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Tuesday Morning - Back to School Day

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    Tuesday Morning - Back to School Day

    Morning everyone.....Thought I would start the thread this morning since Monique is off on a wonderful cross-Canada camping trip and by all accounts having a great time.

    Well, it is back to school today and back to a regular routine for most. DH started his choir practise last night and today is the first day back to Bowling for me. Not sure my body will enjoy it as much as my social butterfly nature. I look forward to seeing everyone, but the exercise (after a couple of months of just relaxing) might be painful tomorrow morning!

    I spent most of the weekend trying to put together a new pattern called the Gotta Go Bag. It is not a difficult pattern, but for some reason, my brain doesn't differentiate between several of the pieces with similar names. Although I labelled everything, I can't remember which is piece is which and have had to rip out several times. Years ago, this would have caused the project to be tossed in a corner, but I am going to persevere and get it done today.

    Hope everyone has a great day....hugs and prayers to those in need

    "I don't need to get organized, I just need a bigger sewing room." :)

    Re: Tuesday Morning - Back to School Day

    Good morning folks
    Back to school for my lovely DD this morning. This may be the last semester for her Associates - she will have just one more required class after this packed semester, so she can either take the CLEP test for it, or she can go for a light semester in the spring. Her choice, since she can't walk for graduation until May anyway... I'm proud of the work she has done
    I ended up not doing any work on my purse yesterday - just hung out with my daughters while hubby worked on older DD's car. I'm hoping to get into the sewing room today. Gotta make that purse, then finish my blocks for the Prairie Flower swap!

    Have a great day all


      Re: Tuesday Morning - Back to School Day

      Good morning Peggie and all to follow. Yes, it does sound like Monique is having a wonderful trip.

      Back to school time. Wow, already? Our oldest grandson started first grade last Thursday. So far, he is still smiling. Even though I am not "going back to school" there is still a change in routine for me now too. We have a summer dress policy where we can wear jeans/capris and sneakers at work all week and we close at 40 on Friday. With Labor Day weekend, that ends. Back to regular work clothes and working until 50 on Fridays. That last hour on Fridays for the next few weeks will be a very long hour.

      Keeping Pat and her hubby in my thoughts and prayers today.

      Have a good Tuesday that feels like Monday everyone.
      Ginny B
      Levittown, NY


        Re: Tuesday Morning - Back to School Day

        Morning Ginny & Everyone,

        I've been up for hours but can't say I've done much. Yes, today feels like Monday.

        My thoughts and prayers are with MM and Pat as they begin their medical journey.

        Wishing everyone a blessed Tuesday....with Hugs.

        Scottie Mom Barb


          Re: Tuesday Morning - Back to School Day

          Good Morning from Colorado ~ It was clear when I went to bed. It got up to 94 yest. We woke up to clouds & 62 deg. It's supposed to be cooler today, maybe low 80's. This morning is my molar extraction. Not looking forward to that. I hope it comes out easily & heals well with no complications. I probably won't feel like doing much the rest of the day. I have ice packs in the freezer & homemade minestrone soup thawed out so I'll have something soft to eat. Maybe I'll feel well enough to do some sewing, even though the house work may have to wait a bit. DS is coming next week-end (16th), so I have quite a bit yet to finish before he comes.

          Have a good day!


            Re: Tuesday Morning - Back to School Day

            Yes it is Tuesday all day, at least the weekend will come sooner. We have an activity planned for each day so we have'll have a busy week. Tired of being prepared for a bad storm but it's so much better than being in the storm and all the havoc it brings. Have my pillowcase fabrics set and want to get them sewed and into the mail along with some other packages. I usually go to the PO in the next town, quicker service and a better parking lot than our PO has.

            Kids going back to school this week, only one in our family is grandson Ben who is beginning his sophomore high school classes. His BDay is in a few weeks and since he's a big Star Wars fan I ordered him a Star Wars bow tie. He seems to like wearing bright bow ties for his drama club activities. He's taken an interest in drama, and girls, but that's a given as his mom his high school's drama teacher and coach.

            Time to start to get my day going, so everyone have the best day you can.


              Re: Tuesday Morning - Back to School Day

              Good morning! I'm still trying to get started with my new job. Having issues getting my home PC enabled with Skype for Business. Someone is supposed to come today to try to help out...I don't know when she'll be here so it's sort of "hurry up and wait" for now. In the meantime, I've got a donation quilt loaded on the frame to work on.

              Happy TUESDAY everyone!
              *~* Myrna *~*
              *~* Quilters lead pieceful lives *~*


                Re: Tuesday Morning - Back to School Day

                Still wondering about this job Myrna! I'm sure Monique is having a blast! The weather has been amazing for her also.

                Had a boring not much to add. Glad all are safe from storms and earthquakes. I wonder how much longer this planet will tolerate us?

                First day of high school for my boy. He didn't seem to be nervous at all so hope he is doing okay. Apparently there were some forms that we were supposed to have received and did not that he needed for today so that's the first glitch. Hopefully the rest of the day goes well for him.

                Sending love and hugs to those in need....especially Pat and MM as they head down this medical highway. xox


                  Re: Tuesday Morning - Back to School Day

                  Good morning.
                  The week starting out on Tuesday, messes with me. I will be behind all
                  We had a weird, weekend. I Belive this was a first of a kind of situation, for us and we've lived here for around 25 years.....we are back off the road, of a four lane hwy.
                  To set the seen, Mivheal mowed around the house , then moving on down to his mom's place near yje hwy. We mowe around the drive ways and up to the mail boxes, if traffic comes, he let's them pass by and continues on,
                  This guy wips in the drive, saying , you hit and busted my window, proceeds to call the police, so Michael comes home to tell me what's happening, so I know when policeman show up......I'm like really.....we live in an area outside the city, so a county, or a state, is who will come. .....
                  These people sat out there for at least 2 hrs........while Michael finished mowing...... the trooper, wrote the man in the car, a accident report, and told him to be on his way.......
                  I find it nearly impossible, that this happened, for the yard is lower than the road, it wasn't a doot, or a passenger window, somehow, he claims it hit the top center of the windshield ???
                  I don't think it happened here, and he was determined, that we were, replacing his windshield, the officer, said file it on your insurance man. Shewwww.

                  I tell you , I don't know about people these days.

                  Hope you all have a nice week And may the rest of ours be uneventful.

                  . FB_IMG_1473178088028.jpg

                  The footprint's in the sand are not mine, but is that of the Lord's, who has been carrying me....

                  ~~~~Sewn By Bee


                    Re: Tuesday Morning - Back to School Day

                    Good Afternoon! It has been a unique weekend around here. On Saturday, we worked on cleaning the storage area of the basement. As we did that, I decided to see about what I wanted to get for Sunday lunch from the freezer. And that was when I discovered the all the food was thawed and spoiled. We lost at least half the corn that we had frozen (other corn was in the fridge freezers) as well as the chickens we butchered in July and other meat. The breaker was tripped and dh reset it. The freezer still had not refroze the food when we were throwing it out on Monday (it smells better frozen then when it is raw spoilage to toss it out the door). So we will be getting a new deep freeze sometime.

                    Yesterday we got 5 bushels of apples. We worked up one bushel already to make into applebutter. I want to do at least another bushel into applebutter and give it as gifts this year. I am going to have one bushel for us to eat on. Then the last two will be worked into apple pie filling and other apple treats.

                    Today I am going to work on laundry, apples and sewing between everything else going on.

                    Have a great week everyone


                      Re: Tuesday Morning - Back to School Day

                      No kiddos but we live close to the school......and see all the youngsters headed that way with their back packs full!! Definitely a sign of Fall a-coming.

                      Cleaning lady is here and stinking up the place with all those cleaning supplies. I'm hiding in my room..

                      I decided to start work on a quilt for my son.. I saw a "barn" (panel quilt) at the quilt show and am trying to replicate it for him. I was going to do a Mariner's Compass, but it seems way above my skill/mind set. so I am researching it as I put together my Barns. There has to be an easier way than all those little pieces... I do want to have a quilt for him for Christmas...or birthday (Sept 23).

                      It's just a matter of getting everything put together with this panel quilt.. I was able to buy all the co-ordinating fabric this past week end (a week after the quilt show) at a shop across the river (Sew Creative). Still haven't decided on the backing fabric..
                      "its a work in progress.. WIP"

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                        Re: Tuesday Morning - Back to School Day

                        Good afternoon! My NY grandkids started school today. I seems strange as the Midwestern schools started 3 weeks ago! They ought to all be in school by now!

                        My sewing has mostly been with costuming my Halloween Traditions gig. I know Halloween is a long way off, but this Saturday the characters are going to get their publicity pictures taken so they each need at least a waist up portion of their costumes! We've been scrambling to get things to that point. In the meantime, I'm trying to put together some JRR quilts for the MSQC charity event during the Birthday Bash. I won't be in Hamilton when they do the event, but I am contributing to the cause after the fact.

                        Hope you all have a great day!