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    Television Series?

    What are your favorite TV series? New or old, on Netflix or otherwise.

    DH and I have enjoyed watching together:
    Downtown Abby (first few seasons)
    Mad Men (gave up in season 4)
    Turn (just watched our last episode)

    We're looking for something new to watch together. I don't mind sci-fi or mysteries, he doesn't mind period pieces but I'm really not into a lot of violence (one or two scenes to move a mystery along is different than an hour of murders) but we need to figure something out together.... Suggestions??

    Re: Television Series?

    I rarely watch regular TV and stick to Netflix, Acorn (all British - love it) or such. Some of my favorites to binge watch are:
    Midsomer Murders (really great and 18 seasons so far)
    Inspector Morse
    Inspector Lewis (spin off from Morse)
    George Gently (mystery)
    Death in Paradise (murder mystery with humor)
    Doc Martin
    Numb3rs (not on Netflix but is available on Amazon Prime)
    Murdoch Mysteries
    Heartland (great family series from Canada)

    Hope you enjoy some of these.


      Re: Television Series?

      On Netflix we watch
      Warehouse 13
      Young Indiana Jones
      Anything Agatha Christie

      For the kids check out the All Creatures Great and Small series about an English Veterinarian
      Wild Krafts


        Re: Television Series?

        Dr. Blake Mysteries (set in Australia in the 50s)
        Home Fires (British women and families during WWII)
        Call the Midwife


          Re: Television Series?

          Breaking Bad
          Better Call Saul
          Last Man on Earth
          4400 (old one)
          Jericho (old one)


            Re: Television Series?

            Law and Order - re runs much better than most new shows
            Masterpiece Mysteries - right now new final season begins for Inspector Lewis.
            Like Endeavor(young Morse) and Grantchester (young minster who drinks a lot and likes jazz) also but DH doesn't.
            Wish I could get the Morse shows and Prime Suspect from years ago, maybe it's time to check out Netflix
            I was following Call The Midwife - besides the main theme I saw how it contrasted so much from life here in US after WWII.
            Everyone used bikes, food and staples still rationed and very little new housing.
            Think I would like Dr. Blake Mysteries (set in Australia in the 50s) will see if we can get it on our cable.

            DH likes sports discussion shows - I call them The Yelling Guys because they all seem to be yelling over each other. I could be prejudiced because I'm not interested in sports, Only sports show I can stand is Mike and Mike in the mornings, their voices don't annoy me and I treat the show like background music while I think about other things.
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              Re: Television Series?

              The only series I have ever binged on was Doc Martin. I can hardy wait for the final season to be aired on American TV this Fall.


                Re: Television Series?

                Not a Big TV watcher except for sports but recently have enjoyed Chopped on the food channel
                Happy Quilting!


                  Re: Television Series?

                  I have to admit I was obsessed with Breaking Bad on Netflix. The show goes against all my morals but I as hooked from the first episode. I've also enjoyed Call the Midwife and Gray's Anatomy.


                    Re: Television Series?

                    I enjoyed Foyle's War, set in England during WWII.


                      Re: Television Series?

                      Originally posted by Mom23 View Post
                      I have to admit I was obsessed with Breaking Bad on Netflix. The show goes against all my morals but I as hooked from the first episode. I've also enjoyed Call the Midwife and Gray's Anatomy.
                      Robin, just because we love certain TV shows, doesn't mean we are bad or immoral, lol. To show you what I mean, by example:
                      My all time favorite series was, Sons of Anarchy..I could never live that lifestyle...but I loved it from the first episode (but that kind of language doesn't make me cringe, either)...and seriously, some of the naked backsides were not bad to look at, lol.
                      I also love all the "cop shows" as DH calls them:
                      Law and Order
                      Law and Order SVU
                      Criminal Minds
                      Blue Bloods (Tom Selleck is still nice to look at)
                      I also watch some of the real crime stuff.
                      Andy Griffith, Bonanza, and Gunsmoke, are watched every day ass well.
                      I guess I am somewhat all over the place when it comes to television....I don't always watch...but it is always on as background noise.
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                        Re: Television Series?

                        I have to say, the car wash in Breaking Bad is about a mile from my house! I would watch that show saying "I know where they are!"
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                          Re: Television Series?

                          I rarely watch network tv any more because there is so little of interest to me, so I stick to my Cleveland Indians and Cavaliers games most evenings. Except of course for PBS shows like Masterpiece and Call the Midwife. Many old PBS faves are on Netflix, like all the Inspector Morse series, Inspector Lewis, Endeavour, as others have noted. Also give Happy Valley, Wallander, and Hinterland a try on Netflix. Enjoyed both.

                          Breaking Bad is probably the best tv series I've ever seen. Appalling choices and a horrible descent from a decent life, but so well-written and well-acted it's still way above the competition. The prequel Better Call Saul is just as good and has 2 seasons so far. Also Mad Men, a step back into the 60s. The Good Wife has ended and that was a very good series too, also smart writing and acting. It is a legal procedural show, but besides the case of the week approach which I don't really care for is a strong over-arching story that spans all 7 (I think) seasons

                          Stargate SG-1, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe are related but separate tv series if you are a sci fi fan. Watch Stargate SG -1 first, then Atlantis, then Universe. Many seasons of good tv there. Also Battlestar Galactica - really excellent in the early seasons, lesser quality in later seasons. These have all stood the test of time. Another old series I enjoyed a lot which has a Jim Henson puppet as a character in it is Farscape. Lots of fun. My all time fave sci fi series that was cancelled stupidly by Fox which ran the episodes out of order (!) was Firefly. Yes, I am a proud Browncoat. And the movie Serenity, which wrapped up the story left hanging by Fox. There is a good show on right now in season 2 called Dark Matter. It is on SyFy and it's in the second season. You should start at season 1 to understand and enjoy it though. It's on Netflix. Very good mystery involved and they reveal just a tiny bit of the truth at a time. You can probably tell I like space opera.

                          Fun for kids because of the dinosaurs is the British series Primeval, but i liked it too. It concerns holes opening up in time that create a doorway into the past. Dinosaurs of varying types are wandering through. Of course Dr. Who is an old fave, but I guess it's going to be a long time before we get a new series of the Doctor. A spinoff with the Captain Jack character that is more adult than Who is Torchwood. I enjoyed the earlier seasons of that more than the later ones.

                          I like the HBO dramatic series, but they are not for kids. Deadwood was wonderful, but there is a lot of adult content there. Game of Thrones is terrific, again, adults only, and lots of violence and battles. An amazing Canadian series is Orphan Black. I say amazing because one actress plays multiple characters and makes it look easy. You can instantly tell which character she is portraying, she is just that good. It's also got a lot of humor. An adult show, though for sure. Another one to watch from season 1 on Netflix to watch the mystery unfold.

                          Gee, this sounds like I spend all my time with the tv on, but these shows span a long time. Hope you find a new show you like!


                            Re: Television Series?

                            Marilyn... we are soul sister..... i would not even post some of the stuff we watch...LOL
                            Banshee we love Cinemax
                            we don't do movies... TV is our "hobby" and together time...all on DVR to FF thru the commercials..
                            To redeem myself,,, i LOVE PBS and Historical Fiction of any kind....
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                              Re: Television Series?

                              Breaking Bad -
                              Outlander - I love the accents & ok, yes the men in skirts too
                              The Knick - really cool medical show set in 1900's. get a taste of how medicine has progressed
                              Better Call Saul - spinoff of BB, it's good but not BB good
                              Black Sails - pirates and a little historical fiction
                              Ray Donovan - I like Liev Schriver (spelled his name wrong I'm sure)

                              some new ones I'm watching are
                              Roadies - the workers traveling with a band. Has well known musicians appearing too
                              Feet the Beast - David Schwimmer (Friends) and Jim Sturgess (21, Across the Universe) starting up a restaurant in the Bronx

                              I was surprised when I was at my cousins talking about this very thing. They watch Walking Dead and it really shocked me that they would watch such a gory show. But after hearing them talk about the plot and how the zombie thing is easily dismissed, we watched a part of the show and it did seem interesting. Another show they like is Naked & Afraid - which was another shocker to me!
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