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Good morning Wednesday

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    Good morning Wednesday

    Good morning everyone. Today starts out with the hum drum of work, nothing special, then this afternoon I have my interview with the Super Bowl Committee to be a volunteer for the activities in 2017. I'm not a huge football fan, but I think this is another way to meet people. Later this evening someone is coming over to discuss me potentially quilting a top for her. As for my own project, I am almost finished the binding on DS's quilt. YEAH. Well I best get out of bed and into the shower. Have a great day.
    Spring, TX

    Re: Good morning Wednesday

    Good morning all! I can't get used to it still being dark at this hour! Another sign of fall's approach!

    I got an odd looking package from Missouri Star the other day. It was in a huge box. I had a back order on some Sizzix cutting plates, but this box was way bigger than those would have been in. But I figured they just over packaged my plates, so I didn't rush to open it. Yesterday, I was de cluttering the house in anticipation of my daughter coming for a visit, and it wasn't the cutting plates, but a huge Sizzix cutting die for cutting doll clothes for their precious dolls! I had taken the Sizzix seminar in August and had made two of their precious "stuffies"! Now, I had no recollection of ordering this die, and was about to commit myself to some therapy intervention center because I thought I had ordered it but had forgotten that I did it! Then my daughter arrived and solved the mystery ( and soothed my fears about impending dementia!). She had ordered it for my birthday gift! Problem solved! Let the doll dressing begin!

    I made up this little dress for Annie, but now she can have an entire wardrobe!

    Hope you all have a great day!


      Re: Good morning Wednesday

      Good morning all. Beautiful sunny morning here. We started our Fit club this week at work and I've been able to get my miles in each morning so far. Starting out slow -- 1 mile on Monday and 1.5 yesterday. I will have more time on the weekends to put more time into my walks. Getting my music organized on my i-pod for longer walks.

      Karen, good luck with your interview with the Super Bowl Committee.

      My days at work are busy busy but the days move along. I am starting to really consider retiring though even though I like my job a lot. I would miss a lot of people but there is so much I would like to do that I don't have time for now.

      That being said, I need to get ready for the busy day ahead. Have a wonderful day everyone.
      Ginny B
      Levittown, NY


        Re: Good morning Wednesday

        Morning Everyone,

        Jean your dolls are darling and so is the wardrobe.

        We are supposed to get a cold front through here this afternoon with rain for the next few days. We have to take the Girls to the vet after Jeff gets home from work. They are due for their shots and Olive's UTI still hasn't cleared up. I'm told uti's is in dogs can be hard to resolve.

        Nothing going on in my sewing room. Jeff took yesterday off and we worked on the landscaping in Cuba all day. One more day and we will have it done. Next spring we will do a major redo there. It's crazy to have shrubs that need to be trimmed.

        Ginny, are you really going to retire? You would have so much more time to sew. October 1st is the 8th anniversary of my retirement and I've not regretted at all.

        Have a great Wednesday everyone.

        Scottie Mom Barb


          Re: Good morning Wednesday

          Good Morning and and those who follow,
          Jean the cloth doll and fox are so cute. What a nice surprise from your daughter. I love cloth dolls and animals. Fun to make too. Busy day for me several loads of laundry, then a catechism meeting at 12;30. Decide what kind of Halloween activities the kids will have. This is my third year being a catechism aide, I love it. The kids are great.
          It is still hot and humid here. Rained heavy overnight too. We won't have any cooler weather for several months. Time to get a second cuppa,and put the wash in the drier. Everybody have a good day. Hugs and prayers for everyone ......need them or not. Kathy
          All quilts cat tested and approved.


            Re: Good morning Wednesday

            Morning all! Jean I have no idea what a sissix machine is but sounds like fun! Those stuffies are adorable. Ginny, I'm so jealous of your retirement thoughts! 15 more years for me! If I'm lucky! LOL! Barb, how are the renos going on the apartment? Did you take before and after pics? I guess the before pics would be pretty horrifying, so maybe not!

            Last night I helped a friend out running errands for her and then visiting with her mom who's relationship just ended. She's 68 and has never had much luck with sad, and I know how she feels!! Tonight Liam is with his dad so groceries for me and least that's what I tell myself will happen...depends on how my workday goes. I was so tired last night...had a headache all day. It's still niggling today so hopefully it will just fade off. Raining and dreary so may as well be at work anyway.

            Sending love and hugs to all who need them! xoxox


              Re: Good morning Wednesday

              Wednesday all ready? This week s moving pretty fast.

              Received some long awaited news. DS#1 called last night to tell us that his new grandson finally has a name, Tristan. His parents only took 3 months to decide on a name, it took them 4 months to name their older son Caspian. They are the children of DGD M and her DH and they live in CA so we haven't seen these great grandsons, sure hope they visit soon. Their Dad is a building contractor and is quite busy so they haven't been to Jersey, DGD M was here 3 years ago when her mom was ill and then passed away.

              Received some other news yesterday, an email from my 2nd cousin Frankie with loads of family stuff as well as a photo of my grandfather's brother Angelo who was a NYCity detective in the 1940's (see photo). Frankie is the grandson of my father's brother Frank. He said he has over 200 pages of family history and remembers a lot about visiting my family when he was younger. Other person who has been sharing family history is cousin Joe, the son of my father's brother Andy and we've all been skirting the issue of the many feuds between the families over the years. Most happened when we were kids and we don't know who did what and why. Glad we can join together and share family stories, the nicer ones that is.

              Angelo Trezza.jpg
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                Re: Good morning Wednesday

                Well I had quite a good day at work - very busy but it makes the time go quickly!! Tomorrow promises to be even busier with the work piling up on my desk.
                I too am considering retirement - it's getting harder to get up at 6am, out the door at 7.15 and back by 5.45pm especially when DH retired last November.
                I have sooo much I want to do and I love being with DH who misses me (always telling me) during in day.
                I also had a reality check in July when my brother of just 68 years old passed away and a SIL recovering from cancer treatment!! Hopefully I can afford to retire in January 2018 so not long!!!