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    Good morning everyone. Waiting for fall to arrive tomorrow. But I guess it won't actually feel like it until the weekend. DH and I were talking about what the first soup of the season should be. I think it might be onion soup.

    Today our 1997 Saturn will be leaving the driveway for the last time. We are donating it to charity. Goodbye Tonto (named that because of its' many years of faithful service to us). Thank you for the many good trips we took with you.

    My sewing room is calling me this morning before work. I also have to get some walking in. Our team came in 6th place out of 16 this week.. We are very pleased considering two of us are over 65. We are holding our own.

    Have a wonderful day everyone.
    Ginny B

    Re: Wednesday

    Good morning Ginny.

    We will enjoy today as it is filled with sunshine. Tomorrow is the first day of fall and rain is expected. Our apple tree has taken a beating this year. It was so filled with apples that it has broken again. I picked a bag last night to make some jelly. We have a friend who is supposed to come and take the broken branches and all the apples and clean up around it. Our plums trees were also very abundant this year. Luckily I picked a lot and froze them for later jelly. One of my neighbours also gave me cucumbers yesterday so I will make some million dollar relish and I need to get a bushel of tomatoes to make salsa. You have to love this time of year when you can can/freeze/preserve the many fresh fruits and vegetables available.

    Laundry got done yesterday and more unpacking. I still have sleeping bags to wash and put away. The grass needs to be cut today, so I will go and tackle that later when it warms up a little.

    Update on the Momma: She is on a priority list to be put into a facility. It should happen within the next week or so, let's hope. The last assessment was done last week and my sister-in-law was told this should have been done a year ago. This sister-in-law has been in a drug-induced state of fog (my opinion), as she is addicted to pain killers after she broke her ankle. She is not acting very rational at times. Anywho that is a whole different ball of wax.

    I have an appointment for a hair cut on Friday and my hair needs to be colored yesterday. So that is on the agenda today, color from a box. Where is Blondie when I need her!!!

    I would like to ask for prayers for my niece-in-law who is in isolation in hospital after contracting meningitis.

    I am itching to get sewing but so many other things need to get done around here before that happens.

    Have a great day everyone. It's good to be back.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


      Re: Wednesday

      Morning Everyone,

      Yes, tomorrow is technically the first day of Fall. I just wish the weather understood that. We're still having days in the high 80s with lots of humidity. I love it when we dig out our flannels, socks and boots. Before long will will have our big bonfire for friends and neighbors.

      I'm embroidering today. I was using my older Janome and the noise was bothering me, so I've switched over to the 12000 and she purrs. I didn't get that much done yesterday because of housework but today is all mine.....and Dottie's.

      I took Dottie to the park yesterday for a romp and later we played with the water hose until we were both drenched. I hope she needs a bit on of a quiet day today. Later the UPS guy will bring us bags of dog food and that will give her something to get excited about. I have been buying dog food from for several months now. I save more that $5 on each bag, no tax and the shipping is free (orders of $50 or more). I see this as a win-win.

      Monique, I will surely pray for your niece.

      Wishing everyone a wonderful Wednesday....with hugs.

      Scottie Mom Barb


        Re: Wednesday

        Adding Monique's niece to my list - and keeping Olive and Dottie there, too!! And Ginny just because!!
        Sometimes, when there's a raging fire,
        it's best not to try to put it out with gasoline.

        "...pal carajo con la negatividad..."


          Re: Wednesday

          Good morning to everyone in the forum, we have a sunny and pleasant day today, even as children are already in school the town is a little quieter that difference with summer children are on the street and laughter are heard. Monike looks set to be a busy few days to observe all things travel and also you are making preserves, in my house´s to my mother but since she´s not I just keep the calamari fishing my husband and some red pepper roasted to bring with meat, sweets makes my son in law who has a fruit shop so when I need already done. Well going out to enjoy some good weather and command smiles and prayers for those who need and to spend a nice day


            Re: Wednesday

            Good Morning To All,
            Yes, by the calendar it will be Fall in another day or so. Not so here, temps still in the upper 90's with a lot of humidity. Hope to finish my baby blanket today. Then need to think about Halloween costume for #2 GS, and jackets for both GS 2&3.
            Went to bed about 8:30 pm last night, didn't sleep well night before. Nerves in R arm are just crazy,won't let me sleep. Will probably need to see doc about it.
            Prayers & hugs for all who need them.
            P.S, Bubby hope Olive comes home soon. Kathy
            All quilts cat tested and approved.


              Re: Wednesday

              Good morning everyone,

              It is very sunny here and also not fall like at all in terms of temperature.

              I ordered the fabric for the two Tardis quilts that need to be finished for xmas. I figured I better get a start on this. Will definitely go and rent time again and long arm them. That was so much fun.

              I'm off to a new and hopefully the last physio today. I need to have shockwave treatments to my knee. Hopefully, this will fix this friggen problem.

              Have a good one.


                Re: Wednesday

                LOVE LOVE LOVE this weather!! Fall is my fav time of year by far...BUT also the most stressful as it leads into Liam's bday, thanks giving and then xmas. Thankfully Liam doesn't do Halloween anymore so we just stay in the dark. lol I used to go all out for halloween and decorate the entire front porch. Just don't have it in me since I had to sell my house.

                Not much going on at work these days which drives me crazy. BUT I have decided that since I spend so much time feeling lonely, it's time to take some courses and get occupied. I just re-enrolled and will be picking two courses tomorrow, History and Intro to Psychology. Once I have those under my belt I can actually pick a major and be an official undergraduate student! Pretty neat at 50! Not sure I can manage 2 courses but will do my best! I have a LOT of experience with psychology so that shouldn't be too tough, and I LOVE WWI & II history so those courses should be good.

                Sending lots of love to Olive...hoping she is coming home soon. Monique sorry to hear about your NIL. Hope she recovers soon. Ginny! That's awesome for your walking group! I really need to start walking! Hugs and love to everyone else and all who follow!


                  Re: Wednesday

                  Wendy, in class or online? Laurier or Waterloo? Congratulations and best of luck.

                  I'm 54 and plan on enrolling in the Fitness Leadership program at Humber College so that I can become a Personal Trainer. It's more than time to get away from a job sitting on my butt staring at a computer screen all day.


                    Re: Wednesday

                    Lyndaj, I work at Waterloo so will be doing them here. One of the courses will be online (I LOVE online learning) the other will be in class during the day. We just introduced flex-time at work so I am able to use that to take courses. The history course is typically 3 days a week for one hour per day. I'm excited to start. I've never done two classes at once before! Wish me luck! you're in the Mississauga area? We're practically neighbours!


                      Re: Wednesday

                      Good for you Wendy for taking some college courses. you will do fine.

                      I did that years ago and eventually worked at the college where courses were practically free for employees and their family. By the time I worked at the school my 2 older sons had finished school and youngest was in grad school but DH began taking courses and got 2 AA degrees. I received my AA in Art when I was 60, quite a few older students graduated with me.

                      Need to get some stuff done around the house while I'm waiting for a call back from my doctor's office., missed their call yesterday with the results of blood work up taken Monday. Not expecting any surprises but should know the results.
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                        Re: Wednesday

                        Originally posted by WendyI View Post
                        Lyndaj, I work at Waterloo so will be doing them here. One of the courses will be online (I LOVE online learning) the other will be in class during the day. We just introduced flex-time at work so I am able to use that to take courses. The history course is typically 3 days a week for one hour per day. I'm excited to start. I've never done two classes at once before! Wish me luck! you're in the Mississauga area? We're practically neighbours!
                        Very cool that you work at Waterloo. I am sure you will do great.

                        I'm in Brampton, so about 45 minutes away or so.


                          Re: Wednesday

                          Good for you, Wendy! You can do it. My DD finished 2 years of undergraduate work, and went on to get her Master's at 53.

                          I don't think fall will ever get to Tennessee. We have cooled from the mid 90's to the low 90's! It should be low 80's by now. But the nights have cooled off a bit, so there is hope!

                          I have been stitching down bindings, and I think I will never finish. I got 4 quilts back from my quilter a couple of weeks ago, and two more are on their way. Some have been hanging around here for 2 or more years! I finally sent them all off. My girls will be in a frenzy when they see the new ones. At least they don't fight. DD will get first choice, then the DILs. They are here all the time, but DD just comes in once a year or so.

                          I'm trying to clean and update the house. It's 18 years old, and every time I touch something, it breaks or leaks or needs polishing!
                          DH is getting a workout just fixing things. I think he wishes I would quit and go shopping!

                          That's the news from east TN. Y'all have fun, and stay out of trouble at the retreat!