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Friday at last

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    Friday at last

    At last or already? I guess it all depends what you all have been doing all week. Me? Not much really.

    So it's Friday which means we are going to Trenton today and bringing Maizyn back with us. I know she is pretty excited and has been packed for a long time. I am pretty excited myself.

    So Les got a call from his sister yesterday. The doctor was in to see his Mom. She did not know the doctor, who has been her family doctor for many many years, she didn't know which month is was etc. He has started the paperwork and the social worker goes next week. I believe the doctor is trying to put a rush on things. This should have been started months ago but maybe it's a good thing that Les blew up last week. He is going back on Monday and will see how things are.

    So that is what is shaping my day. A beautiful sunshiny day.

    Have a great day friends.
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    Re: Friday at last

    Hi Everyone,

    After a good sleep I feel more like myself today. It's been a good week to have behind us, though we still have another round of court next month.

    I ordered the 5x15 ruler Jenny seems to use in all her tutorials lately along with the DD for today. So many of my rulers have lost their numbers and clean edges.

    Monique, I know how thrilled you are to have your Maizyn with you for a few days. Sorry to hear about Les' Mom but it does sound like she needs skilled nursing around the clock. I hope the details of this can be worked out sooner than later.

    I woke up this morning thinking about 16yo Jack and his prayers for them won't stop.

    Wishing everyone a blessed day....Hugs....

    Scottie Mom Barb


      Re: Friday at last

      Bright sunshiny day and hope it stays that way. Monique is heading for a happy week with her sweet Maizyn, so said about her MIL, hope she gets a placement soon.

      Joining Barb with prayers for Jack and his family and thanking God that my grandkids and great grandboys have been spared serious illness.

      Time to move along and get my day started, a few phones first. Need to call town's Senior Center to check their meeting days and dates. There are 2 groups that meet twice a month in our town's recreation center, one is the Wednesday group whose scheduled list Saturday meeting dates and the Friday group's schedule list s Monday dates - kind of confusing to say the least.
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        Re: Friday at last

        Good morning, friends. Jack and his family were in my prayers last night too.

        I think I will try to meet up with some of the guild and work on my hand embroidery part of my quilt project. They meet every Friday to work on knitting & crocheting........I don't think they will throw me out for embroidery.

        I conquered Mt Clothesmore yesterday.......Yay me! Today is sew day.
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          Re: Friday at last

          Good morning! Prayers for Jack, his family, and others who are going through trials. Good luck in court Barb. Monique, I hope all works out well with your MIL. I'm a bit under the weather with what I guess is a summer cold. DH had it and was nice enough to share it with me. Thank goodness my case of it is milder than his.

          DH's sister has been moved from the Hospice unit of the hospital to a nursing home. The move doesn't really surprise us because, when we visited her, she didn't seem to need inpatient hospital care yet. Hospice can provide services to her in the nursing home. I think her son was so anxious to not have her at home anymore that he jumped the gun. She's better off in a nursing home than at home under his "care" anyway.

          I've been working on Jenny's Studio Star quilt using a Bread'n Butter jelly roll. The plan is for this quilt to be for me. I really like the 30's reproduction fabrics. Have a great day!
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            Re: Friday at last

            Morning all. So relieved it's Friday and yet sad at the same time. Everyone has things going on, and I hate that Liam is always gone on Friday nights. I know most people would be pleased about that but not me. I sit here every morning and think of all the things I'm going to accomplish at night when I get home and it just never happens. Work kicks in, and by the time I get home I'm zonked. I'm seeing my doctor about reducing my AD dosage in the hopes that it will stop this malaise that I feel all the time. I'm not sad anymore but I'm not happy either...just flat lined and dulled. Not a nice feeling. So hopefully I can muster SOME motivation to get something accomplished this weekend other than sleeping!

            Monique, go happy you get to have M for a visit. Don't tire yourself out too much! Barb, hoping you have a restful/enjoyable weekend after the week you just had. Every time I hug Liam I think of wee Jack and hope for his quick recovery. I can't imagine what his family must be going through.

            Sending love and hugs to all in need today and wishing everyone an amazing weekend! xoxo


              Re: Friday at last

              Morning all. I haven't been around due to wedding quilts and a baby quilt. Monique enjoy M so sorry about your MIL hope they can push paperwork through. I think of all of you,but have also been writing articles helps with the money. Prayers for Jack and all who need them. Hope that we all try to see and say what is best for everyone. My money used to say 1 is it nice 2. Is it true 2. Think before you say it 3. If it's not kind and it putting someone or something down, then keep your **** mouth shut. On that note friends have a great day and thanks for all you do to lift me up


                Re: Friday at last

                Partly cloudy here with occasional sun breaks. It rained during the night. More rain predicted for today. Only in the 70's today. Nice to have it cooler. I had my annual physical at 8:30, so had to get out early. All ok there. My labs were good. A1C was 5.5, so I'm happy about that. After all the yard work yest. (weeding & replanting perennials), I'm taking it easy today. I finished the last FMQ on the quilt yest. p.m., so it's ready for binding. Hope to get that done today. I'm ready to hit the recliner & have a cup of coffee.