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Tuesday, a sunny day coming

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    Tuesday, a sunny day coming

    Good morning everyone. I think today is going to be a lovely day. Yesterday was a lovely day, a lot cooler than it has been, but I think today the humidity returns. It could be a beach day.

    Maizyn and I had quite the day yesterday. We did laundry and got it hung outside. We had a tea party and then we had time at the park. All in all, it was quite the day.

    I have to bum a ride to town and pick up my van as hubby needed a drive home early this morning. He did not stay with his Mom as he was supposed to. I am not a happy camper with him this morning. Okay enough about that.

    So that is what my day is shaping up to be.

    Have a great day friends.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: Tuesday, a sunny day coming

    I'm up early this morning. Ellie the cat was through sleeping and decided I was 6 AM. I used to get up at 6 every morning. It is a beautiful morning, almost like fall. Temp is 61, clear, and a gorgeous sunrise over the Smokies. I may try getting up early more often! This is the last of our nice weather for a while. Heat and Humidity return!

    I have a busy day today. Need to get some shopping done. I found the perfect piece of fabric for throw pillows for the sofa, so have to trot up to Knoxville to get it. I also have to take books back to the library, pick up some things at Wallyworld and the pet store. My list keeps getting longer.

    Have a great day, thoughts and prayers for those in need.


      Re: Tuesday, a sunny day coming

      Good Morning all,
      Up early too this am 6am. Yes, does feel good to get up early, only no cooler weather for me. January before it cools off here. Had GS#2 overnight. His twin had an early doc appointment in another town, so I kept #2 with me, so he could go to school.
      Pulled out a whole bunch of fabric over the weekend. Trying so hard to make law and order of this "stuff".Don't know if that will ever happen, but I keep at it. Well, going to find were I left my coffee cup, and get back at the stash. Hugs and prayers to all who need them. Kathy
      All quilts cat tested and approved.


        Re: Tuesday, a sunny day coming

        Good morning all,

        I've been snowed under a pile of paperwork for the last 2 weeks and haven't been posting. My DS is interested in playing BB for college and we needed to turn in a ridiculous amount of paperwork to the NCAA. Since we homeschool, we needed to submit course descriptions and course goal sheets for every class that he has taken for high school. When I finished, I had 34 pages. I haven't had to write that much since I was in college myself! Everything is now submitted - just waiting for the verdict.

        While writing all that, most of the other things I needed to do were let go and now I need to play catch-up. I will try to spend some time today seeing what's been going on around here. I don't see any post from Bubby - I wonder how her court case went.

        Monique - enjoy your time with Maizyn.
        Kathy - have fun with that fabric. I need to get to mine, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.

        Have a great day, everyone! Hugs and prayers for all that need them.


          Re: Tuesday, a sunny day coming

          Good morning! It's a beautiful morning here...sunny and cooler with a feel of fall in the air. My summer cold has flared again after cutting the grass yesterday afternoon. I'm going to sew later and the lint won't help my sinuses, but I don't care. Not much else going on here. Prayers and good thoughts for those who need them!
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            Re: Tuesday, a sunny day coming

            Morning Everyone

            I've been sewing pillowcases this morning and got two done. One or two more and they will be ready to mail.

            Today I'm taking a good friend out to lunch for her birthday. I usually make her something quilted but not this year.

            Enjoy your hours with your Maizyn, Monique. She is at such a fun age but also a very busy age!

            Wishing everyone a great day.

            Scottie Mom Barb


              Re: Tuesday, a sunny day coming

              Seems many of us are enjoying a cool summer morning, it really feels good and gets the day off to a good start. DH & I have a list of errands to attend to with a brief stop at my cousin Alice's a few towns away. Really need to do a big food shopping but that will have to wait until tomorrow. Here's 6 month old great grandson #5, he's so cool with his shades!
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                Re: Tuesday, a sunny day coming

                Morning all....well afternoon now! Just got into work after having a terrible night with IBS. Fell off the wagon in my eating and boy did I pay for it. Still not feeling well at all but there is work to do so must get it done. Will rest more when I get home.

                Nothing new is amazing, but a sure sign that fall is coming sooner rather than later. Liam starts high school in 2 weeks! It's coming very fast.