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    Good morning

    Happy Thursday. But it's my Friday at work. I am off tomorrow. Sis and I and my sons will be tackling the last big project at the house in Brooklyn -- besides actually moving everything out that is. DH and I got the spare bedroom emptied out of the furniture that will be replaced by a few things from the Brooklyn house. We just need to pull the carpet up and then we'll be ready to bring the "new" stuff in. As we are getting close to the time to sign this house over to someone else, I feel my emotions rising to the top again. I had those feelings when we first made the decision to sell the house. Then, as we got into the work that needed to be done over the last few months, they were suppressed while I concentrated on the chores at hand. Now that we are at this point and the finish line is in sight, I am finding the tears becoming close to the surface more easily.

    Time to get the second load of laundry into the washer before work and then when that's finished, I'll head into the office a bit early today to get a jump on things. Have a great day everyone. Keep cool and hydrated. Another hot one here -- but it doesn't seem to be as bad as it was earlier this week.

    Ginny B
    Levittown, NY

    Re: Good morning

    Good morning friends. I had a quiet day upon our return yesterday. I did have to run into town to get some drugs for Les. He got stung on the foot by something, a spider or bee or horsefly, not sure but it is swollen quite a bit. Benadryl here we come. He is not up yet so I can't look at it. It is possible that he will go back to the camp for the weekend. I hope so, then I can get some things done around here.

    While I was away, I received my prize package from Bear Creek Quilting, a beautiful set of 21 fat quarters in solid colors.


    It looks like it might rain here today, but the grass so desperately needs to be cut. I could maybe start. It is going to take me two days to do it all. We shall see.

    Have a great day friends.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


      Re: Good morning

      Ginny, Will be thinking of you as you begin the final clearing out of your family home. I'm glad my parents sold our family home and moved to an apartment as there was less for we kids to clear out after they passed. I lived in that house since I was a small child until I got married. Down side was that they gave or threw away some items I would have liked to have. One in particular was the small rock maple dresser that my sisters and I used over the years, did get the tall dresser that my brothers used. That has been passed down to DGD Catherine.

      Humidity seems to be low today which is fine with me. Have an appointment at 11 and we probably get new phones afterwards. Maybe I'll treat DH and myself to lunch while we're out. He's been doing a lot for me the past few days while I've been down in the dumps and I'm so tired of being on a low salt and low carb diet. Bought a no card loaf of bread the other day and had a toasted slice this morning with my coffee - talk about gritty! Will take some super tooth brushing to remove the bits and pieces of the grains.


        Re: Good morning

        It is another hot one here today. Just resting so far this morning but will get busy after lunch. Tomorrow a group of quilters are getting together to paint on our barn quilts. I think this will be fun. And it can all be done in an air conditioned house.


          Re: Good morning

          Awe Ginny...I know how you feel....tears come to the surface for me, much easier than they used too. I can't imagine parting with something, that has been a huge part of my life for so long. Hot here too. I will be working on the retreat favors again today. They aren't difficult...just time consuming...40+ will take some time, lol.
          Tomorrow is my little man Gabes birthday. He will be 7 yrs old. He is getting waaaay to big for my liking. He had to undergo a neuro psychology testing a while back....and while I expected some of the results, some of them caught me off guard. To me he is so bright, and smart (he really is)...just has some issues that were not properly addressed at school last year, so that has put him farther behind....hopefully, this year they will get it right...and give him the kind of help he needs, and teach him the way he needs to be taught. It isn't that he can't learn it...just needs to be taught differently. Considering what he has been through, and how far he has come...I am still so very proud of him. It could have been so much worse, considering the amount of brain trauma he had.
          Enough gloom and doom. We are taking him to see 'All About Pets' tomorrow. He wants to do that instead of going out to eat. His party was 2 wks ago. I have the day off today, so I do need to get busy.
          Blankets wrap you in warmth, quilts wrap you in love



            Re: Good morning

            Good afternoon,
            Was out this am running errands before it got stifling out there.

            Got good news from my daughter on her 1 st round of biopsies, they are benign! I cried happy tears when I heard. She has to go for another round the beginning of August hopefully we will get good results on those to.

            Working on a small two toned lace pumpkin. Got the embroidery machine on the dining room table still as it's too hot up in the sewing room. It amazes me still what these machines can do.

            My husband has a dinner meeting tonight so I am looking forward to a nice BLT with some of the first tomatoes from the garden, yum!
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              Re: Good morning

              Cathy, great new on your DD's results!!!!

              Scottie Mom Barb


                Re: Good morning

                Good afternoon! I spent all morning in the kitchen making a big batch of chicken soup (from scratch, of course) for DH. He eats this every night for supper. It's a good 4 hr. job from start to finish--meaning all the kettles, etc. are washed & put away. I was thankful for a cooler morning, with a good breeze. We've been getting some haze; I think it's from a fire in Wyoming. It just now reached 90 deg., which is cooler than it was yest.

                Yest. a.m. I worked in the flower bed again. Finished removing some sod around the edges, then replanted the perennials. It looks nice. Two down, 2 to go. I have sore muscles today. Tomorrow I'll enjoy a potluck lunch with a group of ladies. I called the local deli & ordered 2 lb. of curried chicken salad to take. It saves me the work of making something. I like to take a meat or cheese item to potlucks to have some protein to balance out all the other high carb. salads. & desserts.

                I finished sewing the binding on the Little Ark #6 baby quilt, but it still needs a label. My printer currently isn't working, so I can't make my fabric sheet labels. I may get some help with it tomorrow. A friend from church has helped me a few times with printer/computer problems.

                Well, time for a late lunch.