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Wednesday hellos!

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    Wednesday hellos!

    Good morning everyone from sunny Ladysmith. It is going to be another lovely day. You can tell Fall is in the air, as the nights are rather cool.

    Maizyn, Elaina (neighbour child) and I had a beach day yesterday. It was a very windy day but the girls had fun nonetheless. I got my nose sunburned (think Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer), that's me.

    I don't know why but my chest is sore today. I did nothing out of ordinary yesterday to make it sore. Oh well. I am tired this morning as well as I was lazy to get up this morning. I need to get to town today to pay my house insurance, get some flea medicine for animals (not mine, Jodi's) and pick up my fair pass. In order to enter things in competition you need a membership pass. I won't be around to collect my winnings, if I have any, but my friend Bonnie will be picking up my stuff along with hers.

    You see, Sept 2nd, we are leaving for vacation. We are driving across Canada out to the west coast. Taking our time, seeing what we want to see, and living like hippies (sleeping in the van). So someone will have to take my place starting us off here in the morning.

    Well Maizyn is asking for pancakes AGAIN this morning. Every morning we make pancakes. I think because she doesn't get them at home she is taking advantage of it here.

    So I wish everyone a good day.
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    Re: Wednesday hellos!

    Pancakes were always made for breakfast when the grandkids visited, that was Grandpa's specialty. He loves pancakes and he would make a big batch of them. After your DGD goes home you'll be busy getting ready for your big trip. Sounds like a wonderful adventure. We loved our trips to the West coast when we drove from Seattle to Vancouver and Victoria Island.

    We are also having cool mornings and evenings too - so pleasant after the Dog Days of August - been thinking i need to get my pumpkin wall hanging out to display in the kitchen. Going to attend our first Seniors meeting this afternoon, DH isn't thrilled especially after the meeting session they play Bingo. With 3 sons DH was always involved with the sports programs and he's sure to find some men at the meeting that he knew years ago. It's like going to your first quilt guild meeting, are the people friendly and do you feel welcome.
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      Re: Wednesday hellos!

      Originally posted by Monique View Post
      Sept 2nd, we are leaving for vacation. We are driving across Canada out to the west coast. Taking our time, seeing what we want to see, and living like hippies (sleeping in the van). So someone will have to take my place starting us off here in the morning.
      A driving trip across Canada has always intimidated me. During his university years, DH transversed those mountains on the west coast many times. A couple years ago, he drove with our sons across country twice when they moved to Vancouver Island at different times and decided that the drive was a bit easier going down through the States before going through the mountains. We will be moving out that way in a year or two and would be interested in your experience. Have fun and take lots of pictures!


        Re: Wednesday hellos!

        Monique,,, you just stirred up the Gypsy blood in me!! Your trip sounds lovely!!

        May, let us know how that Senior Meeting went..

        Slowly recovering from some laser treatment to eyes.. had cataract surgery and there was a lot of scar tissue from past laser treatments (89) so much that the opening to let light into the eye was affected. Well, zap-zap and I'm in the light again.. still no cure for the lost peripherals.. I'll take what I can get, tho!! 5 days of drops and a follow up visit. I hope that is the last round with this doctors for awhile..

        I don't mind supporting doctors, but some how, they all take a bite of me at the same time.. endoscopy coming up. I guess I am lucky to have my right mind and ability to pay these lovely MEN...

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          Re: Wednesday hellos!

          Morning all! Yep, still morning!

          Monique I am so jealous of your planned trip. I really do enjoy road trips. I will be glad when Liam is old enough to share in the driving! Our trip to the east coast was fantastic...maybe one day we will follow you and do the West! I have friends in Saskatchewan and Vancouver so would be a fun trip!

          Nothing much new here. Liam is in Computer Programming camp this week and seems to be enjoying it which makes me happy. I was ill yesterday but fine today. Have a lot of house work to get on this weekend...big Fall clean-up. I love this time of year when the A/C can get turned off and windows opened wide.

          Almost lunch time so will grab that and do some more work. It's a bit slow around here these days so trying to find things to keep me busy is full time work. lol.

          Sending love and hugs to those in need! xoxo


            Re: Wednesday hellos!

            Peeking in...hope all are well!
            SW Missouri


              Re: Wednesday hellos!

              Good Morning! I'm letting my breakfast settle a bit before I start the vacuuming, changing the bed, etc. It's too dreary to hang the pillows outside (cloudy & rainy) so I fluffed them in the dryer on just air (no heat). It's supposed to be only in the 70's today & tomorrow. We definitely need the rain.

              Yest. I ran errands. Stopped at my favorite LQS to look for backing for the Herringbone quilt. I decided on a batik, which shouldn't really show the seam lines. I had her cut 3 - 3 yd. cuts so it will be easier to manage the yardage. It's going to take 3 horizontal sections for this queen size quilt. I ended up buying everything on the bolt, which was another 1-1/3 yd. which I'll use for binding. Any extra left over will be used for another quilt. I have some of the Chloe fabric pieces left. I'm already visualizing another project!

              Less than 2 wks. now till my GS gets married in MD. Wish I could be there. I've missed out on several key events due to caregiving of DH, but it is what it is. I try to be content even though I miss out on special things. I know he would never consent to having a caregiver (someone he doesn't know) come in & take care of him. It would just be too much hassle.

              Driving across Canada ~ The only driving we used to do in Canada was when I was growing up in MI. We used to cut across from Detroit to drive to NY to visit relatives. I visited Vancouver some years back when I attended a nursing convention in Seattle. We took a boat (catamaran that seated ~300 people) over to Vancouver for a day trip. We took a bus tour of the city, visited Bouchard Gardens, had afternoon tea. I still wear a necklace made from BC jade that I found in a gift shop near the boat dock. It was a delightful day, but long. We left before daybreak & didn't get back until after dark. On other Canada visits, I've been to Niagara Falls at least 3 times.

              Happy Hump Day!


                Re: Wednesday hellos!

                What day is it! What day is it??

                Today for me it will be prayers and pillowcases!! Julie... If you are real quiet and face north, you will hear the purr of our sewing machine cranking out pillowcases for you and your kids!!

                Keep the faith!!


                  Re: Wednesday hellos!

                  Good Afternoon!!!

                  Monique have fun on your trip.

                  Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone