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    Good Morning. How is everyone today? It's a nice sunny morning. Our Fit Club walking challenge starts today at work so I'm going to be doing lots of steps between today and Dec. 4 when it ends.

    We had a nice relaxing day yesterday. Went to a local nursery and picked up lots of mums. Then I got to spend some time in my sewing room. That always helps me if I've got to relieve stress or deal with troubling thoughts and it worked it's magic yesterday. That and dh's delicious chicken marsala for dinner. Thank you sweetie.

    And now we are here at Monday. I am hoping for a quiet day at work. It's our annual Golf Outing today so there will be a lot of people not in the office so that makes for less phone calls and e-mails.

    Have a good day everyone. And don't forget to Smile.
    Ginny B
    Levittown, NY

    Re: Monday

    Morning Ginny....and everyone who follows.

    It was a very quiet weekend so I managed to get caught up on some of the quilting projects that I had on the go for the Secret Santa Group. Yesterday, we met friends in Ottawa and went to see "Sully" was a very good movie...then we went out for a lovely dinner. On the drive both into and out of town, (about 60 miles each way) I worked on an embroidery/quilting project that has been in the UFO pile for a couple of years. Maybe I will get it finished in time for Christmas this year!

    This morning, it is off to the dentist for us so the afternoon might be a little uneventful.
    "I don't need to get organized, I just need a bigger sewing room." :)


      Re: Monday

      Morning all -
      Yesterday, I went to Boston to meet my newly discovered half sister. If you missed it before, my 84 year old mother recently revealed that she had given a child up for adoption before the six of us were born....
      Anyway - I really like her! She is definitely part of our family, with her looks and mannerisms. Very easy to talk to, and similar wit
      I asked her if she is musical; all of us are to one degree or another, although I am the only one who I would call a 'serious musician'. Well, it turns out that she has sung choral music and loves it (I was a voice major in college), so that was definitely a bonding moment She also said that she and her coworker will randomly burst out in song when a phrase triggers it... LOL my daughter and I joke that EVERYTHING is a song... Yeah. We hit it off nicely. Her husband is very nice, and he hit it off well with my hubby. It was a good afternoon, low key and relaxed. I look forward to keeping in touch with her.
      Today will be cleaning and a workout! Maybe some sewing
      Have a wonderful day everyone.


        Re: Monday

        Good Morning All,

        Norma, I can't imagine how nervous you must have been before meeting your half sister. Good to hear you will be keeping in touch.

        Thank you for the birthday wishes yesterday. Hubby and I went to St. Louis for the weekend so I wouldn't have to listen to the 9/11 coverage on the radio and tv. It's not that I don't care about the tragedy, I spent days recording and watching coverage before Sunday, I just don't like to focus on it on my birthday. Saturday we went to the Omnimax and watched a program on the National Parks. We stayed right next to the ballpark and went to a Cardinals game Saturday night.

        Yesterday morning we went to church and some friends sat right behind us so we went to breakfast together. Turns out we stayed in the same hotel and went to the same ballgame. We live less than a mile from each other and should have ridden the 100 miles together. After breakfast we we were walking to the hotel and I tripped over an uneven sidewalk and hit the ground hard. I am very sore today and my knees look like my grandson's. I'm a mess. Thankfully nothing broken. Anyway, we also went to the RV show in St. Louis. Didn't buy a new motorhome but got some great ideas. I was moving pretty slow so we didn't stay too long. Went to bed at 90 last night and just got up a little bit ago. I think I'll take it easy today.

        Our annual quilt show was this past weekend and I entered three quilts. One quilt got a third place ribbon and the other two didn't place at all. The one I thought would place didn't get anything because the judge didn't like the quilting. I had it custom quilted, which was a small fortune, and I thought it was beautiful. Oh well, I didn't enter to receive a ribbon, I entered to show off my work.

        I have a lot of catching up to do on the forum. Have a great week. Bring on the fall weather, weiner roasts, hayrides, dead grass...


          Re: Monday

          Morning all!! Had a fairly nice and busy weekend. Managed to finally get my kitchen's been driving me nuts! I hate a dirty/messy kitchen. Went to visit a friend Friday night and took her shopping for supplies for her new cottage. Saturday I took myself shopping and bought some t-shirts and shorts to wear cleaning house as I sweat so bad when I do. Then bought a shampooer for my carpets and it was on sale at $100 off! Gotta love that. Then yesterday drove to my friends new cottage so that she could do her final walk-about before closing. Will post some pics of the view later.

          It was a nice weekend for a change and I feel like it wasn't wasted.

          Sending love and hugs to those in need! xoxox


            Re: Monday

            Morning Everyone,

            Jeff and I had an exhausting weekend but we are beginning to feel human again. We did heavy landscaping for 11 hours Saturday in Cuba. Afterwards we took our trailer that was overloaded to a little dump outside of town. When we were done we discovered that we were locked in and it took an hour before we found someone to let us out. Dottie was tired and hungry and whined the whole time. Olive got upset at Dottie and threw up on Dottie. By the time we got home we were four unhappy campers. Dot & Olive both needed bathing and I was a zombie by the time I dropped into bed.

            I'm so sorry Sandy and Robin that I missed your birthday wishes yesterday. I'm not sure if I saw a post announcing your special day. Robin I hope your knees are healing. It could have been a worse outcome for sure.

            Norma, what a blessing for you to make contact with your sister. I hope your relationship blossoms and is a blessing for all of you.

            The Girls are at the groomer today and I've shopped at WalMart and put everything away. I have laundry and vacuuming to do before I pick the Girls up. Of course I forgot a couple items and need to run back into WM. I'm going to make a pot of chili today.

            Wishing everyone a good Monday.
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            Scottie Mom Barb


              Re: Monday

              Good morning all! Glad to hear Robin had a great birthday weekend, even with her fall! I hope you are OK! Friday night my friend took me to dinner and a show for my birthday. The food wasn't great, there was a fly doing his death dance in my drink, and I fell into a rain filled, muddy gutter getting into the car on a dark street near the theatre ( this theatre is in a house in a residential area and has NO PARKING LOT!). But the night was good because of the company and excellent performance we saw.

              Onward in my costuming jobs, but all I want to do is quilt! Hope I can work that in between making costumes!

              Have a great day!


                Re: Monday

                Good Morning! A beautiful cool day this morning. I love it when neither the heat or A/C has to be on and the windows can be open to let in fresh air. Today I am working on canning applesauce and will be working up some more apples for applebutter. Along the way, I am hoping to continue packing for the retreat.

                Have a great day everyone


                  Re: Monday

                  The morning is almost gone (noonish now). First order of business this a.m. was to call my dentist to try & get in today. I had a lot of pain in my tooth extraction site from Fri. eve. & all week-end. I think I might have a dry socket. I'll see him at 2:30. I guess there is some medicated paste or something they can put in where the clot came out. Anyway, I hope I feel better soon. It hasn't kept from doing things around the house as long as I have pain meds. on board.

                  Yest. was church. It was my Sun. to play the organ--once a mo. Took it easy most of the day. I cut fabric for backing to a "Turning Twenty...Again" baby quilt (45 x 45") I made several yrs. ago. (One of my many UFO's) Threads are clipped; quilt top & backing spray starched & pressed. It's ready to sandwich. This a.m. I've done laundry & dusted in the living room.

                  Only 4 more days till my son comes for the week-end. Haven't seen him for a year. He'll do several little projects around the house that DH so longer has the strength to do.

                  Time to get some lunch.


                    Re: Monday

                    Good morning from the ferry as we are leaving Vancouver Island. What a beautiful morning it is. We got to sleep in a "BED" last night. That was like staying in a 5 star hotel. Up early as usual. We had the most wonderful day yesterday with my brother and his partner. They showed us around Victoria and then back to the house for a BBQ. I haven't seen one nephew for at least 30 years, the other for 14-15 at least. I haven't seen my brother for 6 years. I wished we could have stayed longer! Today we are headed to Whistler, then to Edmonton. We want to see the mall. Have a great day everyone.

                    I am sorry I have missed those who have had birthdays or anniversaries.
                    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!