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It's Friday!!

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    It's Friday!!

    The LAST day of September to boot. Okay where did September go please. Time is just a slipping away, I tell you. So what did I do yesterday. Housework, yuck!! and Laundry what else right? I did a little sewing before the hockey game last night.

    Les has his regular monthly appointment with the nurse this morning and he is coming right back. I have an assembly to attend at 10:30 at the elementary school as President of the Lionettes. I will let you know how that goes.

    At this time last year, we were getting the all access pass to Craftsy. Anyone know if they are doing it all over again this year? I can't find anything about it.

    Jenny has a cute tutorial out today. I will add it to the never ending to do file.

    I work tomorrow until noon, then I am not sure what will happen after that. Maybe Oktoberfest, maybe sewing, we shall see.

    Have a wonderful day everyone. Prayers going out to those in need.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: It's Friday!!

    Hi, Monique!!
    Sometimes, when there's a raging fire,
    it's best not to try to put it out with gasoline.

    "...pal carajo con la negatividad..."


      Re: It's Friday!!

      Good morning all! Hi Sandy and Monique! Andrea, Thomas and I went to the top of the Gateway Arch yesterday, so they could see ALL of St. Louis at one time. Then we went to Jefferson Barracks to the wonderful little Civil War Museum that opened a couple of years ago. They met the co director who spoke to them about his Ties to Germany and used his German language skills to converse. Then we had a fabulous dinner at McGurks Irish Pub, with a quick trip to JoAnns before we came home and dropped in our tracks. It's amazing how exhausting having fun can be! More fun and games today!


        Re: It's Friday!!

        Morning Everyone,

        Monique, I have no idea where this month escaped to. If you find out please let me know.

        Jean, what a wonderful day with Andrea and Thomas. The arch never fails to impress me, especially when the sun is setting and you are flying over....just gorgeous.

        Just got off the phone with our credit card company. Someone in Brooklyn, NY with really expensive taste is having a ball with our card. When I use our card online I try only to use PayPal. Not sure how this happened.

        I'm getting off here to get some housework and laundry done. Tomorrow is a work day in Cuba. I have two apartment showings with little hope either will turn out to be anyone we would rent to.

        Little Olive is getting a little better every day. She almost her spunky self again.

        Wishing everyone a good Friday.

        Scottie Mom Barb


          Re: It's Friday!!

          Good morning. It's overcast, but the sun is at least coming through.

          My adventure to the not so local sewing store to test drive BabyLock sergers was great. I love this shop owner who also sells HandiQuilter. She is not pushy, is very real and honest. I asked her lots of questions and spoke about what I think I want. No serger yet, but it will happen in the not too distant future. Trying to figure out if I should wait until the Creativ Festival (large show where they sell all kinds of this crafty) in 4 weeks or not. This dealer will be there and she tells me that they usually offer a free foot set (6 feet) at the show. Not sure.

          I also wandered over this amazing fabric store (Anns Fabric in Hamilton, ON). For making activewear, this is the place to shop. There was more than an entire wall of wicking spandex/lycra in all the colours of the rainbow to choose from. I was just on a fact finding mission yesterday, however, I did buy a Jalie pattern.

          Am still mulling over my Halloween table runner which I didn't buy enough fabric for or I had another pattern in mind. The tardis quilt fabric is also still sitting on my cutting mat.

          This is day 2 post shockwave treatment to my knee and it hurts less today. Yippee.

          Have a great weekend.


            Re: It's Friday!!

            Good morning all,

            We got in last night from a week in Missouri at the birthday bash and retreat. My DH & DS went with me and we all had a wonderful time. I'm already planning on how to work it out next year. If you get the chance to attend, please do - it is so much fun. Today is a day of laundry and grocery shopping to try to get back to normal, whatever that is.

            Jean, have a great time with Andrea and Thomas today. I hope you can make it to Atlanta this year.

            LyndaJ, I would love to find a store like that - I need to make DS some shorts. He is 6'8" and everything is too short for him. I'm glad your therapy is working for you.

            Barb, sorry to hear about the credit card mess. I hope you get it straightened out soon. Hope you can find some decent tenants too.

            Hi Monique - I haven't checked the tutorial yet. I'll go look for it.

            Hi Sandy, I loved visiting your little town. It was so nice to see it. Tell Al I'm having cheesecake for dessert tonight with Ke-Ke poured over it - I have no idea what's for dinner, but I'm sure about the dessert!

            Have a great day, everyone!


              Re: It's Friday!!

              Morning everyone! I have missed being on the Forum for the past week because my computer died. Just bought a new one yesterday and it has taken me almost 12 hours to get it set up...remembering my Forum password ( amongst others) was a challenge!

              I don't know where Sept. went either. But the weather is definitely showing signs of fall! Keeping my fingers crossed that Indian summer will show its face next weekend for our Thanksgiving celebrations.

              DH is having a birthday in October so we have to get the license stickers for the cars today...that means emission tests for both and I am afraid my little 2003 Vibe won't pass. Maybe I should start looking for a new (to me) car soon, but I dread that thought1

              Have a wonderful day everyone. Prayers and hugs for all.
              "I don't need to get organized, I just need a bigger sewing room." :)


                Re: It's Friday!!

                Originally posted by seaturtle View Post
                LyndaJ, I would love to find a store like that - I need to make DS some shorts. He is 6'8" and everything is too short for him. I'm glad your therapy is working for you.
                Cindy, 6'8" wow, the polar opposite of me at 5'4". However, I feel your pain. Yes, I am very blessed to have found this dealer even though it takes me 45 minutes to get there. I'm dreading going back for the next 2 shockwave treatments, but I will suck it up.


                  Re: It's Friday!!

                  Morning all! Yes Monique, September absolutely flew by!

                  Lyndaj was that fabric store on Queen St.? Where all the fabric stores are? I used to go there a lot. It's a lot less overwhelming that going to the fabric district in Toronto which is HUGE!! Miles of nothing but fabric's crazy...but hard to find anything.

                  Barb, so glad to hear Olive is almost back to her old self.

                  PeggieP, congrats on the new computer! That's always fun!

                  I woke up not feeling very well so waiting to see how my day goes and if I feel better. It's 10 a.m. and so far not so good. I'm also incredibly cranky today. I slept fairly well so not sure why but I'm just a grumpy arse today. Very glad it's Friday!

                  I have been considering my future lately...retirement is 15 years away and I'm tired of looking at the black hole that my future has been for the past 2 years. So...I've got a 7 year goal that will hopefully work out...who knows what will happen, but at least it's a plan.

                  Sending love and hugs to those in need! xox


                    Re: It's Friday!!

                    FRIDAY.jpg Yes, it's Friday all day long. Another month gone and soon we will be overloaded with reminders that Christmas will soon be here, I have already received several gift catalogs that went right into our recycling box. Just hate the big rush to buy, buy, buy.

                    Has been raining the past 2 days and supposed to continue all weekend. I wish DH had listened to me and put some grass seed down in our back yard as the rain would have helped the seed to begin sprouting.

                    Been in contact with a long lost 2nd cousin from my father's side and we've been sharing our family history. Funny how there can be several versions of the same family events but so far it has been very helpful in filing in some blanks for me. Too bad he and I live so far apart as it would be nice to sit down together and go through family albums and records. He said if I made the coffee he would bring the pastries, now I really know he's family. LOL!

                    Happy to hear Miss Olive is back home and doing well. Jean is having a great time with Andrea and her DH, maybe a trip to Germany will be on Jean's agenda for the new year. I was so disappointed Andrea and I didn't get to meet in NYCity a few years ago as she had to cut her trip short.


                      Re: It's Friday!!

                      Lyndaj was that fabric store on Queen St.? Where all the fabric stores are? I used to go there a lot. It's a lot less overwhelming that going to the fabric district in Toronto which is HUGE!! Miles of nothing but fabric's crazy...but hard to find anything.

                      Wendy, it was Anns Fabric in Hamilton. For what I am looking for, it is amazing! And the BabyLock serger has been bought.