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Monday morning

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    Monday morning

    Good morning everyone. It's a bit of a rainy morning here and we do need the rain for sure. Busy week ahead -- actually the next month looks to be pretty packed. Looking forward to maybe getting a weekend away in mid-October to slow down and relax a bit.

    We got all our mums planted yesterday and I even had time in my sewing room. I finished the cushions for my son and put together the rows for a small quilt that will be a Christmas gift. Also washed some flannel that I'll be using for a blanket for my new grandson arriving in December. Hubby made a delicious dinner yesterday so no kitchen time for me.

    Have a good day everyone. Be safe.
    Ginny B
    Levittown, NY

    Re: Monday morning

    Good morning Ginny, and everyone else

    Last night, hubby and I met with my brother and sis in law to discuss what will be done with FIL's ashes. We've pretty much decided to have them shipped here, and we'll decide on a place to scatter them. We had talked about going there, but it really would be a financial burden for all of us at the moment. FIL was a dual citizen, and spent many years here before the dementia, so it makes sense.
    I woke up at a little before 5 and couldn't fall back asleep, so I got up and did some dishes, and took care of some tech issues on hubby's ipad. It's raining out here (a welcome thing). Today I'll be busy working on the Prairie Flower blocks, and the wedding quilt... I guess I do work better under the pressure of a deadline!!
    Have a great day all...


      Re: Monday morning

      Happy Monday everyone!
      For a weekend that had no plans, we certainly were busy! Saturday morning we went to a not so local fair to meet up with friends and their family for a wander around the craft and quilting display. Some lovely work is being done in that area.
      We left the fair shortly after lunch, just before the downpour of rain hit the area. Good timing, for once! Yesterday, we had the electrian that we have been trying to get in touch with for over a month come to give us an estimate for some minor work that has to be done before we can progress with our renovation projects. When he left, the Culligan man called to say he had had a cancellation and wanted to come then instead of our arranged appointment on Wed.
      Before he arrived, a friend popped in to tell us about an auction that was happening down the road where they were selling tons of fabric, yarn and craft supplies. After the Culligan man left, we dropped everything and headed to the auction. (I wasn't going to miss a good deal on fabric!) Didn't buy any fabric, but the magpie in me wanted some nice shiny china so I now have some Christmas plates that I have wanted for many years! After the auction, we dropped into the home of the friend who had told us about the auction, for a glass of wine. By the time we got back home, it was almost 7 p.m. and there was no dinner ready......a quick raid of the refrigerator and bacon and eggs were on the table by 7:30. Whew! I love being spontaneous.
      Today, DH starts back at his art classes and then goes to choir practise this evening, so I pretty much have the day to myself to finish up my Secret Santa themes and work on middle granddaughter's quilt....after I do some laundry and clean a few more windows.
      Summer is still hanging on, with our temperatures still in the high 70's, but it sure is foggy this morning.

      Hope everyone has a wonderful day doing something enjoyable. Prayers and hugs to those who are in need!
      "I don't need to get organized, I just need a bigger sewing room." :)


        Re: Monday morning

        Morning all,
        Much needed rain here too. Sitting here watching the birds at the feeders. A constant flow of them, guess they know cold weather will be coming and they are filling up.
        Not much on my schedule today. I plan on getting in the sewing room and getting some fabric put away that's been piling up on the cutting table. I want to start a new project for Christmas but hate clutter when I sew, so it's time to stop procrastinating and clean my space up.
        Wishing everyone a good day, sending well wishes for those who are ailing. Barb, glad to hear you got a visit with Olive, hope she continues to recuperate and can be back home soon with all of you.
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          Re: Monday morning

          Happy Monday everyone. It's a very sunny morning here.

          Well, I'm officially project free having sent the kid's quilts to Vancouver last week. I have a number of UFOs and other kitted items around to choose from, but I'm not very motivated. Then again, I have to have two quilts done for Christmas, so maybe I ought to start there?

          I'm off to the sports chiro today. He seems to be willing to take me on as a patient even though I have a small tear in my patellar tendon. It has been a bit of a roller coaster trying to find someone to do the rehab part of my healing with. I went to a highly recommended physio last Monday who is an idiot. He was highly skeptical of the treatment my sports medicine doc is using until I told him that it has taken away most of the pain. I have another physio in my pocket if the sports chiro turns out to be a bust today.

          And Cathy, I too hate sewing room clutter and I de-cluttered my room on the weekend, so it's in good shape to get going again.

          Have a great day everyone.


            Re: Monday morning

            Much needd rain here also, we had a bad weather alert so I hope it holds off until we're back from our doctor appointments this morning. I wouldn't mind spending the rest of the day inside, have lots to do. First stop after the doctors is for some coffee, had to fast for routine blood work.

            We had a nice late lunch with DS#2 and DIL yesterday. I had to send the lentil soup back as it had way too much salt, exchanged it for a salad with dressing on the side. It seems the chef has a very heavy hand with seasoning, DIL ordered the sauce for her salmon on the side and hardly used any as it was too strong. Have to say my shrimp and scallops were just fine.


              Re: Monday morning

              Morning all!! Tired this morning as I had insomnia last night. I took this pic of Otis before I left...I so wanted to crawl back in beside him this morning!

              Ois in bed.jpg

              This weekend got so much accomplished! Friday night my gf and her bf came over and helped me reorganize Liam's bedroom in preparation for a desk and chair that is badly needed...and FINALLY unpacked some moving boxes of toys and random stuff that really just needed to be thrown out. rained and was dreary all day so I just watched documentaries and napped on and off all day. Yesterday however, I worked all day! Did 8 loads of laundry, shampooed carpets in Liam's room. Sorted a pile of junk that's been laying in my upstairs hallway since I moved, hung a shelf in my laundry closet, did two loads of dishes, organized the lonely sock pile and changed out the bedding, cleaned toilets and the birds cage. Still have a lot more to do but it was very satisfying to get it started! Next have to shampoo carpets on main floor and then tackle the sewing room! Maybe I will actually get to sew something before xmas!

              Thinking a lot of the people in NYC and how stressed they must all be. Having bomb scares so soon on the heels of 9/11 is just infuriating. I'm so glad no one was seriously injured.

              Sending love and hugs to all who need them! xoxox


                Re: Monday morning

                Good Monday Morning! I had a busy week-end with my oldest son (from MD) here visiting. He came Fri. a.m. & left this a.m. I had a long to-do list for him; he made it through them all, plus yest. he washed & waxed both our cars! They look sparkling! For a '95 Ford & a '96 Mercury, they look great. DH is so weak he can do very little around the house now. This a.m. he tipped the scale at 99--the first time he's dropped <100 lb. He was very stressed about the visit -- he's used to his daily routine, etc. My gr. dau., husb. & 3 y.o. son came on Sat. eve. for a few min. After DH went to bed (6 p.m., his usual bedtime), the rest of us went out to eat at a local Mexican restaurant. Food was excellent.

                I have the laundry going. After DS leaves, I have to wash all his bedding (matt. pads, blankets, etc.) since his clothes reek from a strong fabric softener fragrance & it permeates everything. I had to wash his sheets & towels twice to remove the scent. I'm not allergic to fragrances, but I am very sensitive & just don't like the smell.

                We're having some late summer heat. Yest. it got up to 96 deg.! It's supposed to be even hotter today! I'm glad the swamp cooler still is working. We plan to have it drained & winterized on Thurs. By then the weather will be cooler.

                I hope to get back to piecing & quilting now that the rush of housecleaning is over, & DS has left. Maybe DH can relax as things get back to his "normal".