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Wednesday again?

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    Wednesday again?

    Good morning friends. Well, we did get out and get groceries yesterday. And then I had a two-hour nap. Did pretty much nothing after that, as I was sore. I did not sleep well last night either.

    The house was cooled down yesterday so before we left I shut the windows, and closed the curtains. The house was very cool when we returned. This morning I have opened up the windows to let the cool air in and will again shut everything up again. I HATE being in darkness but will take it over the heat.

    I have 3 magazines to look over today. WOW!! Big day! And the nurse comes again today and the drain may be coming out. I can't stand the itching and have been putting some anti itch cream on spots that I can see and not near the incision. Holy moly, can't wait until Friday when the dang staples comes out too.

    So, prayers going out to those in need. I hope all is well with Blondie these days. She is terribly missed around here. I know she is busy with baby and Momma Ruth both.

    Have a great day friends.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: Wednesday again?

    Morning Monique and Everyone,

    Sorry you are so bored, Monique, but your priority right now is to take exceptional care of yourself so you can heal and get back to all the things you love to do...lecture over and here are some (((HUGS))).

    Today I have a haircut and then a trip to Rolla to order flooring for the apartment we are working on. We may have to take a couple weekends off due to Jeff being sick right now. Talk about someone who won't slow down ever.... The rest of my week is really busy and includes a doctor visit on Friday.

    Glad to hear MM is recuperating from his laser blasts. Pat, make sure you get all the rest you can possibly get. I suspect you aren't fully healed from your fall yet. Prayers continue for both of you.

    Have a great day friends.

    Scottie Mom Barb


      Re: Wednesday again?

      Good morning Monique and all to follow. Going to be a hot and humid day here too. I'll be turning on the a/c and closing things up before heading to work. Glad you rested some yesterday Monique. Enjoy your time with the three magazines.

      Been watching a bit of the Olympics. I'm more of a winter Olympics fan but I have enjoyed watching the gymnastics and swimming events.

      Have a great day everyone. Prayers and hugs going out to all who need them.
      Ginny B
      Levittown, NY


        Re: Wednesday again?

        Top O' the Morning to ya.. Glad to know I'm not up here all alone. It gets spooky without someone by my side...

        Nothing new to report here at my spot on the web... I went thru my stash shopping for some sashing and backing fabric. Sewed a bunch of batting remnants together for future use. Found some HST still chain sewn together and prepped them for a small quilt.

        Have the raised beds and composter to work with and keep up. Usually it is just watering, but now I'm starting to harvest some carrots, onions and tomatoes. Herbs are starting to flower, so it's dead head and cut to dry them. (that's about all that I planted this year.) Need more beds.. but limited on space. ?? for next year ??

        Hugs and prayers going out to you all who are recovering, going thru and waiting for news.

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          Re: Wednesday again?

          Morning everyone
          Not much going on here this morning and I'm feeling very lazy. We are dog sitting (a ****zu) for our friend for the next 2 weeks and last night she wanted to hog the bed. I could not get comfortable so I moved to the LazyBoy at 4 a.m. but unfortunately she came with me. Needless to say, I didn't get a lot of sleep last night. Very unusual for me not to sleep, I can usually sleep anywhere and anytime. But last night, not a chance. Maybe I'll have a nap later on.
          Today I am on a quest to find a local interior designer to help give me ideas on how to remodel our kitchen. We have lived in our home for over 34 years and the kitchen has never been renovated and looks like something from the early 70's. It is also a very strange shape and rather small by today's standards. We are thinking about selling the house in the near future and know that a kitchen upgrade is a good idea for resale. We don't have a fortune to spend, but it might make the house sell faster when we put it on the market. DH and I are not on the same page for this one so it is going to be a challenge.
          On a brighter note, I have a Row By Row Experience Road Trip coming up on Tuesday with my 2 faraway friends. We plan on getting to at least 5 "local" quilt shops to pick up their patterns and license plates. I have promised myself that I wil NOT buy the kits because I have enough fabric to open my own
          Have a great day everyone...prayers to those in need and hugs to all.
          "I don't need to get organized, I just need a bigger sewing room." :)


            Re: Wednesday again?

            I didn't sleep well either, still frustrated about so much worry, anxiety and wasted time scheduling a test that it seems I wasn't supposed to take - see my long rant about going loony. Just typing it out made me feel better so I am going to concentrate on more uplifting stuff instead. So glad the forum gives me a place to rant and rave now and again. How's this for something to make me happy? DGGS James with his Mom.
            James July.jpg

            Monique hope RN removes the drain and you feel comfortable. You know we all wish to be able to sit around and take it easy but it really makes us crazy when we are very limited in what we can do. I broke my wrist about 35 years ago, right one no less, and it drove me nuts not being able to drive or do much of anything.

            We had the windows open overnight but I think it is time to close them and get the AC going as I feel the humidity creeping in from outdoors.

            Hope everyone feels better ASAP and we get some Good News for a change. Say Hi to Zelda, he or she is either a alpaca or lama on my 2nd cousin's farm in south Jersey.
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              Re: Wednesday again?

              Good Morning, All ~

              Another sunny morning. Maybe cooler tomorrow for about 3 days. That would be a welcome relief.

              Today I plan to take a look at flannel at Hobby Lobby -- the only store now in my town that carries it. I need to make several baby blankets & burp cloths for DGGS due in Oct. I plan to stop by Office Depot/Max & buy that printer I decided on.

              Yest. I finished the last block (of 12) for a lap quilt I'm working on. It's basically a 9-P; the center square is solid & 4 of the pieces are snowballed (same color as center), so when it's sewn together, it makes a star in the middle. I don't know the name of the pattern. I saw a pic on the web (Tamarack Shack) & decided to use a couple charm packs to try it.

              Monique, I hope you get your drain out. I was glad to hear you took some time to rest.

              May, sorry about the mix-up with the doctor's orders, etc. How frustrating. I take a notebook with me to every dr. visit, take notes, ask questions, etc. It pays to document everything! I keep hard copies of all my lab & test results in order to track my medical situation. If there is an imaging test, upon request, our hosp. will make a copy of the disc & radiologist's report; all one has to do it ask. No charge. They'll even mail it to me if I don't want to go back & pick it up in person. If I were you, I think I might also be looking for a new PCP.

              I hope everyone has a good day.


                Re: Wednesday again?

                Morning all. Not much new here. I was zonked yesterday after working my first day back from holidays and back-to-back meetings in the afternoon...I went home, had a bowl of cereal and went straight to bed! Slept until 8 and then back to sleep at midnight. Definitely feel more refreshed today but a lot going on after work. I have a hair appointment at 5 then have to go to the town next door to pick up the bird from the sitter, so will likely be a long evening.

                Just trying to unwind from vacation and get back into a routine is a tad challenging! Two weeks off is great, but sooooo hard to come back!

                Monique, hope you get all sorted out so you can enjoy the weekend! Don't know how anyone survives without a/c!

                Sending love and hugs to those in need! xoxoxo


                  Re: Wednesday again?

                  It is so not a good day.....

                  "Don't let someone else's ugly spoil your beautiful. " Thanks, Bubby!!!!!!