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It's finally Friday

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    It's finally Friday

    It is a lot cooler this morning. Made it better for sleeping last night. Yesterday was grocery day and that is about all I did for the day.

    I work today which means quilting time. Maizyn was asking about her quilt. Hopefully it should either be done or close to being done this week. A birthday party tomorrow for my brother is in the plans.

    I was so excited to hear that I had won on Facebook from Bear Creek Quilting a 20 fat quarter bundle. And me that never wins. I could be the only name in the draw and I would not win. LOL!! I was pretty excited about that.

    So that is what lies ahead for me.

    Have a wonderful Friday and weekend all.
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!

    Re: It's finally Friday

    Morning, Monique and all the other quilty friends that joins in after....

    Still waiting on the bobbin cover, screw driver, & magnifying attachment for my Brother simplicity SB3129 (ya know, the ones the cat played with and lost). The items shipped July 12th; per USPS, they were scanned around 5:30 PM LEAVING Dickson, TN. That is the last update per the tracking status. I'm so aggravated! So much for me paying extra for Priority 3 day shipping!

    Hoping to end the week on a positive note at work. A new procedure is starting today with another subsidiary entry for invoice payment with the company I work for. Friday is always busy finishing the weekly check run and I may have an extra one to
    "attempt" to complete as well.

    Then, the weekend will be catch up and hopefully sewing/quilting...provided I get my ordered items!!!!!

    "Don't let someone else's ugly spoil your beautiful. " Thanks, Bubby!!!!!!


      Re: It's finally Friday

      Morning Everyone,

      Another Friday and a new tutorial from Jenny. Lots of snowballing but it's a cute design that I may give a try one of these days. I seem to be stalled with my sewing lately.

      There is laundry and some housework first thing this morning to get out of the way. The Girls are up and asking for their morning treats so I'm off for now to get our day started.

      Take care everyone.

      Scottie Mom Barb


        Re: It's finally Friday

        Hi there strangers, sorry I've been MIA! Once we got back to the US and fought the jet lag monster, it's been a low-tech summer. Right around when I was getting excited for my days of hiding in my sewing space and escaping my mother-in-law (who was here for a week, 5 days too long) my husband woke me up having chest pains and was hospitalized for 2 days. That put our summer plans in a tailspin but I gain more time at home, therefore more time to stitch away!!

        My husband is fine now, just resting and rebuilding strength. He has a cardiac surgeon who says it wasn't a heart attack, a cardiologist who said it is the best description for it, but it doesn't match all the criteria. The cath lab images revealed a physical abnormality in the structure of an artery, and explained how they thought that was related to the pain, they said it could be something he has always had, and they put him on medications to help reduce the risk of a recurrence. They don't even want to see him again until next summer!

        So, my 7 year old went to sleep away camp, my son (5) and I spent 3 days in Orlando with my Mom and had a great time. We're home now with no house guests and no plans for a full week. It's lovely!!


          Re: It's finally Friday

          Rocking Lou,
          Sorry to hear that your husband had another bout with chest pain. That's always so scary both for the patient and the family.
          Sounds like the docs have a handle on it though.Your hubby can get back to his routine minus-the salt. Take care Kathy
          All quilts cat tested and approved.


            Re: It's finally Friday

            So sorry to hear about your husband's chest pains, RockinLou, and glad to hear he's on the mend. What a scary ordeal.
            Shermur, hope your package arrives today.

            We had lots of thunder and lightening last night, but not a drop of rain. We sure could use it. The forecast calls for rain, but it goes above or below us. I will spend time watering the gardens and hope we get some rain this weekend. We will be heading out to a new (to us) restaurant tonight. After the gardening, I hope to spend time on my 365 blocks.

            Have a good day, everyone.


              Re: It's finally Friday

              Nice summer morning and hope it stays that way, or at least the humidity keeps low.

              Lou, Glad your DH is doing better and hope you and the family enjoy the rest of your vacation in the US.

              Went through my quilt magazines and decided the only ones i need to keep are the Block ones. So yesterday I dropped off several stacks of quilt magazines at my guild's Library along with a bag of big scrap in our stash room. My plan to donate lots of quilt books as well as some more big scraps may be in jeopardy as the guild may be moving to another location which I'm sure won't include a library room and a stash room as well as a meeting place.

              Guild began over 25 years ago with an association with a small historic park in the next town. We hold our meetings in the main building, The Annex (a small ranch house) is for workshops, stash/ supplies and library and quilt shows are held in all those buildings as well as the farmer's house and barn. From what i gather our 'rent' was the proceeds of our annual queen sized quilt raffle. Park is now part of the town's park system, all previous employees were let go, guild became a separate group and who knows what other changes have occurred.

              I'm co chair of our Project Pillowcases and was told we can no longer store our fabrics and supplies in a cabinet in the stash room, guess the other community outreach groups were told the same thing. Where to put our stuff? Who is going to drag it to pillowcase sews in at a new site which most likely be in a local church or school with no place to store our stuff? No time to solve that problem right how so let's all have a good day.
              Good Morning.jpg
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                Re: It's finally Friday

                Congrats Monique on your win!! That's a great addition to your stash!! Lou, I am sorry your DH was ill...glad it was not too serious and he's being monitored. May, maybe your local library could use some of your books if your guild can't keep them? I know my library is sorely lacking.

                Lots going on here...I'm in the middle of testing a new system...was hoping to get it done before my holidays but there are issues so not sure. Last night Liam and I spent 3 hours cleaning our fish tank which it sorely needed. Still more work to was an algae factory in there! Here's a pic if you like:

                fresh 1.jpg

                The rest of the weekend will be cleaning my room and getting laundry caught up, dusting, vacuuming, major kitchen clean and cleaning bird cages (I think I just have way too many pets!!). Then next week, I work Tuesday to Thursday then vacation starts Friday. Feeling like I may need a vacation from my vacation!

                Sending love and hugs to all in need!! xoxxo