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    Welcome Saturday

    Good morning dear friends. I spent a very quiet day at home after all. My good friend Dougie washed my hair for me when I went over for coffee yesterday. That felt so much better. I scanned some documents and I think I probably overdid it a little. I actually slept most of the day. I had a lovely call from Nancy, received a beautiful label from Sandy as well for the butterfly quilt.

    Today is the big Mayor's BBQ. The ClSC nurse is coming in sometime this morning. Another big day for me.

    I must be starting to heal because it is getting itchy.

    Have a great day friends.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: Welcome Saturday

    HI Monique and all who follow later
    Don't scratch! It is a good thing that you are healing so quickly, but you really don't want to scratch anything! Please don't over extend yourself, you need to rest!

    Didn't get into the sewing room at all yesterday! Between errands to run, phone calls and emails from friends wanting to know all about our trip to Ireland/Scotland, as well as trying to clean the house and prep some meals, I never stopped all day. Since we had a heavy rainfall (with lots of thunder and lightening) last night, I should go out to the garden and pull some weeds, but I would rather be sewing! I'm feeling a little guilty that I am 2 months behind on the Secret Santa Swap and still haven't finished the Prairie Flower Block Swap, not to mention other projects that are currently UFO's. I really have to get in and "git er done". Maybe today will be the day!
    Have a wonderful day, everyone. Prayers and hugs to those in need, may you find strength to handle whatever situation you are facing.
    "I don't need to get organized, I just need a bigger sewing room." :)


      Re: Welcome Saturday

      Morning Everyone,

      We're about ready to head out for the apartments for another full day of work....tomorrow we will do the same. We had a huge storm yesterday after dinner with more in the forecast today.

      I'm washing and refolding the quilts I keep folded on top of my fabric cabinets. It's amazing how much dust they collect. I washed a few of my Mom's small quilts, too. She didn't take up quilting until she was in her 60's and I had the privilege of teaching her. She was a very accomplished sewist but she had never made a quilt other than doll quilts for us girls when we were small. Turned out that Mom love hand quilting but hated the piecing. I think you know who pieced her tops for!

      Monique, glad to hear you are letting yourself rest. You will heal quicker that way.

      Have a sweet day everyone.

      Scottie Mom Barb


        Re: Welcome Saturday

        Good morning friends! I had a lovely day yesterday, worked on sewing the fall jackets for my kids, I expect to finish them up today.

        We went to the Aquarium for the first time in years yesterday, it was a very enjoyable evening. They are open until 9pm, so we went in at an evening discount, it was great! No crowds and lots of chances for the kids to explore the exhibits.

        This afternoon is a party with friends of our family, and this morning is some necessary errands: getting our international drivers licenses, teaching store errands, one last pair of shoes for DD before we head back to school.... And probably sandwiches for lunch, as there is a certain lack of sandwiches in Kazakhstan!


          Re: Welcome Saturday

          Monique, You astound me with you great attitude and quick recovery. teddy wonderful day.jpg

          Going to attend Seniors Meeting this afternoon at our town's recreation center, meeting, snacks and Bingo. DH is less than thrilled especially about the Bingo part but I've found that we need more contact with the older generation in town. So many of the people we knew have moved or passed. Awhile ago I needed a ride to the ER as DH was sick and there were no neighbors around as they are all younger than us and working during the day. Lucky for us that my BFF was home from a trip a day early and her DH helped me. DH was fine and was released from ER but it made me stop and think.

          2 sons live in Jersey, one works in NY and the other works about 1 hr. from us. He is a pharmacist and if he's on duty can't leave the shop until he gets someone to relieve him. So we need to have a plan to have some people in the neighborhood available for help and we would be available for them also. We have excellent first aid assistance but they only take the patient to the hospital or wherever they need to go like a doctor's visit.

          Although our town has very nice senior housing with a long waiting list we never applied as we're comfortable in our house. If necessary we can live easily on the main floor but never thought about having people close by in an emergency, we would jump into the car and go where we needed. Not so easy to do these days so I think DH and I need to broaden our circle.

          Town has 2 senior groups that each meet twice a month, one on Wednesdays and the other on Fridays. During the summer they meet on Saturdays because the rec center is used for summer day camp activities. Hope we can get reacquainted with some people we used to see around town - they all couldn't have moved south.
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            Re: Welcome Saturday

            I made it home from my quilting retreat last night. Managed to stop at 4 quilt shops on the way home but didn't purchase too much. One of the lades is looking for precuts or yardage in the "Farmer's Market" line. It's older so I didn't have the best luck. If anyone has something they would like to sell or trade please send me a personal message.

            I got so much accomplished this past week I am glad to be taking a little break. Two weddings today, office work and mowing tomorrow, and off to Lexington, Kentucky Monday-Wednesday next week. I will post pictures of my finished work sometime next week.

            I met up with forum members this past Wednesday for lunch. It was so good to see Sandy, Charyti and Bernice. It has been two years since we have been together but time and distance is nothing. This forum keeps us connected like family. I cherish my friendship with all of you.

            As I've been typing this I found out a son of our friend was badly burned last night. If you don't mind, add Russell to your prayer list.

            Have a great weekend!


              Re: Welcome Saturday

              Well, it's now noon so I've missed the early bunch here this morning. Had my 4 miler this morning, and boy was it hot. Now home and taking a break while cleaning. Carpet cleaners come this evening at 60, so need to pick up all the clutter. Hopefully I will dispose of some off it in the process. Tomorrow, put house back in order and get ready for the breakfast I am hosting for the walking group (walkers n talkers) next Saturday.

              Robin - prayers for your friend's son. Monique - Glad you're feeling better, but remember that rest. Listen to your body. RockinLou - If I'm not back on before you leave, have a safe trip back home .(home is easier than spelling Katz....) May - You have some very good points about broadening our circles. Hope everyone has a great weekend
              Spring, TX


                Re: Welcome Saturday

                We tried to attend the Seniors Meeting schedule for this afternoon but the building was locked, no notice on the door that meeting has been cancelled. We were surprised as there were many cars in the parking lot but they may have been an overflow from people at the pool club. Some one posted signs pointing the way to the area they were holding a pool party and BBQ. too bad we didn't recognize their name or we would have joined them, only kidding. Pool club days are over = was great when kids were young but one they were in teens they preferred the beach.

                We did get my new phone, DH picked up a few items he needed at Loew's and we stopped for lunch at Cheeseburger, Cheeseburger. Back home afterwards as it is really hot and humid today.


                  Re: Welcome Saturday

                  TJ, I hope Sunday's sales are fantastic.