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    Happy Saturday

    Thought I would start this off since everybody is still in bed

    It's a typical fall day here. I love fall so this is great for me.

    My exciting news is I bought my BabyLock serger yesterday. It is the top of the line machine, but I know it's going to get used a lot. I did a lot of research before commiting to this machine. It's from my not so favourite local dealer, but they saved me over $500 and yesterday was the last day of the Back to School promotion, so I get a $250 Visa gift card too! Almost forgot, he also threw in a $50 foot. Very happy camper.

    Today, I have to go pick up the shorts I ordered so I can wear them to physio (have to sit in this open waiting room prior to going in), and my normal spandex shorts that I wear for running, well, I wasn't comfortable wearing them. Then, I am off to the Hallmark store to pick up 2 BB-8 (robot from latest Star Wars movie, for those of you who don't know) ornaments. One is mine and the other is a Christmas gift. And yes, yesterday, I started Christmas shopping, by accident. When they'res only one left of something that DH would love, you just don't leave it there!

    Hope everybody has a great weekend.
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    Re: Happy Saturday

    Certainly is a Happy Saturday for Lynda with her new machine, and the extras that she received, Happy Sewing.

    What's everyone doing this weekend?

    We have no big plans other than going out for an early dinner. It's raining again and it feels like it should be a couch day watching old movies or reading a book, the thread about what everyone is reading gave me many good suggestions. DH and I haven't been to our library in awhile so a trip there this afternoon maybe on our agenda.

    Really need to do some laundry but hate to do it on the weekends as it demands so much time getting everything washed, dried and put away. If it's just towels and undies I can leave them in the drier or laundry basket for a day or so but it's my good outfits that need to be hung up as soon as they come out of the drier that takes up so much time. I have enough clean clothes to see me through the weekend so Monday will be laundry day.


      Re: Happy Saturday

      Morning Everyone,

      We are getting a late start to our morning. Normally we are halfway or more to Cuba by this time. The Girls wanted to sleep in and Jeff started puttering around and ended up washing the truck. We have to take the mower with us, as the part to fix the mower at the apartments won't be delivered until today.

      I'm being called to leave. Wishing everyone a great Saturday. I have a showing at 11 but doubt it will work out.


      Scottie Mom Barb


        Re: Happy Saturday

        Good morning Lynda, May, Barb and all to follow. Very cloudy and cool here this morning. Busy day today involving leaving my car with ds#1 in Brooklyn for a few days because of things involved with ds#2 closing on his place this week. Dh will also drive into Brooklyn and pick me up and then we will head to S.I. for a luncheon with a group of his grade school classmates. Since I won't have my car back until Wednesday night,, I will have to drive hubby's new car.

        I actually plan on driving nowhere tomorrow if at all possible and just stay home and do a bunch of sewing.

        I hope everyone has a great Saturday
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        Ginny B
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          Re: Happy Saturday

          Morning all,
          Up early this morning as I was scheduled to work at our club's yard sale but due to the weather it's been cancelled to tomorrow. I won't be able to work at it now as I'm heading back upstate tomorrow for a week of some sewing and visiting with "quilt friends". So now I have plenty of time to run my last minute errands and get packed up.
          Looking forward to see if the changing of the leaves has started yet and getting to the apple orchard while I'm up there. Love Macoun apples which we don't often see down here, so I'll load them up!
          My snowman is coming along nicely, I have 7 of the parts stitched out. There are approx. 17 pieces to him so I still have a long ways to go, but I'm chipping away at it!
          Off to get some coffee, wishing everyone a good weekend, hugs to those under the weather and needing a few extra.
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            Re: Happy Saturday

            Good morning all. Up early for me today. Getting ready to go watch the GK's bowl. Come home, rest a bit, then will have them all evening while momma works. Still recovering from my week away...but in a good way. That should pretty much fill up my day. I am sure I will be taking them around to Poke Stops too. They do love their Pokemon Go.
            Blessings to all. Prayers for those in need.
            Blankets wrap you in warmth, quilts wrap you in love



              Re: Happy Saturday

              I just enjoyed a cup of coffee with my friend, will watch Sewing with Nancy and then head over to my Mothers house to get her pills ready fr her for next week!! Cloudy but no rain here.


                Re: Happy Saturday

                A cool sunny morning here. It dropped to 49 deg. The furnace has kicked on a few times. It's supposed to warm up into the 70's. I hope to get some flower bed work done after it warms up. I have perennials that I dug out when I was weeding & need to re-plant. It's hard to keep up with all the weeds!

                When the sun is in the right position, maybe I can remember to take my latest quilt finish outside to take pics. It was a top I made 4-5 yrs. & just got it quilted. One of those UFOs that has been hanging around.

                My jaw is not hurting as bad. I think the antibiotic finally is working. I'm not looking forward to the root canal first thing Mon. a.m.

                I've been up since 50, as I am every day, but just now am getting to the forum. Time for breakfast. Have a good week-end!