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It's Friday, it's Friday

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    It's Friday, it's Friday

    So I am off the demerol. I just don't like how it makes me feel AND it keeps me awake. Bonnie brought me some Tylenol yesterday. Took two of those at bedtime and they seemed to help, I slept better.

    I had home care yesterday and he changed the bandage. I am hoping to be able to have a shower SOON!!!! Or at the very least, wash my hair. Don't know how I will be able to get that done.

    I rested all day yesterday. We may be meeting up with friends for dinner this weekend and tomorrow is the Mayor's BBQ which I think we shall attend. Then Les won't have to cook. He says he is getting dish pan hands, poor fellow. He made chicken fahitas (sp) for dinner last night and they were delicious. He has been a good nurse. LOL!!

    Have a great day friends.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: It's Friday, it's Friday

    Morning Monique and Everyone..

    Monique, glad to hear you are coming along with your recovery. You know when to slow down and rest so I'm not going to remind you. Demerol makes me really sick.

    The new tutorial is nice and now M* is kitting some of the tutorial projects. I think this is a great idea. Sometimes clicking that one button for a kit is so much easier than shopping around, especially if you love the tutorial project.

    Today I need to get some housework and laundry done. Jeff will be working at the apartments tomorrow and the Girls and I will stay home. At least that's the plan this morning. I might have to make some time for sewing.

    Wishing everyone a blessed day.

    Scottie Mom Barb


      Re: It's Friday, it's Friday

      Good morning and Happy Friday. Monique, I'm glad you slept better and hope you continue to make good progress in your recovery.

      We are at the start of a busy weekend. We will pick up a U-haul van tomorrow and head into Brooklyn and move the large pieces of furniture that are coming to my house. Then in a few weeks, Rob and John will move up to Peekskill and after that, we will sign the house over to the new owners. My stomach churns just thinking about it. This is a very difficult thing for me to do -- letting go of my childhood home.

      However, a very exciting thing will be happening on Saturday too! My son and dil are having a Reveal Party in California where they will announce the gender of their baby. We will be Skyping in for the big announcement. Then, since all the time spent in Brooklyn will be shortly coming to an end, I will be spending the freed up time in my sewing room creating "baby stuff".

      Have a fabulous Friday everyone.
      Ginny B
      Levittown, NY


        Re: It's Friday, it's Friday

        Good Morning!
        Monique, I'm glad you're feeling better I hate meds too - once had oxy prescribed for after surgery. I took it immediately after the surgery and then switched to motrin!
        Barb, I agree - the kits are a nice addition to the tutorials. I'm really loving the fabric in today's tute.

        So, I actually cut fabric for all of the blocks in the Prairie Flower Swap, and sewed one block together!! Yayyyy - 5 months is too long to not sew. I did notice that my shoulder was a bit sore from the rotary cutting (the right shoulder is where the shingles affected me the most). I'm hoping that as I continue to strengthen my body that this won't be a major issue!
        I've been following a strength training plan from a book that I found - challenging and I love it! I'm beginning to see a noticeable difference, and things are fitting more loosely I'm down 13 pounds since the end of June, so I'm sticking with it...

        Tomorrow, hubby and I will go kayaking together
        I hope everyone has a great weekend!


          Re: It's Friday, it's Friday

          Good morning! I'm glad to hear your recovery is steady Monique.

          I'm hoping to sneak some time in here and there working on the kids fall coats today, and we might take them to the aquarium tonight. Admission is 30% discounted after 4pm and they stay open until 9!

          I am in denial that it is Friday already, because we leave for KAZ again on Tuesday and I have too many things to sew before then!!,


            Re: It's Friday, it's Friday

            Peeking in real quick to ask that we all say a special prayer for one of our dearest friends - you know who she is, and she sure won't ask herself. Momma R is having some issues and it is worrisome.
            Sometimes, when there's a raging fire,
            it's best not to try to put it out with gasoline.

            "...pal carajo con la negatividad..."


              Re: It's Friday, it's Friday

              Originally posted by Sandy Navas View Post
              Peeking in real quick to ask that we all say a special prayer for one of our dearest friends - you know who she is, and she sure won't ask herself. Momma R is having some issues and it is worrisome.
              Praying here


                Re: It's Friday, it's Friday

                Hi friends! Monique, you are amazing! Getting up and out so soon after surgery! Continue to feel better.

                I pulled out a UFO I started during the 2014 Winter Olympics. Got uninspired quickly after I started putting my blocks together, so it has been sitting in a box since then. I'm going to try to get it finished before these Olympics are over!

                Raining here today. We've had showers almost every day for several weeks. The lawn cutters are busy because the grass is growing fast, but they have to dodge the raindrops to get their cutting jobs done! I have some very faithful guys cut my lawn. Cutting the grass is one of my LEAST favorite summer tasks!

                Hope you all have a great day!


                  Re: It's Friday, it's Friday

                  Monique, so happy to hear you are healing. As for the hair issue, have someone drive you to the nearest hair salon, and pamper yourself with a wash & blow dry, and if you're up to it, get a pedicure too! Feeling good about yourself is a big part of healing, and nothing makes me feel better than having someone else pamper me a little, and knowing that I'm clean and presentable.

                  Go for deserve it.


                    Re: It's Friday, it's Friday

                    Cloudy here with chance of showers later. So nice to have a break from the heat! If I get time today, I'll spread fertilizer on the lawn while it's cool. More 90's expected next week.

                    I have dough rising in the bread maker. I make 2 loaves of spelt bread for DH ~every 2-3 wks. Love the smell of yeast & baking. It's a nice cool day for baking.

                    My main project still is researching printers. I had hoped to find one this week while there are some sales on. It's hard to zero in on one model. In reading the reviews there are quite a few negative comments. I suppose with most printers, the pros outweigh the cons. I just don't want to get a lemon. Some of the printers are too large for my space, which is on top of a dresser. My HP lasted 6 yrs. I hope to do as well with this purchase.

                    Monique, I just can't believe you're entertaining thoughts of going out to eat already when you just had your surgery! Amazing!

                    I wish everyone a good week end.


                      Re: It's Friday, it's Friday

                      Good morning or afternoon depending on your timezone. I've been quilting a donation quilt this morning. Working on projects keeps my mind occupied and off other things. I may try to mow the grass again this afternoon. I mowed Wednesday but I need to lower the blades and go over it all again. DH will probably be spending tonight at the hospital with his brother. No change in the situation. Have a great afternoon!
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                        Re: It's Friday, it's Friday

                        Hello everyone. Prayers for all those who need it and are recovering from surgeries.

                        Loved the tut today and having a kit available is "brilliant".

                        I finished up my large hand sewing project and it is looking better than I had envisioned. Makes me feel all good about me self!!

                        I haven't thought about what to do today. It's Friday and I was hoping to get some small projects out of the way.. sewn and done. LOL. It'll take more time than just a day. Our Friend Robin gifted me with a box of goodies for the Orphan Blocks Quilts I make. And it is sitting there screaming my name...." come play with me!! " Oh heck, why Not!!

                        Hugs to all and have a good week end. Spoil yourself!!

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                          Re: It's Friday, it's Friday

                          Prayers and hugs for everyone in need. It's a hot day in TX today and I am off this afternoon. Working on a Texans wall hanging that my church festival requested. First time with raw edge applique. Taking a break before quilting it. Got to get myself psyched!

                          Monique, glad to hear you're feeling better. I like the idea of the visit to the salon for pampering. Prayers for continued recovery.
                          Spring, TX