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Saturday Night Owls

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    Saturday Night Owls

    I had a busy day today and looking through the forum it seems like a lot of others did also.Today was my DS 30th Birthday he wanted to go deep sea fishing ,so that's what we did.We were all up at 4:45 am to go get to the boat in Plymouth ,Ma.That's really early for me,but we all made it and went fishing until 1pm.My DD and my Ds's gf caught fidh the only fish my son caught were to small and had to be thrown back.Once we were done fidhing we stopped for lunch in Plymouth and then headed home ,after being home for a while it was supper time and the kids wanted to go get pizza so we did that and finally around 100 we were home again and had cake,it was a long day.I feel old having a 30 year old.I hope everyone had a good day today.

    Re: Saturday Night Owls sounds like you had a great day with your son. My DD will be 51 about feeling old! She lives in California so we won't be together.

    Jeff and I worked at the apartments all day and have to do the same tomorrow. It's been weeks since Jeff had a day off.

    I've been going through some of my fabric looking for something for pillowcases for the kids in Louisiana. I think I found enough to make 3-4 cute ones.

    I'm heading off to bed again and see if I can sleep this time. I had a headache before and wandered around the house after getting up to take some Tylenol and then decided to check out the forum.

    Have a good night!

    Scottie Mom Barb


      Re: Saturday Night Owls

      Out in the fresh air for hours followed by pizza and cake sounds like a great day to me! personally, I think I would have had to sneak in a nap somewhere.

      Hope your headache goes away, Bubby.

      Jenny's Trunk Show was today. I expected her to show up with several assistants ... but no, it was just her and Ron. She call him her "Ron-terage." Excellent presentation and they got a 675 person standing ovation. There was a meet & greet with a photo op after the event. Naturally I got a pic with her and an autograph on the program. It was a fun day. Also received an M* order today. New fabric and inspiration means I'll have sweet dreams tonight.

      Good Sunday to y'all....


        Re: Saturday Night Owls

        A fun day for you both!
        Not so much fun here. I have had a neck thing for nearly a week. I thought I just pulled something, but its not getting better and it is behaving oddly. I took some ibuprofen and it made the muscles tense up worse, so no more of that. Monday it's a trip to the Dr I guess, as I can't do much with it like this. Driving is a PITA for sure.

        Today was pretty low key. Eric made supper and dessert! Pretty good stuff too. He smoked a tri-tip roast, and well have plenty for another meal and sandwiches. He also grilled some fresh summer squash and onions. For dessert he made honey lemon squares. Basically, lemon bars made with honey instead of sugar. Pretty tasty, but rather labor intensive.
        Most of the recipes I have from Cooks County/Country are that way. The TV show has some great info, but wow, expect to put in a ton of kitchen time and plenty of dishes. The food is almost always tasty though.

        I had better try to get some sleep. We have a big day of working at Mom's house tomorrow. Dad may get to come home this week. happiness and joy (said with a full measure of sarcasm). He is not the same guy that he was before this happened. I'm kind of worried about Mom. Hopefully she'll stand up to his sniping, or just leave the house and call one of us kids if it gets bad. Ugh.
        Good night sweet friends! Catch you on the flip side!
        Be who you are and say what you feel
        because those who mind don't matter,
        and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss


          Re: Saturday Night Owls

          I'm up after falling asleep around seven thirty last night after a prayer group meeting. It is a new one at our church, for people who are, there are some very sad, difficult situations with loved say a prayer for caregivers

          I'm near to completing the fourth cross stitch Santa. I was surprised to find that someone else had done this same pattern as its an old pattern book...

          I hope I did that right! It is those six St. Nicholases, but I am not making them into individual ornaments.

          It's cooler here so I'll be able to get back to quilting work! I love fall weather!

          Hope all are well!


            Re: Saturday Night Owls

            Hooting a Hello out to my fellow Night Owls, been enjoying the sweet soft moist breeze that has been blowing through the leaves of my favorite Night Owl tree. This summer has been a hot and humid one and like Kimsophia I'm looking forward to some cool crisp fall days.

            Nothing much going on this weekend we had thought DS#3 and kids would have been down from MA for a summer visit. DGS Ben's 16th BDay is in a few weeks and since we aren't able to drive up to MA like we used to so we could celebrate here. Went food shopping yesterday and it seemed half the store was filled with back to school supplies. Do you remember when you were a kid and your back to school supplies were some pencils and a composition book,?Later on we added a loose leaf binder and a pack of loose leaf paper.

            Time to get into my tree hole and hopefully sleep the rest of the night away.