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Let's Hear it for The Weekend!

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    Let's Hear it for The Weekend!

    I'm planning to sew and get things in order around the house, especially the fridge. Since it's cooler out we might BBQ some steaks and eat out our our deck tonight. It's been too hot to sit out there for most of the summer so I'm hoping we can do it tonight.

    Labor Day weekend coming up so after that we'll get our highways back, that's when we Jersey folk get to enjoy the Shore. Think a fish dinner on the deck of a restaurant facing the ocean would be nice, so far this summer we've sat along the Bay in the next town eating fish dinners we picked up at the fishery. That's been nice as people are on the beach enjoying the cool evening or playing volleyball or just biking or walking along the walkway. There are some great smooth concrete tables and benches we can sit at, a little playground and we can hear the music from the outdoor Beach Bar down on the other end of the beach.

    What's going on for you this weekend?

    Re: Let's Hear it for The Weekend!

    Hi May and rest of the gang,

    Hopefully our weekend will be quiet. I will finish pillowcases for Julie and hope to get back to my niece's quilt. I've had the itchy, drippy sinuses since Tuesday.....with the sneezing & aches too. The itchy part has I'm in the coughing stage.

    So it should be a good day to stay in and sew.

    For your amusement....the third scene in the tv ad is a perfect example of how I sneeze.
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      Re: Let's Hear it for The Weekend!

      Good morning May. Happy weekend. Mine is looking a bit different than what it looked like yesterday morning. I went to work with a bounce in my step and a smile on my face. Hardly anyone was going to be in the office so I had a list of things I wanted to complete. I started with a few smaller, quick tasks that needed to be done and having finished them by 10:30, I was about to start on a larger one. That's when the phone rang and the day changed. They were taking my dh to the hospital. He had gone to Urgent Care on Monday for back pain that started over last weekend. He stayed home from work Monday and Tuesday. Said he was feeling better by Wednesday and went back to work. He doesn't have a very physical job but it does involve a lot of standing at times and also bending and refilling the paper in the machine (he prints checks for Geico). Well I guess he wasn't all healed because he turned to do something and got a stabbing pain I his lower left back that was so bad it made him nauseous and they said he got very pale. So off to the hospital I went and spent the rest of the morning and part of the afternoon there. First, after examining him, the gave him something to help the pain (three pills actually). After that, they ran some tests and sent him for an x-ray. The urinalyses showed some trace blood and the x-ray was "non-remarkable". That ruled out a slipped or herniated disc but they wanted to be sure it actually wasn't kidney stones. He has had them before. So a Cat scan was the next order of business. They took him for that about 45 minutes later and by then, he was feeling pretty good since the meds kicked in. Eventually the results came back showing that he did have a couple of kidney stones and some gallstones (which we knew already), but the kidney stones weren't moving and they weren't the source of the pain. They said it was indeed a muscle issue along with some arthritis. He was released and after I got him something to eat, he basically slept the rest of the day and all through the night.

      I was going to head into Brooklyn today and help my son with some of his packing but I decided to stay put at home since the meds they prescribed for the next couple days make him sleepy. There is a good side to this too. I was awake by 6:15 this morning and hubster was sleeping soundly so I got to work on quilting my lattice quilt! Got some cleaning and laundry done after he got up and we had breakfast. I hope to spend some more time with my sewing machine later on too.

      So, overall, it looks like it will be a good weekend after all. No kidney stones and meds for the pain and sewing time for me.
      Ginny B
      Levittown, NY


        Re: Let's Hear it for The Weekend!

        Ginny sorry he had to go through that. Will they laser the kidney stones? The gall stones are another matter. I had my gallbladder removed over 15 years ago and the attacks were brutal.

        I don't really look forward to weekends much these days. I have zero motivation thanks to the anti-depressants I am on and my house is a disaster which I hate. It's a terrible cycle. Going to my doc tomorrow to see about getting them reduced. Hoping that will lead to an eventual weaning off but who knows.

        Hope everyone is having a great weekend! xox


          Re: Let's Hear it for The Weekend!

          Ginny, sorry to hear about your DH's painful episode but glad to hear he was able to come home. We never know what a day will bring do we?

          We worked at the apartments yesterday and I really overdid it scrubbing floors and walls. The arthritis in my right hand is quite bad today. We are making good progress there. I visited with one of our tenants who has a little boy about 2 years old and he is so sure I'm his Grandma. He kept pointing to me and saying "That's my Grandma"!

          Today has been pretty quiet. I did several loads of laundry and we plan to grill steaks for dinner. I will just make salad and bake some potatoes to go along with the meat.

          Wishing everyone a good afternoon.

          Scottie Mom Barb


            Re: Let's Hear it for The Weekend!

            Ginny, I hope your dh feels better.

            We are having a quiet day at home. DH is on a bike ride, the laundry is in, and I'm *still* working on the floating hexagon quilt. I discovered something about Jenny - from watching the video repeatedly - she is ambidextrous! She can cut with a rotary cutter in either hand! Sadly, I cannot. And I am much slower at cutting with a template. But I am going to finish this quilt no matter what.



              Re: Let's Hear it for The Weekend!

              Ginny, What a surprise weekend you're having. Glad your DH is doing better and hope you got some relaxing sewing time.

              We had lunch this afternoon with DS#2 and DIL. Seems we have become very popular, my sisters called late Saturday night to see if we would be home today and so did DS#1. Sisters will come another day and son wasn't able to join us for lunch so he'll be by after work one evening. DGD Catherine will be over for lunch tomorrow, she'll be back teaching her Special Students soon. Nice to have so much company.