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It can't be Wednesday already!

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    It can't be Wednesday already!

    Good morning. Well, did it rain, and did it rain hard all afternoon. And after the rain came the wind. We so needed this rain. The sun is starting to rise. It will be a beautiful day today.

    Well hubby came home from Momma's yesterday quite upset. Seems she soiled herself sitting in her chair (in her depends) while looking at hubby and telling him. The worst is trying to clean her up. She doesn't cooperate and acts like a 2 year old, making more of a mess. So he called his sister over and then proceeded to tell her he was done and not going back. He just can't do it anymore. As he says, his mother is gone, he doesn't know who she is, but she is gone. It is so sad. And so he did not go back last night and I know it broke his heart. His sister maybe got the hint this time and called the doctor and the social worker and they are meeting tomorrow. This should have been done months ago to at least get her on a waiting list for a home. I lost my dad to a heart attack and I lost my mom to cancer. I am thankful only that we won't have to deal with this horrible disease with them.

    I made 90 scrappy blocks altogether and started to sew them in rows. I am not sure I like it but I will finish it, as it keeps me from scratching. The itching is much better but still itchy in spots.

    Have a great day friends.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: It can't be Wednesday already!

    Good morning. Yes, Wednesday is here already. We had some more lightening and rumbles last night but still no rain in my neck of the woods. Somebody got the rain but not my flowers and veggies.

    Monique, so sorry your dh is dealing with this with him mom. So sad.

    Hope you have a good non-itchy day working with your scrappy blocks.

    Have a good day everyone. Keeping those dealing with the heavy rains and floods in my thoughts today.
    Ginny B
    Levittown, NY


      Re: It can't be Wednesday already!

      Morning Everyone,

      Monique, I feel for Les. This is such a difficult thing to deal with. My prayers are with your MIL and the family.

      Today is our day in court for the damages in our apartment that has been trashed. It may be a long day and far from home. Jeff took the day off work so he can go with me and in case I'm put in jail for contempt of court. The judge (the only circuit judge in the county) is very unfair to landlords and rules in favor of the tenants most of the time. The Girls are going to be boarded for the day and we will pick them up after court if we have time to get there before they close for the day. Please pray for us. We just want a fair ruling.

      Wishing everyone a good Wednesday. Hugs.....

      Scottie Mom Barb


        Re: It can't be Wednesday already!

        Morning all,
        Jumping in to say hello and then off to breakfast with some friends.

        Monique, my thoughts are with you and your husband regarding your MIL, never easy being a caretaker and even more heartbreaking when their memory fails them.
        Barb, sending positive thoughts for a fair hearing. No matter how hard the judge, those damages were far beyond what most tenants do. I hope he sees that and gives you a just reward.

        Should have one of my Christmas quilts back in about a week from being quilted, very excited to see them coming together.
        Hugs to all who can use a few extra today.
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          Re: It can't be Wednesday already!

          Morning all...
          Monique, sending hugs and prayers your way for you and Les - it's so hard to NOT take it personally when your parent says/does things because of dementia. I hope you find a good place for her care... soon

          Barb, if I don't see your smiling face here tomorrow, should I call the county jail??

          Ok, nothing special here today... workout, clean, sew?, etc.... Have a fab day all!!


            Re: It can't be Wednesday already!

            Morning everyone

            Monique and Barb, my prayers are with you for your individual needs
            Songbird have a great day doing everything you're up to
            Cathy I'm so impressed that you are getting your Christmas quilting done so early. I know it gets really busy closer to Dec., but I haven't started thinking about it yet.

            Well, yes it rained and rained yesterday while I was on my road trip for the Row x Row experience with 2 very good friends. Spent a little too much money on fabric that I just couldn't live without as well as a couple of cute patterns that can be made up quickly for gifts. We did manage to get to 7 quilt shops in 1 day....and had a delicious lunch in a quaint little pub in the middle of nowhere as well. Fun time with good friends.

            Today I thought we were going to get a last minute dr's appointment, but that has now been scheduled for next Tues. so I have the day pretty much to myself since DH will be out mowing the lawns most of the day. I will go and organize the patterns and fabrics from yesterday and then finish my Prairie Flower blocks...only 3 left to do. I might get them in the mail this week...YAHOO!

            Have a great day everyone....prayers and hugs
            "I don't need to get organized, I just need a bigger sewing room." :)


              Re: It can't be Wednesday already!

              Barb, Tell Jeff to let us know if we should make a collection for bail money. Hope you get a good ruling.
              Monique, Hope your MIL gets the care she needs, it's so difficult for families to deal with parents who lose their mental abilities.

              Enjoying a soft summer breeze before the sun heats us up and we put AC on, don't see evidence of any rain overnight. Heard from DGD in New Orleans, they are OK but there is flooding west of them. They have been looking for a house a bit further from the city, hope they find one on hill.


                Re: It can't be Wednesday already!

                I, too, am getting zumba, wash and a little cleaning done today. I think I may also get my toenails done.
                Tomorrow I go to a retreat about 60 miles away at a lake house, lots of girls, quilting, crafting and who knows what along with some delish food.
                I need to pack all the things I have kitted up, probably way more than I can do while there but better too much than not enough. I need to be sure to bring some clothes, one girl forgot hers last year.

                I hope they find a place for Mom where she will be well cared for and that the Louisiana flood and California fire victims get some aid for the devastation Mother Nature has done.
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                Claire from Pelham, Alabama


                  Re: It can't be Wednesday already!

                  Hi folks! Guess where I am headed today? To Hamilton, Mo for a MSQC retreat! This one Is a little different, as it is a Sizzix retreat, with the emphasis on their darling rag doll and fabulous fox! I signed up in February, and this isn't exactly the best time of the year to be making dolls, as I have a huge costuming job and some quilts to finish. But it will be fun and I will chain myself to the chair to finish my projects!

                  Barb, I sure hope you can get your apartment thing settled in your favor. So unfair for people to trash rental property, especially when they refuse to pay their rent! And Monique, your MIL's situation is such a worry, and best of luck dealing with it!

                  Off to finish packing my bags for the retreat. I have my sewing things packed, now need to throw some clothes in a bag!


                    Re: It can't be Wednesday already!

                    Ah yes, the nightmare of owning rental properties. I hope the outcome is in your favor. However, I'm wondering, if you do get finanacial retribution who is going to pay what you are rewarded? These people are such losers I can't imagine them coming up with the money. Maybe if they face some jail time they'll think twice about screwing over their future landlords. Do landlords ask for references anymore? If so, I think they would be hard pressed to find another place that will take them. I can't imagine the judge going easy on these people. I'm assuming you have photos of the damages and paperwork showing they were delinquent in paying rent. Certainly that should be enough to rule in your favor. Let us know the outcome, Barb. Good luck today.
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                      Re: It can't be Wednesday already!

                      Barb, I sure hope this judge has common sense. I mean I feel for people who can't make ends meet but these people were WAY out of line. Destroying someone's property because you're irresponsible is not okay! Keep us posted. Monique, sorry about your MIL. There is normally a 2 year waiting list for a space in LTC here. I sure hope they can get her in on an emergency basis because it sounds like she needs it. So very hard on the family members who have to care for them.

                      Nothing new here. Sending love and hugs to all in need! xoxox


                        Re: It can't be Wednesday already!

                        Sort of a hazy sun here this morning. Temps. still are in the 90's, but it's supposed to be cooler this week-end. I hope to get more flower bed weeding done (but not today). I also need to replant the perennials I dug out several days ago in order to get out all the grass. Today it's lunch at Perkin's with some friends. Also grocery shopping. I did more FMQ yest. till my hand started to tingle, then I switched to sewing up burp cloths & hemming flannel blankets for that new GGS due in Oct.

                        Barb, sending prayers up for a favorable ruling in court today. Monique, sorry for Les & problems with his mom. Growing old is tough. It's hard to see family members failing.

                        Time to get on with my day. I haven't had breakfast yet.


                          Re: It can't be Wednesday already!

                          Hi all.

                          Jumping in to say......
                          Good luck on all the issues going on, friends.

                          Barb....haller, We'll come bale ya srt..... water you need. Prayers said.
                          I'm not to good these days, sorry for the out time. I just can't seem to get myself together..... to much.... going on.... trying to focus, on this Oct wedding preparations. ......on top.

                          I'll keep you each in my prayers, I humbly ask for you to do the same, please.

                          I'm going to try to go through my moms, pink depression glass, pick pieces to use at K n Z's wedding, hopefully, I'll be able to manage to do this....with the attitude, This is one way of , including, my dear, sweet mom , in this special accordion. ....and embracing.....the elegant treasures, she adored. The Chrystal, we think could be illuminated with Soft Pink tea lights (fake) not real candles. ......Have you any Suggestions where I might find any ?

                          Blessing to all, .......🍃🌹🍃

                          The footprint's in the sand are not mine, but is that of the Lord's, who has been carrying me....

                          ~~~~Sewn By Bee


                            Re: It can't be Wednesday already!

                            My thoughts are with you and dealing with family members who are aging and unable to mentally live in the "here and now". I was lucky that My Mom was very cognitive to the end..

                            Got my fingers crossed for the legal battle Barb... just call if you need ransom money!!

                            Having computer issues since the storm knock our power several times in a row.. thought I lost my PC.. but DD says not, that it just has "issues". Using my lap top now and it's a little awkward for me.. haven't touched it in a couple of years.

                            I'm sewing together another binding tool star quilt and gathering fabric for a Mariner's Compass. I have a couple of templates for the Compass and will have to do some test blocks..
                            Big news is that I will be picking up a new sewing machine this week end. A 9400 janome. It has the big throat so I can get my UFO's quilted.. I have 5 sandwiched and ready to put the needle to 'em.. My 9960 singer needs to go for repairs.. the digital screen went dead. (this model is infamous for that problem)

                            Hugs to all and may your day be filled with sunshine and good news...

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                              Re: It can't be Wednesday already!

                              Good afternoon. It was a morning of running errands around town. Although there are things to get done this afternoon, it will be much calmer now that the pool is closed for the summer. As hot as it is outside, it seems odd that summer activities are already over.

                              Monique, prayers for your itching and situation with your MIL.
                              Barb, prayers as you head to court. May the judge truly listen, see the damages and be just.
                              Jean, have fun at the retreat.

                              Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone