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Good morning Tuesday

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    Good morning Tuesday

    Good morning everyone. Monday was a work day, a visit day and a hair cut day. I even met up with Les and treated him to supper at the chip stand. Got home, too tired to sew.

    SO, today I have to call to get my time for my surgery tomorrow. I also want to finish up the prairie blocks for the swap and get those done. I only have about 8 left to do which won't take me long.

    And now onto other things. I had forgotten that I need to make another little boy quilt with the motorcycles that I had made before. So I better start that one. And Sadie had asked me for a mermaid tail blanket. And...........and..........and...... you get the picture.

    So y'all have a wonderful day friends.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: Good morning Tuesday

    Good Morning Monique -- and everyone who follows.
    Monique --- I wish you all the best for your surgery tomorrow. I pray that everything goes well for you and that you will be back on the Forum in no time. Know that my thoughts and prayers are with you! Hope you get all your sewing done, but if you are like me, it is NEVER all done! lol
    Bouse is still hospitalized for an infection and I sincerely hope that no surgery is necessary....thanks for the update, Bouse! So disappointed we couldn't get together in Glasgow, and I pray that you are better soon!

    It was a quiet day yesterday, trying to get all the laundry done and souvenirs delivered to the grandkids. DD was very sweet and invited us to lunch. Thank goodness she did.. I had forgotten that yesterday was a civic holiday and the grocery stores were all closed! I don't think we would have starved, but it was lovely to not have to worry about food. Today, I have to pay all the bills, and go shopping, but once that is done, I will be in the sewing room. Lots of projects on the go, some with due dates that are very quickly approaching.

    Hope everyone has a great day!
    "I don't need to get organized, I just need a bigger sewing room." :)


      Re: Good morning Tuesday

      Good morning all. Another day at work today. Nothing exciting. DD came for a quick visit last night as she needed to drop off recyclables. She moved to a new apt.. this weekend so I got to listen to her frustrations.

      Got an email last night from my former church parish, asking me to make a quilt for their fall festival which is in 2 months. What was I thinking when I said yes? It's the weekend after fall forum which means I basically have 6 weeks abd so many other things to do also. I guess it will just have to be a super easy one.
      Spring, TX


        Re: Good morning Tuesday

        Morning Everyone,

        We have a huge storm moving in on us that should hit in just a few minutes. Cuba has been getting it for about an hour if my weather radar app is correct.

        Monique, I will be praying for you tomorrow and hope all goes well with your surgery (((HUGS))).

        Bouse, I hope you feel better soon and are able to go home.

        Peggie, it's good to have you back with us. I like my friends to be where they are supposed to!!

        I will try to pop in on the other side of the storm. Have a blessed day everyone....

        Scottie Mom Barb


          Re: Good morning Tuesday

          Hello Folksies

          I see that I need to really spend some time reading, reading, reading, here at the forum. I apologize for being so very far behind my time. My prayers for those in need of a healing touch physically, mentally - so much need.

          I have stayed with Mom the past few nights, up early for hubby morning time and then across the road to cuddle Elijah. A bit of hand stitching in a bag goes with me. I carried Mom to the dr's yesterday and then spent all day at a hospital getting some scans done. She has a bout of diverticulitis going on. Since she is militant about her diet, she has a hard time understanding that it will pop up now and then. Two antibiotics have been prescribed, so, I am hoping that will end this one. She has not suffered with this in several years.

          On a bright note, I am going to share a pic of a donkey in the cow pasture behind the shop/house. Middle Son has become fast friends with the trio of donkeys. I declare they know the sound of his vehicle when he comes home from work. One of them that Josh has named Donkey Kong - because he is the largest - will come to the fence and bray loudly until Josh comes over to scratch his head and give him a carrot or apple. I fondly have dubbed Josh the Jack Ass Whisperer.

          Smile! It really helps to clear your mind.

          Sewing mends the soul.

          Do the math; count your blessings
          Laughing is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside.

 Unless we are creating we are not fully alive
          ~ Madeleine L'Engle


            Re: Good morning Tuesday

            Good morning everyone.

            Monique - Praying all goes well with your surgery tomorrow. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

            Bouse - praying for your speedy recovery.
            Bubba - hope the storm is not too bad and you don't lose power. Maryland was hit really bad on Saturday night - Ellicott City was completely flooded out - just terrible.
            Peggie - thanks for the halloween wall hanging pattern. Not sure I'm up to applique, but it's just so darned cute.

            Not much on the agenda today - water aerobics, a little laundry and then taking the gkiddies to the local carnival tonight.

            Happy Tuesday everyone


              Re: Good morning Tuesday

              I will be praying for you and your surgeon tomorrow Monique.

              Off to see my BFF today - probably just sitting and chatting and petting on her horses. It will be a good day.
              Didn't get to the quilt frame yet - ended up busy making price tags for the clothes I decided to sell this weekend. Even if I make a few bucks off them and the majority end up in the donation bin, it's more than nothing. I didn't want to spend money to buy the price tags so I just took some cardboard - poked a hole through it with some yarn so I could attach that to the hangers for size.

              To anyone needing prayers, I hope everyone has a better day than yesterday.

              What if you woke up today and the only things you had were the things you thanked God for yesterday? :icon_hug:quilting trish


                Re: Good morning Tuesday

                Got such a chuckle from the JA whisperer, Blondie. We had one when I was very young, but I remember it used to bray at me when I got home from school... It wanted fed, too!

                Monique, hoping your surgery goes well and that your recovery is short. I'll be thinking of you all day!!

                Cleaning gal comes today, so I'd better get the dishwasher loaded so She can clean all the tops and fronts of the cub-boards.. I left the dirty dishes and just went to bed. Was a bit tired after concentrating on sewing a few patriotic blocks for my quild. That meeting is tomorrow and I want to have my 12 blocks done.. I did promise.

                Finishing up those and some hand quilting in between is at the top of my "to do" list for this beautiful day.

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                  Re: Good morning Tuesday

                  City gal here - is there a difference between a donkey and a jackass? Whatever, they are cute.

                  Thought we were in for another rainy day but the sun just popped out. Loads to do today so it's best I finish my coffee and get going.

                  Will be thinking of you Monique and pray your surgery is quick and effective.


                    Re: Good morning Tuesday

                    May, I was wondering too so I had to look it up.

                    DONKEY - The domesticated *** (Equus asinus).

                    JACKASS - A male *** or donkey.

                    MULE - The sterile hybrid offspring of a male donkey and a female horse, characterized by long ears and a short mane.

                    BURRO - A small donkey, especially one used as a pack animal. (Spanish, back-formation from borrico, donkey, from Late Latin burrcus, small horse)
                    Ellen =^..^=


                      Re: Good morning Tuesday

                      Thanks Ellen, Sounds like only males can be jackasses, LOL!


                        Re: Good morning Tuesday

                        Monique, I'm sending prayers that your surgery is successful...

                        Sewing Mends The Soul ~ Author Unknown


                          Re: Good morning Tuesday

                          Hahahahaha!!! Good one, May! We'll be thinking about you tomorrow, Monique, as we do every day. However, we'll be thinking about you even more so tomorrow. Lots of prayers will be said for you.
                          Goodbye Europe! Hello California! Home sweet home.


                            Re: Good morning Tuesday

                            A hinny mule is offspring from a female donkey and a male horse. They are prettier than a mule from a horse mare and a male donkey. They also have different temperaments. Mule experts will tell you that if you abuse a mule, they will never forgive you. They are very intelligent.


                              Re: Good morning Tuesday

                              Monique, prayers on the wing for a successful surgery tomorrow and a rapid recovery.