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Monday morning hellos

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    Monday morning hellos

    Hello Folksies

    Mondays are usually a real mixed bag for me. I believe that today will be just that. I have so much to do that I wasn't able to get accomplished over the weekend . . . then again, who's my boss? I suppose one of the benefits of being my age and sort of semi-retired is that I can do what I want, when I want. Yeah. right. Everyone has a boss somewhere in their day - even if it is Father Time. If I could catch him - boy, what I would be able to accomplish!!

    With all the hubbub that has surrounded my life this year, I kinda think I've lost my mojo. Oh yes, it's true. I mean, I have still been actively completing and sending out COC's. I mean, it is just hard for me to settle on gifts for the upcoming holidays later this year. Please, close your mouth before you swallow flies. I know Christmas is 6 months away. But if you were in my head, it is tomorrow. I am already so far behind I will never catch up. Sigh.

    So Sarah and I skype just about everyday. Sometimes twice a day. Tyler loves for me to read to him on Skype. We also like to sing and dance together which is quite hilarious. His favorite book is STILL Llama, Llama Red Pajama - all three of us know it by heart, word for word. Whenever he realizes that Sarah and I are chatting, he runs in with that book, lifts it up and says Mama with a big smile. (He still calls Sarah Nana and me Mama) I know, I know we are kinda backwards. But he does call Sarah Nana and since he has heard forever her call me Mama, that is who I am. Sarah tried to get him to call me Mommyheart and he just points at me, shakes his head no and says Mama.

    Okay, folksies, off to find the coffee pot. Let's all strive to find goodness and keep a smile on our face and in our hearts.

    Sewing mends the soul.

    Do the math; count your blessings
    Laughing is good exercise. It's like jogging on the inside. Unless we are creating we are not fully alive
    ~ Madeleine L'Engle

    Re: Monday morning hellos

    Good morning Blondie and all who follow. Last day of road trip. We are in Manitoulin island this morning. we were sitting on the porch last night enjoying a glass of wine. Deer were coming out of the woods, some walking right past us and one had a wee fawn with her. They entertained for quite a while. It has been a wonderful three days. I don't think I have bought one kit on this trip and really not much fabric for that matter. I hit an awesome deal at len's Mills with a 60% coupon on clearance. I found fabric for the back of another butterfly quilt. Clearance price was 4.16/metre. I took what was left, 8.5m, another 15% off for end of bolt, paid 13.33 for it all. Today we have about 6 or 7 shops on the list today and our final stop is HOME! Always nice to get home.

    Have a great day friends!
    Blessed are the children of the piecemakers for they shall inherit the quilts!


      Re: Monday morning hellos

      Good morning Blondie and all to come. Isn't Skype a great thing. I am planning on using it a lot myself after my grandbaby arrives. I am actually going to be attending my son and dil's "Reveal Party" via Skype in August when we find out if it's a grandson or granddaughter. My sis is going to be here with me too and maybe my two eldest sons (uncles-in-waiting).

      Monique, sounds like you are having a wonderful trip. Enjoy the last day of your trip.

      It's back-to-work Monday for me. We had a great week off but it's back on schedule today. I'm expecting it to be a very busy few days catching up.

      Have a good day everyone.
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      Ginny B
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        Re: Monday morning hellos

        Good morning Blondie- nice to see you again in an early morning time slot. Kids! They just steal your heart and don't you love their simple reasoning. It is also such a good example of how a child lives what they see and hear. We need to be so careful to plant the seeds of peace, kindness, tolerance, love and sharing in those little minds if we want the world to become a better place. They are our future. I laughed at your reference to Christmas being tomorrow in your head, I operate that same way and get into a royal panic the first time I go shopping when the Christmas decorations have gone up in the stores (right around Hallowe'en).

        My day has started out with some cleaning already, our real estate agent texted last night and we have a showing this morning at 10. I am so tired of this- I just wish someone would buy it and we could move on. For us, we have already moved in our head- as soon as we made the decision to move we were (mentally) out of here and now we just need our bodies to join us. I am also getting tired of living in this unnaturally clean, neat and tidy environment at all times. This morning I have to go to my sewing room and move my quilt blocks I have laying out for putting together. I sure hope that I don't get them mixed up ( I do have a picture but it would be hard to put it back if I mixed them up) . Hoping that these people love the house and that we can move along with our plans.

        Had a great weekend. Friday DH and I took my dad and we spent the day at my brother and SIL's cottage. Then on Saturday we went to the Quilt Show in Wellington Ontario. Yesterday I sewed and of course left my blocks all laying out so I could finish putting the blocks together today. Oh well. I love having showings because if we don't have showings we sure wont sell.

        Well I better finish this cuppa and get my little last minute jobs done ( I make that sink just sparkle before I leave, ha ha) DH thinks I'm going to rub the surface off the skin. Have a good day everyone.
        Grandma Nan



        "Some of the best memories are created in flip flops"


          Re: Monday morning hellos

          Morning all. Great to see you, Blondie. FMQ today--always a white-knuckle experience for me (though I'm becoming less anxious about it, finally!).
          Courtesy is not optional.


            Re: Monday morning hellos

            Hello and good morning.
            Monday is here, and all I want to know is, where the weekend went....syyyye. My game plan is...

            Then, the grand baby is coming out to visit....yea, can't wait to see him.

            I did find some inspiration on quilting TV and some Links, for FM quilting templates. A few weeks ago on Sewing with Nancy, at the last part of the show, she had a guest, who was Hand Quilting , using a disc, like template. I would love to know what she was using, if anyone knows, please tell me. It would be grate for adding some hand quilting, in a block, or negative spaces, without marking on the fabric, which doesn't really work well for me, and it would just be alaround better, faster, and accurate.

            Wishing everyone a great week. Blessings be many,
            Peace and kindness for all, all, around the world.

            The footprint's in the sand are not mine, but is that of the Lord's, who has been carrying me....

            ~~~~Sewn By Bee


              Re: Monday morning hellos

              Good morning all.
              Blondie, I know what you mean about Christmas. It's always here before I'm ready for it.
              Monique, enjoy your last day. It's great to arrive back home after being away awhile.
              Ginny, pace yourself as you head back to work. Those first few days are exhausting.
              Nan, I hope your showing goes well and you can move on in your plans.
              Angelia, have fun with your FMQing today. Can't wait to see what you make.
              Bee, I'm not familiar with the templates you're talking about as I never hand quilt. Hope someone comes along to help you with that.

              I will spend most of the day cleaning after being gone last week. Started the kitchen yesterday, right after all that laundry. I am working on 2 quilts for PICU. I put the inner border on one and am waiting on the outer border material to arrive - maybe Thursday? I got the material prepped for the other one and hope to get the blocks together today.

              Hope everyone has a great day!


                Re: Monday morning hellos

                Good morning everyone,

                I think this is going to be a confession post for me today, so you may want to stop reading now.

                First run following my run coaches' plan. He said he was being nice, mostly because I am still sick, which I am. In fact, after I ran up the hill on the way home (always have to run up this hill, even if I'm not running at the time...just because), well after I got to the top I started coughing and couldn't stop for a bit. I am asthmatic and my asthma shows up as a cough and not wheezing. Walked for a bit and it went away. Haven't had anything like that happen in a long time. I take both of my inhalers before I run. At any rate, week 1, day 1 is done.

                I have done a LOT of soul searching recently and I think the light has come on or I have achieved that "ah ha" moment. You see, the job that I lost at the end of August last year (can't believe it's been so long), well I was bullied for about 3 years and no one would help me. I know I have become terrified to find another job, because I'm afraid something like this might happen.

                I also don't really want to work full time, nor do I want to work as a Law Clerk.

                It seems that hiring a coach and turning 54 has helped me put my ducks in a row. Now to figure out what to do.

                Thanks for listening.

                PS Monique, it sounds like you had an awesome time. Safe trip home.


                  Re: Monday morning hellos

                  Blondie your grandson sounds like my oldest one. When he was little he would tell people he lives with Granny and Gramps and spends the night with Momma and Daddy. When my Children were growing up my Husbands dad would There's a Wocket in my Pocket by Dr. Suez. He hated seeing them coming with that book. One year for Christmas they gave him a new copy of the book and he just chuckled. Now the Great Grands all have a copy of the Book for their Momma and Daddy's to read to them.


                    Re: Monday morning hellos

                    It's mid-afternoon. I'm just getting here to the Forum. I wanted to take advantage of the cool morning to get some weeding done in the flower beds. I cut back quite a few perennials that already had bloomed, & dug up a lot of grass & weeds. Dug out one perennial that was spreading everywhere I didn't want it to go. Great ground cover, but not for the spot it was in. I had a master gardener come by on Sat. to give me an estimate of her work. At $40./hr. it will add up in a hurry, so everything I can do myself will be that much less I have to pay someone else to do it. But, I still can't do it all & will need help.

                    It was soooooo HOT yesterday! Our thermometer read 106. Denver was 102 & broke the old record high. The heat & breezes are not good for the firefighters up near Nederland fighting the Cold Springs wildfire. It was started--inadvertently--by transient campers from out of state who were not in a designated camping area. They didn't make sure their fire was totally out--didn't douse it with water & make sure the embers were cool. The wind stirred it up & it spread quickly. They have been arrested & charged with 4th deg. arson. As of yest. eve. ~600 acres were burned, 6 structures (3 were homes), & almost 2,000 people have been evacuated. More homes & structures are threatened. Such carelessness with fire is inexcusable.

                    I got 1 quilt block put together yest. & another one ready to stitch up. Most of my energy this week will be in house cleaning in prep. for my gr. dau's visit on Fri. So I better hop to it!