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Wednesday morning

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    Wednesday morning

    Good morning everyone. It was a cloudy, dreary, drizzly day yesterday to head back to work but this morning there is sunshine. It is a bit breezy and it's a nice, cool morning.

    I was so tired yesterday after work that I didn't get into my sewing room at all so I need to go make up a bit of that time this morning before work. Many projects on my list so every littlie bit of time in there helps.

    It's Wednesday already even though it feels like yesterday was Monday.

    Don't forget to smile !
    Ginny B
    Levittown, NY

    Re: Wednesday morning

    Morning Ginny and all who follow,
    Send some of your sunshine out east, it is overcast, windy, and raining. Hope it clears up some.

    Getting ready to head upstate tomorrow for a few days of rest and relaxation. Gathering everything together hoping I don't forget anything important. Picking up my grandson's quilt from the longarmer up there and dropping two more off. The Christmas quilts are finished except for bindings when I get them back. Feels so good to be able to cross them off my "to do" list.
    I picked up a new CD for an embroidered snowman that I want to make. He's a free standing applique one, that stands about 12" tall. I think that will be my sister's Christmas gift. We'll see how it turns out.

    Off to get a cup of coffee and enjoy the quiet time while hubby 's still sleeping and read the new posts. Hugs to all who may need a few extra today.
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      Re: Wednesday morning

      Morning all,

      We're heading out to take the dog & cat to the vet today. No issues, just annual check-ups. The dog will be boarded for a few days when I go to M* so she needs to be current on her shots. Poor thing has never been boarded before. My DD usually keeps her when we're gone, but this time, she'll be out of town at the same time.

      Cool and overcast here in GA, but supposed to get back up to the mid-90's again. Looking forward to the fall weather and hope it gets here soon.

      Have a great day, everyone!


        Re: Wednesday morning

        Morning Everyone,

        It's going to cool off tomorrow and begin raining but today is supposed to be another scorcher. I had a very busy day yesterday and today should be more of the same. I have errands and heavy chores to do today but I figure I can squeeze in a little time for sewing. I want to make one more quilt for Reggie to quilt before she retires in December. Not sure yet what to make.

        Cathy, get a good rest for the few days you're away. I wish I could escape for a few days. For now I will escape my laptop and start my work.

        Blessings everyone...

        Scottie Mom Barb


          Re: Wednesday morning

          Getting hot here for a couple of days...then some storms will be in the future. Yup, it's harvest time here and those storms seem to come around the same time.

          I finished a charm pack topper and working on a panel quilt .. Talk about a change of pace..going to small pieces to large panel work is almost at opposite ends of a quilter's ability.. But it is for Christmas and The Best part will be the quilting on both.
          Can't wait to get them sandwiched, marked and begin.

          Is it me or has anyone else seen the prices of batting and cotton fabric rise dramatically..??? Talk about taking advantage of quilter's. I saw this happen with scrapbooking supplies, too.

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            Re: Wednesday morning

            Good morning friends,
            Thinking of all our friends, in need of comfort,
            So I'm sending you all a

            ((((Big Hug)))) today.


            The footprint's in the sand are not mine, but is that of the Lord's, who has been carrying me....

            ~~~~Sewn By Bee


              Re: Wednesday morning

              Thanks for the big hug Bee, nice way to start the day.

              No dilly dalling this morning, I'm going to finish my coffee and then off to sew. I left a big mess on my sewing table but will ignore it until I finished some pillowcases.


                Re: Wednesday morning

                Morning all!!

                Busy day here at work...still fighting with my excel spreadsheet. Discovered we have an expert in the office so I'm gonna pick his brains in a bit and see if I can't get this off my plate. I'm learning lots which is cool, but this bit is over my wee head.

                Liam's second day of school today and he forgot his schedule at home. I tried to help without running home to take him his schedule (which I refused to do) and then told him, well you're in high school now, figure it out. Go to the office and tell them you forgot it and ask them to print you another one. Like holy cow. What annoys me though is that he has an online system that he can log into that tells him what courses he is in but doesn't list the times and locations!! Like honestly, how lame is that!?! In this day and age they expect them to carry a piece of paper with them?? So I emailed the school board to ask them. Will be interesting to see what they say.

                Tonight I clean house. I've finally reached my max tolerance for the mess. And WHY is it that no matter how much hardwood and ceramic floor there is available that cats have to ALWAYS PUKE ON CARPET!?!? sigh.

                Sending love and hugs to all in need!! xoxoxo


                  Re: Wednesday morning

                  Good Morning all, What day is it? What day is it? Mike , Mike, Mike!! That always knocks me over!! Up and at 'em this morning! As my father always said, "Another day in which to excel!" No pun intended, Wendy! Good luck with your carpets. I have been working on a quilt top pattern that I found on Let's quilt call Driftwood. It is under the Blog column. It is an easy one but it seems to go on forever! I am about halfway through and will keep chipping away at it. For all who travel today I wish full gas tanks and clear roads. For those without, I am sending tons of blue skies and sunshine. Have a fun day!


                    Re: Wednesday morning

                    Good Morning! The sun is shining -- sort of. Kind of hazy there for a while. It's supposed to be in the 80's today. I have a pot of Anasazi beans on cooking. They're almost done & ready to put in the freezer containers. The bathroom rugs are in the washer. I still have quite a bit of housecleaning to do before DS comes next week. I want to get as much of it done this week as possible, so there's no last min. rush next week. I need to allow time to make DH's chicken soup & bake his spelt bread.

                    The tooth extraction yest. went well. (Molar on the back lower left, #18.) Nothing broke off. No drilling, no cutting, no sutures. The tooth came out intact. Thank you, Lord! I used ice 3 dif. times in the early hours. Pain has been manageable with alternating Tylenol & Ibuprofen. I'm eating soft foods & chewing on the opposite side. Today I started the warm salt water rinses with the special syringe the dentist gave me. It feels very strange to have that big gap in my mouth. I know I'll get used to it in time.

                    Loved the pic of Winnie the Poo giving hugs. We all need them.


                      Re: Wednesday morning

                      When you have a gap it is so hard to keep your tongue out of it.
                      I have been doing a little decor change from summer to fall and when I get the last box unpacked I will head to sew. I had to unsew 28 blocks since I sew the wrong edge of the triangle to the square, bummer. It got ripped yesterday and I need to see if I can get it sewn right later today.
                      We are having more hot weather but the humidity is down and there is a breeze so I am enjoying the porch and the forum for a while.
                      Have a great quilty day, folks.
                      Claire from Pelham, Alabama