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yesterdays update....

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    Re: yesterdays update....

    Sounds like it wasn't a bad day considering. Hope MM continues to feel well.

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    started a topic yesterdays update....

    yesterdays update....

    We had the appointment for the port insertion yesterday. Time was set at 1310, so to play it safe, I told him we were leaving at 1100. For anyone who lives in this area, even though it should only take us thirty minutes, it could quickly turn into a two hour nightmare!

    Luck was on our side and we were there by 1145! The hospital did not call to give him any instruction, but I told him he was probably not supposed to eat and drink, even though they were not putting him out. As soon as we got there, he bought a bottle of apple juice and another of orange juice. Glugged them both down in no time flat.

    We make it up to the proper ward after going to two wrong ones first. Once they took us back, first words from the nurses mouth was you have not eaten or drank anything this morning, right? Well, I had a couple slices of pound cake this morning and I just drank two bottles of juice about thirty minutes ago. Off she trots to see if they can still do the procedure. Thankfully, she came back and told us they could, but they would only be administering a local and he would be awake throughout the surgery.

    We next met with the surgeon, who I found to be extremely handsome. After speaking with him and having things explained to us, I was sent up to his room to wait. I hopped up on his bed to read, and next thing I know I was being woke up by MM about two hours later! Thirty minutes later we were on the road.

    They had an ice pack on the site and gave us two more for the road. Onto ugly rush hour traffic! As soon as we got in the car, we went and ate since one of us had not eaten that morning! He then wanted to stop by Fry's (a large electronics store) on the way home. Normally from where we were, it should have taken us about 15 or 20 minutes to get there. An hour later, after a stop at the shop that sells industrial sewing machines and bobbins for Walter, we made it there. He got what he 'needed' and we were on our way.

    I have two choices for major freeways I could take to get us home. As I started the car, the radio said there was a 20 minute backup just before Tacoma, where we live, on I5, so I had him get out the lady in the phone to direct us on surface streets to get us to the other one without getting onto I405 which is ugly any time of the day.

    We got on the freeway and into the carpool lanes, which miraculously have been extended several miles and made it home in about 40 minutes. That was only ten minutes longer than non rush hour time, so I thought we did good! I went to get his medications filled and he came inside to eat a sandwich so he'd be able to take them. Let's just say the drugs made him happy!

    He was able to sleep all night and took another pill this morning for the pain. Would not take the suggestion of an ice pack. He is now napping before he goes back to work tonight.

    I urged him to call the infusion clinic and he finally found out that chemo will start on his birthday, September 6. What a way to spend it! Here's hoping that he doesn't get sick!