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Random Thoughts: Love

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    Random Thoughts: Love

    I love:
    the way the sheets smell when you hang them on the clothesline
    hearing our rooster crow in the early morning
    my (ugly as sin) recliner which was my grannie's
    going barefoot
    sweet tea
    watching it snow
    a really good joke
    fried chicken gizzards


    Re: Random Thoughts: Love

    Thanks for starting the new random thoughts.......

    I love:
    crisp clean sheets straight from the dryer
    sweet tea
    laughing until my sides hurt
    playing games with friends and family
    sitting outside and reading in the spring and fall
    pizza, chocolate, fried shrimp.....I could go on and on
    garage & estate sale shopping with my mom
    hearing my husband and son's laughter
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      Re: Random Thoughts: Love

      I love:
      the smell of bread baking, especially in the cooler months of fall and winter
      the sound of children giggling
      reading in my porch swing
      never wearing shoes
      the taste of berries, and chocolate, and nuts.....not together
      watching the seasons change and our farm land transform at planting and harvest
      long chats with friends, preferably in person
      the color red.....deep and rich
      deep cleaning and the feeling of accomplishment when my chore list is completed
      seeing my children faces and now my grandchild's face
      snuggling under a quilt with a really good book


        Re: Random Thoughts: Love

        I love: meals with family---- hugs granddaughters----laughter of children----the smell of stems our childhood---- when the sun sets on the horizon---- the silence of the night---- and so many things more


          Re: Random Thoughts: Love

          Cool weather--rainy days--egg drop soup.
          Courtesy is not optional.


            Re: Random Thoughts: Love

            I love.....
            Jeff's smile
            Children laughing/giggling
            A beautiful sunrise or sunset
            The smell of tomato plants
            The glow and scent of a good candle (Bird of Paradise by Circle E Candles)
            The smell of popcorn
            A good meal with old friends
            Dottie's loyalty to me
            Rainy days
            First snow of the year
            Flannel pajamas
            A good book.
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              Re: Random Thoughts: Love

              You only have one rooster?
              🌺 Lorie


                Re: Random Thoughts: Love

                Fresh popped corn, not microwave
                Puppy breath
                Morning birds, not roosters
                Not feeling guilty throwing out stuff
                A favorite show that comes back after a year, what's up with that?
                Finding a recipe I love
                Even though I live by an ocean I actually like rivers more
                🌺 Lorie


                  Re: Random Thoughts: Love

                  I love:
                  Mum and daughter trips - always a lot of fun
                  The smell of fresh bread
                  Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding with mashed potatoes and thick gravy
                  The sound of my GS laughing
                  The smell of rain after a dry spell - not many dry spells where I live
                  The smell of babies after a bath
                  I could go on and on.......


                    Re: Random Thoughts: Love

                    I love the smell of all clothes dried outside on the line filled with fresh air and sunshine
                    The color Purple
                    Fresh rain
                    First snow
                    Fresh dug dirt
                    Fresh mowed grass
                    Anything baking in the oven
                    My 3 Tux kitties
                    playing online games with my son
                    watching TV with hubby
                    the leaves change in the fall
                    being buzzed by a hummingbird
                    the sound of water falling down a waterfall
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                      Re: Random Thoughts: Love

                      Right now I love the slow changing of the season before the fallen leaves have to be raked up,
                      making and enjoying some great cooler weather meals like hearty soups,
                      the anticipation of Christmas with thoughtful gifts and family visits and then
                      the beginning of a new year.


                        Re: Random Thoughts: Love

                        I love:
                        My son more than life
                        Early/mid fall
                        cool summer mornings
                        birdsong (but not blue jays!)
                        wading/swimming in rivers, lakes and streams
                        A really good book
                        Great conversation and laughter with friends and/or family
                        creating something to give to someone who appreciates the love and work put into it.
                        helping others


                          Re: Random Thoughts: Love

                          I Love:

                          Watching the sunrise
                          My Son and grandchildren
                          The way my husband reaches out to caress me as he walks past me, just to let me know he's there and knows I'm there too.
                          Fresh picked strawberries
                          Spending time with Friends and Family
                          Camping in the wilderness
                          Sand between my toes
                          Smell of fresh cut grass
                          The smell of Gardenias above all other flowers
                          The feeling of accomplishment when a less-than-favorite task is completed
                          The excitement of starting a new quilting project
                          A long nap
                          The feel of the sun on my shoulders
                          The sound of rain on a metal roof
                          Watching the sunset


                            Re: Random Thoughts: Love

                            I love...

                            My husband
                            Our family
                            The smell of coffee made by my daughter-in-love before I get up when they are visiting
                            The smell of something someone else has cooked, especially if it contains either garlic or chocolate
                            My grandchildren who climb into my lap during church service
                            Music, especially performed by my children & husband (you need to hear my boys' rendition of Chris Rice's "Mamma Prays")
                            Getting enough sleep (a bit of a luxury, since I tend towards being a "dirty-stay-up")
                            Happy endings
                            Having grown children who not only love each other, but are willing to hang out with their dad & me
                            Fabric - looking at it, shopping for it, planning what I could do with it
                            Sewing, especially anything that someone else really loves
                            and... all of YOU!


                              Re: Random Thoughts: Love

                              Being with loved ones
                              The smell of fresh coffee
                              Walking in nature
                              The woods
                              The beach
                              Birds singing in the morning