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Friday is here!

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    Friday is here!

    Oh happy day! I slept very well last night and feel so much better today. After work last night dh and I headed down to the beach and took a nice long walk on the Boardwalk. Afterwards, we just stopped at the diner for a quick sandwich for dinner. Headed to bed early too.

    My sis, brother and I put together our questions for the lawyer on the affidavit he sent us that needs to be signed concerning the the sale of the house and I sent the e-mail to him yesterday. Hopefully, we will be able to understand the explanations of the legalize. LOL

    Looking forward to the weekend. No Brooklyn trip this weekend. Tomorrow we will pick up dh's new car. Very exciting. The rest of the weekend will involve housework, laundry and, yes, sewing. Not sure what project I will work on but I will be in my sewing room.

    Have a fabulous Friday everyone.
    Ginny B
    Levittown, NY

    Re: Friday is here!

    Yes Friday is here, nothing planned but still looking forward to the weekend. The weather has been so nice it's almost a pleasure to do chores as well as doing something fun.

    Miss being able to attend Howdy's Annual Hoedown this weekend so I'm wishing the guys and gals have a great time. Looking forward to seeing photos of the gang and their challenge quilts.


      Re: Friday is here!

      Good morning /afternoon all. I've been up early today. Couldn't sleep, worrying about a critical banking issue at work. Well, there was a reason to worry. Got out of bed and logged on, and of course the person that created the file changed the data format. Huge problem. I have re-created this and sent again. I get accused of not delegating, but it seems when I try to trust others, I always have to come back and fix. I am really struggling to keep with my intention to retire in a year. Maybe someone's trying to tell me to give it up now and enjoy life. OK, don't with that rant

      I am off today, so DD is coming to visit. Finally finished my son's quilt this week. Photos to come later. He will need to wait for Christmas trip for delivery. Also received an email from a friend where another friend needs someone to quilt a top for her by Oct. 1. It's just lap size, so I agreed. Only problem is that I need to start and finish this weekend since I need to pack so I can leave Friday right after work for MSQC retreat. YEAH! That is a great reward at the end.

      Time to go check on the work file, so I really can have the day off. Then shower and off to the sewing room. Love your mate, friends, family, neighbors and have an awesome day.
      Spring, TX


        Re: Friday is here!

        Morning all! I am awake this morning which is surprising because I slept so poorly. Liam woke complaining of a sore throat this morning so waiting to see if I get a call from him or not that he wants to go home. Tonight I am going to be rearranging his room to make space for a desk and chair he is getting for his bday in early October. Will be glad to get it because right now his huge gaming computer is on my dining room table!

        Then tomorrow is overhaul day on my place and carpet cleaning! Wish me luck! I might even make it into my sewing room for the first time in over a year.

        Off to catch up and then get some work done. Thinking of all our forum members and their families who are dealing with health issues and hoping today is a good day. xoxox


          Re: Friday is here!

          Morning all,

          I'm excited to be leaving in just 6 days for my first retreat. And what a better place to go than M*! I started pulling together supplies and projects yesterday. Have a few items left to go grab at Michaels/WM. I can't wait. DH and DS will be traveling with me so I won't have to make the 12.5 hr. drive alone. We will be stopping at Paducah on the way out to visit the quilt museum, which I've never seen. So excited for this trip.

          Thinking of little Olive today and all the others with health concerns. Hugs to those that need them. Have a great day, everyone!