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It's a Tuesday kind of day

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    It's a Tuesday kind of day

    It's not only Tuesday but close to the end of the month!!! Holy crapiola. Can we slow down time a little please.

    Nothing exciting in my world right now. Work, work, work, and quilt quilt quilt. That butterfly quilt is getting close to completion.

    So today is just another quilt, I mean work day.

    Have a great day everyone.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: It's a Tuesday kind of day

    God morning Monique and all who follow. Looks like it's gonna be a hot one today here in more time!!!! But I promised myself I wasn't going to complain about the heat after the nasty cold and rainy spring we had this year.

    I won't get much sewing done on my shoe bags today...meeting a BFF from high school for lunch. We usually end up sitting for a couple of hours just chatting and catching up on each other's lives. She's a fantastic garment sewist and teaches sewing classes in her home. She usually likes to remind me of an incident many many years ago, where she was trying to teach me to make a pair of pants (probably in the polyester ages) and I sewed the legs together. I have no memory of that, but it could easily be the reason I steer clear of garment sewing in any way shape or form - LOL.

    When I get home from lunch I'll have to launch into getting ready to go out for our Tuesday evening dance club event. I was hoping to get a few more shoe bags completed before tonight, but I doubt it'll happen now. I did get a special order one finished up over the I'll make a few bucks on that one tonight. I usually sell one or two at every dance event we attend so I like to keep a variety of them made up.

    Have a lovely day everyone.


      Re: It's a Tuesday kind of day

      Good Morninot All.....It's going to be another hot, humid day in our neck of the woods. No rain in sight for at lease another week. At least the storms have moved on.

      I had a bad day yesterday but I feel better after getting some good sleep last night. Not sure what I will tackle today but I should clean out the closet in my sewing room and think about Christmas gifts. Normally I have Christmas all sorted in my head and actively working like a little elf....this isn't happening this year.

      Gaga, I hope you and all the others heal quickly from your falls.

      Wishing everyone a good day.

      Scottie Mom Barb


        Re: It's a Tuesday kind of day

        Good morning everyone

        Nothing new here to report on but just wanted to say a good morning to all my friends. I will be spending most of the day in my sewing room. I do have to run out this morning to buy a few groceries and make a chili for dinner but other than that I'm sewing.

        Have a great day.
        Grandma Nan



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          Re: It's a Tuesday kind of day

          Yes, It's Tuesday and on the way home after PT I hope to shop for Friday's lunch when DGD Christine, DH and their 5 month old baby will be visiting. He's such a cute chubby little guy and I plan to spend a lot of great time with him while he is visiting his great grandpa and I.
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            Re: It's a Tuesday kind of day

            May that wee guy is adorable!! Monique I agree, time is passing WAY too quickly this summer! Wow. Barb, sorry you had a bad day yesterday and glad today is better! Nancy, I'm very jealous of your being able to sew all day! Carol, have fun at your dance club! Sounds interesting!

            This week is going to be chaotic at best. Tonight I have a mountain of laundry to do to get ready for our trip (we leave on Friday). Tomorrow, shop for and prepare healthy trip food as I can't eat at those rest stops any more and they are few and far between in Quebec anyway and usually off the highway which slows me down. Have to empty the fridge also of anything that may rot, and then finish cleaning bathrooms. Tomorrow, the dog and bird need to go to Guelph...I will miss them. Then Thursday night will be packing the car and more prepping of travel food. Then off Friday morning! REALLY HARD to be at work this week!!

            Sending love and hugs to all who need them!! xoxox


              Re: It's a Tuesday kind of day

              Tuesday Hello's,
              What a beautiful day we are having.

              Nay, hes such a cute little guy.

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                Re: It's a Tuesday kind of day

                Good day all. It is going to be super hot here again today. The plan is to stay inside, unless I have to go out. Yesterday the heat index topped out at 107*. Gabe's ball game was cancelled, thank goodness, because of the heat. Hoping they do the same for tonight's game.
                I managed to finish getting a top together yesterday, and another top quilted and bound. It feels good, to feel well enough to actually sit at my machine and sew, and to stand long enough to cut a little bit. Now I need to get busy on my favors for the retreat. I do need to get busy on those as well.
                Hugs and blessings to all...prayers for those in need.
                Blankets wrap you in warmth, quilts wrap you in love



                  Re: It's a Tuesday kind of day

                  Good day! We're having a heat wave here, lots of humidity. DS and grandkids are here until the end of the month and I'm staying busy cooking and doing laundry. We're heading to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg tomorrow morning for a couple of days. Yay! I won't have to cook for awhile. I've managed to squeeze in some quilting early in the mornings. I've almost got the guild's display quilt finished.
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                    Re: It's a Tuesday kind of day

                    We are going to have another hot day. We needed to get the alfalfa bales off the field so we can start the irrigation so we got an early start of hauling before the heat gets us. Now i need to remember , don't take my water pill until after we are done. The pickup used to haul is to high off the ground for me to get in and out without a stool!! I made it but it was getting scary about the last 1/2 hour. ��. I hope to get into my sewing room after lunch and get started on a log cabin cross.


                      Re: It's a Tuesday kind of day

                      It's past noon already. I had a dental appt. this a.m. for routine cleaning & check. Sad news. There is decay under one of my crowns, which will necessitate removing the crown, filling the cavity, then needing a new crown. I just went through this a few mos. ago with another tooth. Grrr.

                      I stopped on the way home for groc. I had my quick Wendy's lunch, which is a jr. bacon cheeseburger & a sm. choc. frostee. I have one of the coupon keys, so the frostee is free. I can eat lunch for $1.83. I don't do it often, since I rarely eat beef, & also there is so much sodium in the food! It always makes me thirsty.

                      The gardener lady is here weeding today. The lawn service just mowed. I'm hoping to get more done this afternoon on the "Little Ark" baby quilt. I'm ready to sew together the rows of blocks.

                      It's hot here, too. The last time I checked the thermometer it read 96 deg.!

                      I enjoyed today's quilting story. That little baby quilt really made the rounds, didn't it.


                        Re: It's a Tuesday kind of day

                        It's almost 8:30pm...and I've felt "off" all day.... Something just not quite right...KWIM?

                        I finally got my star quilt top put together...cornerstones and all...I'll post a pic tomorrow... Pieced my fav handprint fabric for the backing... I need a bolt if that fabric! It's do cute....

                        Tomorrow I have an appointment with my glaucoma doc.... Can't tell you how much I hate going... Bern seeing eye specialists since birth... No pain involved... I just have a bad attitude, I guess... I misunderstood the directions for one of my eye drops, do my left eye might need laser surgery... Crossing my fingers....

                        It's been very hot here, so I am grateful fir my central air.... It makes a huge difference... I'm old enough to remember when only theaters and department stores had AC.... It was awful...but, the heat and humidity were just part if life, in those days... It just was...

                        Got to go wash my hsir...but I hate to disturb my little guys... Finny is on my lap, snuggled under his quilt, and Sprncer, who is the larger of the teo, is curled up by my side... However... My hair needs washing... Should have seen to it earlier... The time just creeps up on you in the summer, though, doesn't it?

                        Sandy from Cincinnati

                        AKA Kermit


                          Re: It's a Tuesday kind of day

                          Good evening all! Sounds like many have had productive days. My "wounds" from my fall feel a little better but I look a little like a prize fighter - who lost! Afraid the shoulder is going to be a problem as I'm still unable to lift it but will find out if surgery is necessary next week. I'm afraid that might impede my sewing! I have been able to work on retreat favors though. Spent a very hot day at our fair watching grands show their sheep. Really hot for the kids and animals! Like others, I hate to complain too much about hot weather! Sorry to gear about your tooth, JCY. Sandy, my sister is having similar issues with her eyes. I'm a big baby - I don't like going to the dentist or eye doc! I go, but I don't like it!
                          Brenda. :icon_wave: