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    sunday morning

    Good Morning everyone! yesterday was a work day for me. i bought myself a ruffler foot.i hope i can figure it outwent to you tube ssaw how to load. aand do... so it should work for me. but i won't get to it till tomorrow.

    also at work i cut fabric at the cutting counter, so scissors sliped out of my hand and blade poked a hole in my shoe...coworker said ishould look at foot... so ithen seeaspot...a spot of blood on my sock..coworker orders me tobreak room manaager is there waiting for me.. with med kit.. they were great aboutit. do you want to go to Dr. i say no. it is just an abration. but they reassured me that if it festers. i will have my needs met. because therewere witnesses tothis event. and manager cared for my toe...

    this morning i am going to sort through some fabric for st joes cchurch...for now just having morning coffee.
    all the best

    Re: sunday morning

    Good morning Gina! I hope all goes well with your foot. Have fun learning how to use your ruffler foot.
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      Re: sunday morning

      Hi Gina. Glad you puncture didn't turn out serious. Be careful girl! Enjoy that ruffler. I've got a pillow to make; that would be handy to trim around the edge.

      I got a sewing machine for my husband. Good trade, huh!?!


        Re: sunday morning

        Hi Gina. Hope you don't have a problem with your foot. Maybe you should consider wearing a pair of steel-toed boots to work!
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          Re: sunday morning

          Good morning Gina, glad your foot isn't too bad. Who would have thought such an accident could happen (except other quilters, of course~).
          I've never use anything to make ruffles. Sounds fun~



            Re: sunday morning

            Hello--so sorry to hear about your foot. How is it today? Did you get to play with your ruffler on your machine yet?? Good luck to you.
            I am such a material girl!!!!!:icon_wave: Nena


              Re: sunday morning

              Gina, that was close! Glad they are giving you good attention.
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                Re: sunday morning

                Be careful with those scissors, Gina! Hope it heals quickly.

                Happy Sunday morning to everyone.


                  Re: sunday morning

                  GOOD MORNING, QUILTY FRIENDS!! I can't imagine dropping scissors and having the point go through my shoe . . . but cutting my toe off with a rotary cutter because I live in sandals is feasible. Heal quickly, my Minnesota friend!!

                  I see Mrs. Cardinal is back attacking my windows - and here I thought she had gone south with the snowbirds for the Winter. Al looked out the other day and there were probably 50 cardinals in our front yard. They love me for some reason. Or else they HATE me and that's why they keep dive-bombing my windows. I've been given all sorts of ways to calm them and prevent this - but I can't cover 30 huge windows and eat next week.

                  Have to share that one of the DGDs turned 11 yesterday. She was here on Friday afternoon lamenting the fact that there's a supposed bill recently signed into law which allows humans to consume horse meat. So, she stated, she was going to go vegetarian starting today (didn't want to miss her cake and ice cream though and a shrimp dinner last night). Al and I decided that we needed to help her along and since he was going to the grocery store I suggested he pick up a head of cabbage to give her. He came back with a head of lettuce though (men) . . . but I wish you could have seen how tickled she got. It was so funny. She even called it a head of cabbage, too (kids!!).

                  I'm off to get another portfolio done (hopefully) today. I have one almost finished. Have a little hand sewing to do on it yet, and some minor tweaking. I had a pattern (when do I ever use patterns????) and decided to make these for the girls - went out and bought the stuffings (notebooks, pencils, pens, erasers, post-it-notes, planners, drawing paper, coloring books, etc.) and then planned the portfolios around what I had for each girl. I cut scraps of fabric and laid it all out so I could get the right size, and make pockets to fit everything. So I didn't actually use the pattern after all. Cut cardboard to stabilize it, wrapped that in batting and have handles on the sides. I learned a lot putting this first one together but cutting the proposed pieces first and laying it all out sure helped in getting it put together in the right order.

                  If I'm going to make any progress today I had best get off here . . . so I am offering up special prayers for my friends in need, hugs for those who need a shoulder, and love to all. Thanks for being there for me and putting up with my wild antics.

                  Oh, and I see Cathy probably doesn't need the nose mitten any longer, so I ask that she pass it on to someone who has a full snot locker today!!!
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                    Re: sunday morning

                    Good Morning ladies
                    church service today was so filled with the love of our Lord - thought i would share a picture of the choir - they were singing "What Child is This" when this pic was taken.
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                    hugs, Suzi
                    It's what I do when not sewing with you
                    GOD Bless America :icon_wave:


                      Re: sunday morning

                      Sandy, I'll pass the nose mitten on to someone AFTER I wash it!

                      We are off to hang lights @ Mom's. Thankfully it's NOT raining, just cold. If we were really smart we'd do this one day in early fall when it's a bit warmer, then she could just plug them in when ever the mood struck her. Apparently we aren't that smart.

                      I stayed up until 5 this morning getting some fabric painting done. The Annie's have faces and about half of a shirt is done. It will go with a pair of flannel bottoms to make a pair of pjs.

                      Gotta go get dressed in multi-layers before Hubby comes back in!
                      Have a great day & catch you all later!
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