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It's Tuesday and I am back home!

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  • Jean Sewing Machine
    Re: It's Tuesday and I am back home!

    Your trip sounds fantastic! So glad you got to see so much and are back home safe and sound! And of course, we missed you while you were gone! Welcome home!

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  • Monique
    started a topic It's Tuesday and I am back home!

    It's Tuesday and I am back home!

    Good morning friends. Yes, I am back, got home around 6 pm last night, safe and sound and without incident. WOW!! What a beautiful country we live in. From the Badlands of Alberta, to the flat lands of Saskatchewan and Manitoba to the Rockies in British Columbia, the humungous trees on Vancouver Island, spectacular. Ontario has beautiful forests and lakes. If you haven't experienced these you have to at least once in your lifetime. Sleeping in the van was really cool too. We spent 2 nights in a cabin, 2 nights in a hotel/motel room, 1 night at my brother's and the rest in the van. Campsites are relatively inexpensive. BBQ just about every night with a bonfire under the stars. I got to see where Greg used to live in Lake Cowichan and meet his neighbours who took good care of him while he was there. I got to see my brother after 6 years and my two nephews, one I haven't seen in 30 years. I got a brief look at Victoria. Beautiful.

    The badlands of Alberta showed us where the dinasaurs lived. Thunder Bay showed us the monument to Terry Fox, which we did not know existed. Duncan, BC showed us the biggest hockey stick in the world, Wawa gave us a Goose. BC offered us spectacular views of snow capped mountains. Jasper was exceptional, with elk and mountain sheep and such clear lakes. One road in particular scared the sh***t out of both of us. NEVER AGAIN!! This supposed highway was death defying to say the least. At one point high above the ground, probably a thousand feet or so, no guardrails, construction going on, hair pinned curves, going downhill, meeting motor homes with no lines on the road, smelling the rubber from the brakes and praying to get to the bottom safely. Not much scares Les, but he was scared at this point. We rented a cabin that night for our frayed nerves.

    Being above the clouds one morning and going downhill for 13km or 8 miles on a 13% slope. You hoped that the breaks would not fail or we were dead. I prayed lots to my Dad to keep us safe and he did.

    I haven't had time to take the pictures off my camera yet. That alone may take a day, I took so many.

    I only had the opportunity to visit one quilt shop and that was in Drumheller and the last day for the free pattern for Row by Row.

    It was a wonderful experience but I am not sure if I would do it again. The only thing missing was having my son on the West Coast to greet us. He is currently on the East Coast on training.

    It's good to be home. I have missed you all.