household chores. When you keep saying you'll do stuff tomorrow it finally becomes tomorrow and you have to finally get things done. To add to the mess I have heaped a load of fabrics on the dining room table for my next quilt. The more I procrastinate the more I keep changing my mind about about the pattern and choice of fabrics. Enjoying my 2nd cup of coffee and then on to business.


              Re: Wednesday, hump day

              Morning all. Started my day grumpy when I got into work and read an email from a colleague who is determined to tell me how to do my job when she knows less than nothing about it. So had to put her in her place first thing this morning. Now I'm trying to calm down from that! Nothing worse than a control freak telling you how to do your job!

              Today is my boys birthday...can't believe he is 14!! He had a fire drill at school today which turned out to be an actual gas leak at the school...seems to be okay now but it was nice that I was the first person he contacted. We already gave him his gifts and had a cake on Saturday but we will have another cake this Saturday at thanksgiving dinner with extended family.

              Nothing else new here...groceries tonight then going to a family cottage on the weekend.

              Thinking of everyone in the path of the hurricane and hoping you are all safe and dry. Take care! xoxo


                Re: Wednesday, hump day

                I'm up and getting laundry done.. I had to go check the place where I planted some bulbs out back. We have squirrels who like soft ground to plant their "walnuts" in. and my flower beds get a good bit of attention, they throw out my bulbs and place their nuts in the hole... then I have to dig out the nuts and replant my bulbs. It's WAR and I intend to win this time...

                I too, have drug out the Fall and Halloween decorations. DD#2 & I will be decorating this week end.. She loves the Trick or Treat Night and will get lots of decorations up outside.. Me?? I love Christmas.. and will decorate everywhere there is a spot..

                Hope everyone is safe that is in the path of the hurricane.. My DD#1 lives on the gulf side of Florida, so she might get wet, but not blown away. (I hope). Off to get another load going. Hugs and prayers going out to all.

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                  Re: Wednesday, hump day

                  I'm late again today. I had Bible Study Fellowship this a.m. It was my turn to play the piano for prelude & hymns. Had my usual Wendy's quick lunch, then on to get groc. It's a sunny day, but a bit blustery. Our coldest morning yet. It dropped to 36 deg. & we had our first frost of the season. I see a new layer of white on the higher Rocky Mt. peaks since the clouds lifted. DH mustered up enough energy to drain the anti-siphon valve. Our sprinkler person is coming in the a.m. to blow out the system for the winter.

                  My root canal tooth is slowly feeling better. All these tooth problems have been on going for >a month now. I'll be glad when everything is healed up.

                  I knew the weather was to turn colder, so yest. I worked in the yard maybe an hour. Trimmed back several perennials. The bees were wondering where the purple salvia went. The plants had sprawled out over the other flowers, so I cut them way back. I also emptied the fountain & covered it up for the winter. I still have some perennials that I need to put back in the ground, but at least I'm making progress. I haven't done any sewing for several days. Maybe yet today.


                    Re: Wednesday, hump day

                    I have to say that I am shocked. I never knew that Monique was the kind of girl to let everyone in the room play with her knocker ...
                    K is for Karen 😊​ Albuquerque, NM..................
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                      Re: Wednesday, hump day

                      Originally posted by K. McEuen View Post
                      I have to say that I am shocked. I never knew that Monique was the kind of girl to let everyone in the room play with her knocker ...
                      They didn't play with it, they fondled it gently.
                      Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!