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Wednesday, it's Wednesday

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    Wednesday, it's Wednesday

    Good morning friends. It was certainly a cooler day yesterday but I believe it will be a much warmer day today. Not much happening. I finally got my call about my surgery yesterday. Date is set as Aug 3rd. I have to call the day before to get my time. So it's all a go. I will be glad when it is over.

    Spaghetti sauce was made last night to take to camp this weekend. Baked beans were made on Sunday. We are going to the camp on Sunday and return on Wednesday. I am looking forward to it, no hydro, no phones just peace and quiet on a lake. There are only three other hunt camps on the lake so I imagine we will have the whole lake to ourselves. I hope to get lots of fishing in too.

    So, I am almost done the butterfly quilt. I should be done quilting today. It will be nice to have that finished. I wish I had an embroidery machine so I could make an awesome label for it. But I can print one using fabric sheets. I will make do with what I have.

    So hi ho hi ho it's off to work I go. Have an awesome day friends because you deserve it. And SMILE because you can.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: Wednesday, it's Wednesday

    Good morning. It's a cooler morning here today. Sounds like a peaceful camping trip Monique. And you've got some yummy food going along with you too.

    Nothing much happening here. Just work, getting a new bookcase set up in my sewing room (it's now the home to my magazines on the bottom shelf and solid colors fabric on the top), some gardening and housework. I think maybe this weekend I might tackle the spare bedroom downstairs that will be the new home for my mom's hope chest that I will be taking from Brooklyn. That is if I don't actually going into Brooklyn. We are pretty close to being done there now. I have to get some more plants from the backyard there and move them here so I might consider that as what I want to accomplish.

    OK, off to get this day going. Hope everyone has a great day.
    Ginny B
    Levittown, NY


      Re: Wednesday, it's Wednesday

      Good morning Monique and all who follow. I must have missed the post about your surgery, not sure what it is but will be praying for good results and a speedy recovery for you Monique. Your trip to the lake sounds heavenly, enjoy.

      It was a lot cooler here yesterday and a beautiful evening last night. Looks to be much warmer today, but since I'm planning to stay indoors all day I really don't care. I will venture out for my water exercise class at 11, but other than than I'm inside, hopefully geting some sewing in.

      I bought the Brother 1634d serger a couple weeks ago. It took me 3 days to get the thing threaded properly - LOL. I was having some trouble getting the tension and stitch length/width set and it the process of trying it out yesterday the right needle broke. Now I have to figure out how to change two needles at the same time. Im beginning to wonder if serging is really for me. But I will say though, the seams on my shoe bags are finished so much prettier than my old zig zag seam finishings.

      Have a lovely day everyone


        Re: Wednesday, it's Wednesday

        Morning g all,
        Slept in a little later than usual today so just getting my first cup of coffee. Looks to be another hot one but I'm working on an embroidery project which will keep me in the house. My husband and grandson are off fishing this morning so I have plenty of me time to work on it.
        Wanted to get in the garden and deadhead my roses but my husband was out pulling some weeds up and disturbed a yellow jacket nest next to the rosebushes so I don't think that I'll go near there today.
        Well, coffee's finished now to do a few chores and then get that machine running! Wishing everyone a good day.
        Visit my Flickr page, sewing and cakes![email protected]/


          Re: Wednesday, it's Wednesday

          Good Morning All,

          I've been sewing up a storm but not quilting. My daughter's wedding is this Saturday (the hottest day of the year) and I've made satin lined robes and zipper pouches for the bridesmaids. I also made a couple zipper pouches for the ring bearers. Will fill with some quiet items for them to play with during Mass. Neither of them go to church so behavior might not be the best. Next week I need to get busy getting everything ready for a sewing retreat August 1-5. I will be about 45 minutes north of Missouri Star and am planning a trip to check out the new shops for Wednesday. The following week I'm in Lexington, KY so it's a busy time.

          Have a Great Day.


            Re: Wednesday, it's Wednesday

            Good morning- another sunny day in good ole Ontario and it is forecast to be warmer than yesterday. I just love the summer weather, I only wish it would rain a little here. Things are so dry and the farmers are having a difficult time without the rain. I keep carrying my buckets of water to my tomato and pepper plants. They are growing so big and just loaded with fruit but need some water every day.

            I am slowly (emphasis on slow) putting together the blocks of my Jacob's Ladder. It is very easy to mix up the blocks if you aren't careful (ask me how I know) so it is a slow job but so worthwhile. Today I will continue with that and I am sure it will be done today. Then I have to drive across the border to pick up my parcel of fabric I ordered so I can finish the borders. I am looking forward to being able to send it off to my new long armer friend Tracy at Maple Leaf Quilting Company. She is amazing.

            Monique I can lend you my hand crank machine if you want to sew while you are at the lake. It works like a charm.

            We are going to sit with 3 of our grandsons this weekend while DS and DIL participate in a "Mud Run" Sounds fun. We'll have some fun with the boys. Not sure yet what we'll do but it is forecast for hot weather so I'm sure there will be water involved.

            Need to get going and shower and on with the day. Have a good one.
            Grandma Nan



            "Some of the best memories are created in flip flops"


              Re: Wednesday, it's Wednesday

              Originally posted by Carol336 View Post
              I bought the Brother 1634d serger a couple weeks ago. It took me 3 days to get the thing threaded properly - LOL. I was having some trouble getting the tension and stitch length/width set and it the process of trying it out yesterday the right needle broke. Now I have to figure out how to change two needles at the same time. Im beginning to wonder if serging is really for me. But I will say though, the seams on my shoe bags are finished so much prettier than my old zig zag seam finishings.

              Have a lovely day everyone
              I have that serger too, I received it as a Christmas gift and threading it is so hard because the instructions are such junk. Do you Facebook? There is a group on there specifically for the serger and their files are fantastic, there are you tube videos for everything! It took me almost 3 hours to get it set correctly the first time, but I've zipped right along with it since, changing the needles wasn't too bad because I left the loopers threaded, the needles are just like sewing machine needles, only the one is slightly higher set than the other so it does look funky.

              Today I will be using my serger to finish up odds and ends projects that are laying around from my experimental sewing this summer. Then I hope to make my daughter a pile of new underpants from the pile of scraps I have, that cotton/Lycra blend doesn't come cheap, it is a common thing to do with the scraps so I made her a pair and she is in LOVE, and keeps begging for more. So, that is today. I'm also deciding on a raglan pattern for me because I have an awesome fabric I want to make a raglan with for me!

              Yesterday was hectic, at 10am we were headed to the subway station to meet friends downtown, we had already had both kids go through their eye exams and one had a cavity treated!! Then we went to ride the SkyView Ferris wheel (totally overpriced, but they enjoyed it) and then played in the water at the Olympic Rings fountain in the park. Walking around downtown and hanging out with friends was a win all around! I was so tired that I didn't sew a stitch after we got back, but I did go through my fabric and make sure I had in my mind what I wanted to make with all of it and got reorganize. This is a constant challenge as I'm relegated to the corner of my bedroom and only own a serger here in Atlanta, so I try to squeeze as much clothing sewing as I can into our short stays here!

              Our big excitement today is waiting on a call from the optician to pick up my daughter's new glasses. She is SO excited. The eye doctor thinks they will help her to stay focused in school, which is always a challenge.... So if we can remove her brain from just one more task, it will be good!! She is 7 1/2 and one day wants to be my baby and the next day wants to be a teenager, the identity crisis of this age is new territory for me, but I'm just loving her through it!! Apparently glasses are very stylish these days and she is overjoyed!!!


                Re: Wednesday, it's Wednesday

                Morning everyone and all who follow. It is an absolutely gorgeous day out there. I'm a bit melancholy because the pop-up garden centers have all closed down. That's always a sign of the end of summer for me....which is ridiculous since I no longer have a garden! lol

                Today and tomorrow will be HECTIC! Then Friday we hit the road for our trip to the east coast. Tonight it's groceries, and sorting of clothing and prepping for snacks for the road, getting odds and ends to make that more organized at the dollar store and need to pick up some ice packs. What's really frustrating is work is a bit slow right now so making the days so very long! Yesterday I had a list of things to accomplish and got none of them done as I had a headache all night. Much better today thankfully.

                Liam has been getting his high school volunteer hours in this week at a local Nature Center and boy is he a grumpy bear at night! Now he knows what it's like to work all day and be tired when you get home! LOL! Hopefully he snaps out of it before our trip or he may have to travel in the trunk!

                Sending love and hugs to all in need! xoxox


                  Re: Wednesday, it's Wednesday

                  Everyone is so busy this morning, hope you get all your projects completed.

                  Ginny, You mentioned digging up plants from your family's garden reminded me of the hostas that I that I have in my backyard. When I was a child I helped my grandfather plant the original two hostas in the backyard of our home in Brooklyn and when we bought our house my mother dug up 2 small plants for my bare backyard. They have been divided and replanted so many times over the past 60 years and still going strong. We refer to them as The Brooklyn plants.

                  Off to clean up our office, we've been going through old stuff and there are folders and papers all over and a bunch that need shredding.


                    Re: Wednesday, it's Wednesday

                    Morning Everyone,

                    It's a gloomy day here and feels like a storm might be brewing. Rain has not been forecasted for at least another week.

                    After Jeff gets home from work today we are going to Cuba to see what's left of our apartment. We went to court on this July 5 and they gave the tenant two more weeks, which ended yesterday. I had complaints from the tenants on either side of her that there was breaking glass and hammering on the walls. I dread finding out.

                    I gave the sewing room a lick and a promise this morning. It's neater but it's still a mess. Is a neat mess better than a messy mess?I watched a couple of sewing room organization videos on YouTube earlier today and got motivated.

                    Monique, wishing you a wonderful getaway.
                    Robin, I know how hectic things are for you right now. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

                    Hugs all around....

                    Scottie Mom Barb


                      Re: Wednesday, it's Wednesday

                      I've got the bed stripped & laundry started. After I get dressed, I'll hang the pillows out on the line in the sun for a few hrs. It was 99 here yest. & looks like it will be just as hot today. Chance of afternoon thundershowers. Two people in the Denver area yest. were struck by lightning when they were out on the golf course. Lightning is a big hazard in this state--so is hail.

                      I finished the Little Ark #6 quilt top yest. Time to clip the threads on it, press it, trim up the backing fabric, press it, then it will be ready to sandwich & quilt. Oh, I also need to make a sample block sandwich for practice FMQ. I make one for every quilt I make. I keep them for reference. I write on the back with a Sharpie the pattern name & date I made it. I also document by taking pics of all my quilts. I don't really keep a journal per se.

                      Well, time for breakfast.


                        Re: Wednesday, it's Wednesday

                        Hi all,

                        Isn't this adorable. ♡♡♡
                        I am thinking about maybe, finding me a Ragdoll Kitty, in the future, I had a Persian + Siamese years back. Can anyone point me in the right direction.

                        There is also a Munchkin Cat I like too....

                        Sending hugs your way Robin.

                        Barb... Yes.....but my organized mess, quickly turned into a disaster...... I am trying to get it fixed but it's just NOT really right.
                        Does anyone have any
                        Ideas for magazines, and their patterns, and being able to find them after you put them on the shelf.......grrrr.

                        Have a good day blessed.

                        The footprint's in the sand are not mine, but is that of the Lord's, who has been carrying me....

                        ~~~~Sewn By Bee


                          Re: Wednesday, it's Wednesday

                          Morning y'all.

                          Looks like a lot of y'all are about to go on trips. They sound fun. Wish I was going.

                          I finished a table topper last night (the Stargello) so today I'm going to look for a suitable backing fabric. I think I have some scraps from one of my quilt backs, so I've got to find them and set them aside.

                          I'm dropping a few people off at the airport today. They are people from my church who are going on a 2 week mission trip to Malawi. I've been on mission trips before, but not to Africa. It's such a long flight! Not for me.

                          Then I've got to buy some tickets for the Alaska train. A friend and I are going on a cruise to Alaska next month so we are busy planning every port, every hour so we won't miss a thing. It's almost as fun as going on the cruise itself. So much to see and do.

                          Y'all be safe, drink lots of water and stay out of the sun.


                            Re: Wednesday, it's Wednesday

                            Here I am reading about everyone's day while my husband packs the truck. We are headed to the lake for a week. We will be camping in a house we are rehabbing. It isn't really camping but with only patio furniture moved so far, it feels like camping. We are enlarging the bathroom to be handicap friendly. The house is great but we need a bathroom that takes care of us into the future. My DH loves to supervise projects. I left my featherweight machine there last trip so will be able to work on a UFO.

                            Better check to see what is left to load. Have a great day all.