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    Good morning . How is everyone's weekend going? DH got his new car and he is very happy. We ran some errands in it yesterday and it's very comfortable. It will be sad to see his old Saturn leave. We took a lot of nice trips in that car.

    Jean, congrats on closing on the house but I sure do understand the emotions you felt when handing over the keys. I am sure I'll be shedding quite a few tears in a few weeks when we hand over the keys to the house my brother, sister and I were raised in.

    Monique, enjoy the rest of your trip home.

    Plans for today? We decided not to go to the beach early this morning. We may head down there later for a walk on the Boardwalk. I've got some mums to plant and I want to start on the quilt I'm making for our Lily. I've also got to get myself organized as to what I'm sending to California for my dil's baby shower. I was hoping I'd be able to fly out there for it but it doesn't look like I will be able to do that. But that's ok. When I do fly out, it will be to hold and snuggle my brand new grandson.

    Have a wonderful day everyone.
    Ginny B
    Levittown, NY

    Re: Sunday

    Hi Everyone,

    My embroidery machine is clattering away and otherwise things are quiet around here. It looks like we will be getting more rain.

    Jean, congratulations on closing on your house. While you love to rid yourself of the responsibility it's hard because of all the good memories connected to the house. I felt that way when we sold my old house that Mike and I had lived in.

    Ginny, it's great you live so close to the beach and that it can be such a nice part of your life. Jeff and I are going to cut down some ornamental grass and burn it today. Yesterday in Cuba I missed a rung coming down the ladder and really jolted my back. I didn't fall at first but I had to take a couple steps backwards to get my balance and tripped over the power drill and sat down real hard. No ladders for me today.

    Dottie seems to be depressed. She doesn't want to spend any time outdoors which is very rare for her. I checked on Olive yesterday before we left for Cuba and she was wide awake and wanting out of the cage, which can't happen because she has a catheter and IVs.
    We miss our sweet little Olive so much. It's amazing how much she adds to our family.

    Let's remember Sewbizzy (Carol) in our prayers. She is having surgery tomorrow morning.

    Wishing everyone a blessed Sunday.
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    Scottie Mom Barb