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    Hello Thursday

    Good morning from itchy land. Oh boy is it some itchy. Going up my shoulder. Benadryl on hand. I don't know if I can tough it out today.

    Staples and drain come out tomorrow. I did basically nothing all day, just rested and scratched.

    Have a wonderful day friends. My neighbour is borrowing my van and we are headed to Walmart as she needs new shoes.

    Have an awesome day and we will catch you on flip side.

    P/S BOOB for sale, real cheap.
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    Re: Hello Thursday

    LOL Monique - hang in there

    Good morning
    So, we have been slowly trying to revamp our living room a bit by replacing some worn out furniture. We had a leather couch with recliners that had gotten terribly worn on the side where FIL always sat!! Since new furniture is not in the budget at this time, we hit Craigslist... found a beautiful, like new condition couch from a nice retired couple for $50 - it was barely sat upon, and clean clean clean. I had been calling around on loveseats with no luck (either already gone or from a smoking home...). So, yesterday, I finished my workout and was sitting in my car and decided to check Craigslist - WELL... a woman had just posted a free loveseat, and it had just been posted. I called her immediately and arranged a time to go see it/pick it up. Hubby and I went over there and got it. It also has an ottoman... It's beautiful! Definitely a blessing We're inching towards much less clutter in our home, and this is a good motivator to clear some more things out!

    Today I will be clearing out the bookcase in our living room and giving that away, along with the usual cleaning. Maybe some sewing later - have a great day all!


      Re: Hello Thursday

      Hi Everyone...

      Today is supposed to be the hottest day of the summer so far - a good one to stay indoors and sew. I'm working on a few replacement bindings on some old family quilts.

      Yesterday I got my hair cut really short and it feels good to have the hair off my neck.

      Lou, did you see that Kazakstan (sp) won a gold Olympic medal?

      Wishing everyone a safe and fun Thursday.
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        Re: Hello Thursday

        Morning all... just trying to get awake here so I can figure out what activities I am able to do today... this aging isn't for the faint of heart.
        Waiting for some fabric to arrive and planning out a quilt for my son.. He loves his "boat" so I figure a mariner's star would be the thing to do. I wanted a rather large one star center, but I haven't figured out the size of HST I will need. I'm searching the web, but so far no luck.

        Any help on this (king size bed) would be greatly appreciated....??

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          Re: Hello Thursday

          Judy: Here's a free paper pieced Mariners from Craftsy - it's gorgeous:
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            Re: Hello Thursday

            Monique, praying you get through the day. It's a great idea to get out to take your mind off of the itches. Besides, you can't scratch your boob in public.

            Songbird, congrats on the 'new' furniture!

            Bubby, I get my hair cut short every summer and let it grow in the winter. It feels so much better that way. Hope the apartment work is going well.

            Sandy, I commented on your link on the other thread. That is a ton of blocks - great find!

            I have my DGS this week so I'm up early to get him to school. The kids went back Aug. 1st this year and next year, they will go back on July 31st. GA is slowly moving to year round school. I'm glad we homeschool my DS and have only 2 more years. I don't know what my DD is planning to do with her children - she's starting to think about homeschool.

            I just started making blocks for the Dutchman's puzzle. I also have 2 others in progress so I plan to spend the time in between school drop-off and pick-up working on those. Have a great day, everyone!


              Re: Hello Thursday

              Good morning! I took a sleeping pill last night & slept late this morning. I'd been up since 2 am Wednesday and needed the rest. I went to our quilt guild storage yesterday and got enough batting for 2 donation quilts. I'd made my grandson a Spiderman quilt and I had enough left over blocks to make another smaller quilt. I've got it on the frame to work on today. I don't have another quilt top started yet and I needed something to work on to stay occupied.
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                Re: Hello Thursday

                Late morning Hello's. Was up around 5 but told myself I needed to get back to sleep and much to my surprise it worked. I did sort of wake up a few times but hung in there until 10:30 when the need for a potty visit could no longer be ignored. So how come I don't feel rested?

                Can tell it's hot and humid out today without going outside as DH shut the windows and has the AC going full blast. Think I'll focus on inside stuff today like getting laundry away and arranging a few outfits for weekend activities. There are also bills and mail waiting to be taken care of too. Better have another cup of coffee and get busy.
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                  Re: Hello Thursday

                  Good Thursday Morning ~ Does anyone know how Blondie is doing? Sure miss seeing her posts. Monique, glad to hear the drain & staples come out today. Sorry about the itching problem. This too will pass. Glad to hear you're resting.

                  A cooler morning here, so I'm going to take advantage of that & head out in a few min. to weed in the flower beds. I'm just letting my breakfast settle a bit.

                  Ran lots of errands yest. Stopped by my LQS. Checking the "orphan corner" was my downfall. ~ LOL ~ Got 21 FQs for $1.00 each, some yardage for 50% off, & some batik fabric (reg. price) to match the FQs. I want to make Jenny's Cutting Corners quilt pattern. But I don't want all that white, so bought the batik for background. The store owner also took pics of my latest baby quilt. She posts them on fb. It was the Little Ark #6 which is in my albums. I also stopped by Hobby Lobby & bought several yards of flannel for baby blankets & burp cloths. The gal in the fabric dept. said they're selling more fabric since Hancock's closed.

                  Finally bought the new printer! Yay. Office Depot/Max had the HP model I wanted. It's an All-in-One ink jet. It was on sale for $99.99 (reg. $179.99). My tech savvy friend from church will help set it up. I'm glad all that research is done. We did a sample 2-sided color copy demo at the store. Wow, the color was fantastic! I'm very pleased. The person who helped me was the store mgr. I asked him about the ink cartridges I had bought for my older printer. He allowed me to return them & exchange them for the cartridges needed for the new printer. Woo hoo! I was so pleased about that. I had been concerned I was stuck with $200. worth of ink I wouldn't be able to use.

                  Well, time to head out to do the weeding.
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                    Re: Hello Thursday

                    morning all...late as usual. Mornings start so busy here...skipped a meeting this morning due to issues and I'm still trying to fix them! uhg. Gonna be one of those days.

                    It's so HUMID here. After spending 2 weeks on the east coast where the weather was gorgeous and virtually zero humidity it's difficult to come back and assimilate to this kind of humidity!

                    Nothing at all new other than I am on a post-vacation bummer. It's amazing to go for two weeks but so very hard to come back and get back into the daily grind. The older I get the more difficult it is. 15 years to retirement seems like such a long time although I know it will go quicker than I think but considering I was pegged to retire in 5 years before my ex lost his mind, it sucks to have to tack on another 10!

                    Last night I got my hair cut...not liking it that much but it's nice and short so much cooler so it'll do. Then went to pick up the bird at the sitters. Not sure she is so happy to be home. She was quite spoiled for the past two weeks that's for sure.

                    Well off to try and get some work done. Friday at 4:30 can't come soon enough!!