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    Labor Night Owl

    Hoot! Happy Labor Day night! Hope you had a nice day off!

    I made a tiring dish tonight. It was from the Cook's Country show I'd seen the night before. It had lentils, rice, and fried onions, and a yogurt sauce. It had a lot of middle eastern flavors, and it tastes good but it's just too much work to make...and I got just about two dishwasher loads of dishes done, although I did do a lot of dishes in the sink, too.

    I'm still just plugging away on the gold Santa cross stitch. What's up with you? @,@
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    Re: Labor Night Owl

    MM just hit the hay, but I am still wide awake. I normally am up till about 0200, so this is still early for me. His goodnight to me was 'I'm going to of us has to get chemo tomorrow!'.

    No rainbows!


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      Re: Labor Night Owl

      Silly me - check the mailbox a couple of times today waiting for some material I ordered to go with the Star Wars material Irene (mamo) sent. After the 3rd time Steve reminded me it was a holiday and no delivery. Duh... Now my timing is all off kilter. I wanted them in the mail Wednesday ... that's not going to happen.

      Did some computer work. I have 2 laptops and somehow I lost internet explorer on one. Updated some files and backed up my info onto a thumb drive so I can do a reset to factory settings and try to get it back. Guess I'll continue working on that til the material. Other than that nothing special going on here.

      Read the thread about MM and his chemo ... hope all goes well tomorrow!
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        Re: Labor Night Owl

        I stopped overthinking and got the baby quilt I've been staring at for a few weeks quilted and bound. I just did a nice functional stitch in the ditch. It's a disappearing 9 patch so it's just soft and cozy. Tomorrow I will get the label done and get it washed so I can put it in the mail.

        I'm also going to go to the quilt shop tomorrow to buy some maple leaf fabric for a quilt for our son to take to Toronto with him next month. I figured out which pattern I will use last night.



          Re: Labor Night Owl

          Good morning, owls!

          I hope everybody is fine. I'm a little sad owl today. My younger son flew off to France on Sunday. He's there for an internship (close to the Spanish border) and won't come home till Nov, 12. I'm happy for him though, he's going to have an awesome time with lots of new experiences. I'm glad that we can Skype. We quickly talked to him Sunday evening. He said, he had headaches from switching between three languages all the time. He was a bit worried about flying for the first time since he was a little kid and doing it all by himself but all went well. I couldn't sleep well the night before, I was having nightmares about exploding planes and such...
          Saturday we had the whole family over for a farewell barbecue. That was nice, I think it was the first time this year that I had all of my sisters in one place although one of them came early and left already before everybody else arrived.

          Yesterday, my new (to me) computer broke. This is the second computer in four weeks. Such a bummer! Maybe I shouldn't be touching electrical devices after all. At least, the hard drive should be okay this time. Apparently everything can be copied to a new hard drive. I lost parts of my data in the last crash. I should find out how to do a backup online to a cloud drive or so...

          Have a good night and a nice day! I'll be thinking of MM and send good thoughts that all goes well!


            Re: Labor Night Owl

            I spent the day cleaning out junk from the closet in my sewing room. I found a blue jean quilt I want to finish. My son and his wife stopped by Sunday for a short visit and brought their new puppy . They were on the way back home to Florida after the storm, they now have power. We do not have any pets and I didn't know that in some states its the law that a dog has to be restrained when riding in a car! I wonder if that holds true for cats?
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