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    Another hot and steamy day. I am sitting outside for a while even though it's hot. Got a bit of a case of cabin fever I guess. It's summer, it's the weekend so I want to be outside. I'll be heading inside shortly and I'll find something to occupy myself. It's too hot in my sewing room (no a/c in there).

    I have put the last row on my lattice quilt so now it's on to the borders. Maybe I'll bring my featherweight downstairs and set up somewhere and get those borders sewn on. Hmmmm, that's a thought.

    Thinking of Monique and hoping she is feeling better and Blondie is also on my mind today. Sending (((((hugs)))) to all our forum friends who need them.

    Stay cool all. Hydrate!
    Ginny B
    Levittown, NY

    Re: Sunday

    Hi Ginny,

    I hear ya on the temperature. I try not to work in my sewing room during the heat of the day. Even with air conditioning and the ceiling fan it's just too uncomfortable up there. I'm making some progress on the wall hanging for our family room, but it's slowing going.

    Last night I put on swimwear and climbed into our swimming pool (something I never do) and did some work removing calcium buildup off the tiles. I got the hardest part done but I need to get in there and keep at it. This is the time to do it while the water is comfortable. After so many years of neglect it has to be done.

    Joe is in New York right now having just attended a wedding in Astoria, Queens. It was held in a movie museum. They've been having lots of fun. It's nice for him to see our girls since they attended as well. Me? I opted to stay away from the east coast heat and that awful humidity. It may be hot as H#ll in California but at least our nights are cool so we don't suffer quite as much as the east coasters. It's pretty quiet around here without Joe around. It's kind of nice having the place to myself, though.

    My friend did much better coming through this third surgery. They removed the breast enhancement expanders since she wasn't healing. She also developed an infection. The plastic surgeon said the expanders would have to be removed. I got a bit upset with her when she mentioned maybe doing the enhancement down the road. After what she's been through to even consider doing that is nuts in my opinion.

    I have lots to say about her situation but I'll refrain from boring you. Living alone with no family near by is problematic. She has been extremely dependent on her friends. It is growing old and she's not a very easy patient on top of it. We've decided it's time for a family meeting to talk about her future plans. She has three daughters that need a reality check. We don't want her to get herself in a position where she is forced into having health professionals insist on her going into assisted living because she didn't plan ahead. I think this is a problem for many as we age. Not planning ahead can really make one's final years a very sad scenario.
    Goodbye Europe! Hello California! Home sweet home.


      Re: Sunday

      Hi Ginny and everyone to come along,

      It's raining here today (what's new about that!). I'm working on some self-binding baby blankets. They are not hard at all, even fun to make.

      We have a busy week ahead of us but we will take it one day at a time.

      Wishing everyone a good Sunday with hugs.

      Scottie Mom Barb


        Re: Sunday

        I'm still itchy. I had to take the last of the bandages OFF yesterday as it was red and itchy underneath. I used every cream in the house but to no avail really. The nurse called today and I told him about my problem with the bandage. Use cortisone cream he said, and/or aveeno anti-itch cream he said. Still not helping. So I decided to cut up more fabric today to keep my mind off the itchies. That's working better than any dang cream. A nurse will come tomorrow in any case. It is a much cooler day today after a full day of much needed rain.

        Rebecca, I can't believe your friend is still wanting the reconstruction after all she has been through. I hope her family can help her make better choices.

        Have a great day friends. Starting to itch, I better get back and cut some more fabric.
        Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


          Re: Sunday

          Hi all,

          I finally cleaned off my cutting table and got the backing ready for a quilt. I think I will put the quilt sandwich together today and start the quilting tomorrow. It felt nice to get back out there and pick up the rotary cutter and fabric and then turn on the sewing machine. I'm not going to put this one on the frame, it's a lap size log cabin so I'm going to quilt it on my regular machine.

          It's been raining here, since yesterday. We really needed it!!! I went up to the office today to pick up some work that I can do for the next couple of days (people like to get paid, so I had to) and I noticed the yards are greening up.

          I can't believe school is starting this week....gosh when I went to school it didn't start until right after Labor Day.

          Have a wonderful day everyone!
          Shirley aka buckeyequilter
          I work to support a sewing habit that I don't have time for, because I work!


            Re: Sunday

            Rainy day here, but we need the rain so I can't complain. But the dreariness saps my energy! I have been going through some old paperwork and shredding things. Doing some cleaning out that I have put off. I'm still recovering from surgery, I think, because I'm still so tired all the time so nothing too taxing today. I do need to throw in a load of laundry for work tomorrow but otherwise I'm taking it easy. DH is working so I have the house to myself this afternoon and evening. I can get more of that kind of thing done when he's not here to "help" - LOL!


              Re: Sunday

              Finally getting a chance to sit down here! What a busy week. I was on vacation, or stay cartoon as they call it these days! Went to the State Fair twice. It was crowded and hit but lots of fun. Was disappointed at the quilt display this year, only one quilt hand quilted and only one entered in the miniatures category. Hmm I should have entered something as I would have had a 50% chance of winning LOL!! It is sad to see all the beautiful items on display in the glass cases at the fair, people work so hard on their entries, and the cases are crammed so full that you can only see a little corner of each item. I hate that!! They do fully display about 25 or so quilts, the prize winners, but they hang them from the ceiling and they are so high up you can see the design and the colors and front and back but forget trying to see any of the workmanship or the quilting designs when they are displayed so high like that. It's very frustrating for anyone seriously interested in quilting!!

              Went to an outdoor wedding this week in a park. It was beautiful but super hot (95) and so humid. They had to keep the cake inside the air conditioned limo until it v was time to cut it or the frosting would have melted all over the place.

              Had 5 yo GD overnight last night. She had such energy!!! Finally shooed her off to bed at 10:30--under protest. (I am sure my mother never let me stay up that late when I was five.) We played many rounds of Monopoly Jr and the Cupcake Party game, did our hair and nails, tried on costume jewelry and high heels, saw the end of a kennel club dog show at the park across the street, and played house and school. I don't know how many times she asked me What are we doing next Grandma--when I just wanted to sit around and watch the Olympics! Well that wasn't happening with her around! So I just now finished picking up the trail of stuff she left behind. I am sure I will find other things in mysterious places as the week goes by.

              Now I think I have earned that cup of coffee. Have a good week everyone.


                Re: Sunday

                It has been a hot sunny day in east TN. We really need some rain. Had a few showers midweek, but nothing since except sun and mid 90's. I'll be glad to see fall come.

                Not much sewing this week. I did get some of the satin stitching done on an elephant wall hanging. My right index finger is so sore and swollen that it is hard to guide the fabric. I guess I'll have to see the ortho doc this week. I tried to finish the binding on some quilts that came back from my long arm man, but It hurts too much.

                My youngest son celebrated his 52nd birthday yesterday. Where has the time gone? We had a great dinner at a local eatery with him, his brother, and their wives. Then back here for cake and ice cream. I really love having both the boys close by. We can get together often. Our final years in Memphis were pretty lonely with all the kids gone.

                I had a strange day today. I didn't get to sleep until about 2:30, slept till 11:30. Had something to eat, 2 cups of coffee, and took a 2 hour nap! I hope I can sleep tonight.


                  Re: Sunday

                  Almost 8pm and the day is winding down but it was a good one for me. DH and I met an old friend for lunch and it was great. Ellen and I met about 25 years ago when I was secretary to the social sciences department at the local college. While I had a good relationship with all the professors I worked for Ellen and I formed a special bond that continued after we both left the college and she moved to another area. We've met many times in NY for shows, museums and dinner and often met in New Rochelle where she now lives. When I told her last week I couldn't make the trip up to New Rochelle she immedicaly said she's come to us. She got a direct ride on Amtrak, we picked her up and we had a great time catching up while dining. Think next time DH and I will take Amtrak and visit her as it's almost a 2 hour drive by car and only 1 hr, by train.


                    Re: Sunday

                    We actually had ran, today! The dogs weren5 too hsppy, but the rest of us were very hsppy... More is promised....

                    But... I won't believe it till I see it...

                    I spent the day crocheting a special blanket like shawl fir my daughter.... A prayer shawl she can Wrzp up in...

                    Sandy from Cincinnati

                    AKA Kermit