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Friday has finally arrived

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    Friday has finally arrived

    Well it's here. ROAD TRIP starts today. Both Les and I are packed and ready to go. I know Bonnie is really excited. We are doing 22 shops this year if all goes well. WOOHOO!! So I may or may not see you all until Monday.

    Prayers going out to those in need, you know who you are. And prayers for the families of the victims of those shootings.

    Have a great weekend friends.
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    Re: Friday has finally arrived

    Morning Everyone,

    We had tornadoes on the ground around us this morning....severe storm. Prayers to everyone connected to the Dallas massacre.

    Monique, have yourself a fabulous time and buy lots of goodies.

    My Epstein-Barr is flaring and I will be seeing the doctor again today.

    Wishing everyone a great Friday. Jenny's new tutorial looks like a lot of fun to make.

    Hugs all around....

    Scottie Mom Barb


      Re: Friday has finally arrived

      I am having a hard time coping with all the reported violence. The videos are so disturbing. I feel like as an adult I can't ignore it or pretend it isn't happening. I don't know what to do. What is happening in the world?
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        Re: Friday has finally arrived

        Monique have a great time!
        Barb I hope you feel better soon
        Prayers for the families in Dallas that have suffered losses

        Had a great day yesterday with my crafty friends. We were putting together the "Bionic Gear Bag" and we all managed to get 4 of the 5 zippers in, all the pockets made and the sides put on.....between all the chatting and eating. Fun time. The rest of the bag we will complete on our own and present it at our next get together as "show and tell".


        The new Spinach Strawberry Daquiri salad recipe I tried yesterday was certainly a hit. Great flavours and easy to make!

        DH picked up our new cellphones yesterday. Once we are sure that the new carrier is going to work inside the house, we will hopefully get rid of our landline and save some money! Nice new phones but now a new learning curve to set it up.

        Must jump into the shower now and head off to breakfast with one of my friends from work who is planning to retire soon.

        Have a great day! Make sure you do something you enjoy!
        "I don't need to get organized, I just need a bigger sewing room." :)


          Re: Friday has finally arrived

          Today is a sad day for me. It's 5:20 now but at 9 the vet is coming to pts my beloved dog, Happy. It is her time. She woke up early this morning so I got up with her. I gave her the pain meds early because she seemed like she needed them. Now it is just a matter of waiting for the vet. Sorry to be such a bummer.



            Re: Friday has finally arrived

            Monique, be safe in your travels. Remember, they'res no need to go to The Quilt Store in Newmarket, because I already got the plate for you. Not sure if that store was on your list.

            Its very gloomy here. Might pull out the three blocks that I have to make to catch up on the Leah Day Block of the Month project.

            Happy news here, I have hired a running coach. While this is awesome, it is also terrifying. We start Monday. I had a Skype conversation with him last night (since he lives on the other side of the country) and he was just so awesome. Made me feel totally at ease, even though he is a world class marathoner. Really happy that I reached out, because I'm not getting to be a better runner by just doing it myself.

            At any rate, have a great day and weekend peeps.

            PS Almost forgot to mention that I have my first garment sewing class tomorrow morning. Hopefully that goes well.


              Re: Friday has finally arrived

              Jeannette...I'm so sorry for the loss you will experience today. It's so very difficult to let go of our furkids. Sending you lots of warm love, hugs and kisses! (((HUGS)))

              I am also terribly saddened by the violence that has been happening in the US this week. I know MLK would not condone the violence that occurred in Dallas. I'm so sad that there is so many issues with guns and violence. I'm terribly heartbroken that race is even still an issue in today's world. I just don't understand it. I love all people doesn't matter the colour of their skin! I can't understand why this keeps happening, and my heart cries every time. So tragic. I am thinking of all who are hurting today and wrapping you in lost of big warm (((((HUGS)))) xox


                Re: Friday has finally arrived

                Originally posted by CraftyJnet View Post
                Today is a sad day for me. It's 5:20 now but at 9 the vet is coming to pts my beloved dog, Happy. It is her time. She woke up early this morning so I got up with her. I gave her the pain meds early because she seemed like she needed them. Now it is just a matter of waiting for the vet. Sorry to be such a bummer.
                I'm so sorry. I had to do this in November and it is really painful. Please take care of yourself.


                  Re: Friday has finally arrived

                  Jeannette, I'm so sorry you face this today. It's truly one of the most difficult times one experiences when owning a pet. Just keep remembering the many years of pleasure you had with your little fur baby. Know that this is the right thing to do. It shows, even more, your caring and love.
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                    Re: Friday has finally arrived

                    Sunny day here. Expected high to be in the 90's. The sprinkler repair man has been here. We had a broken off head in the ground, where it was just bubbling. While he was here, I had him check the sprays on all 10 zones to make sure nothing else was damaged, & the spray wasn't going through our chain link fence anywhere near our neighbor's new deck. They built it about 3 ft. from our fence. The required easement at the property line is 5 ft., but I'm sure they didn't bother checking city ordinances or getting a building permit. They've also built an outdoor kitchen & permanent table, complete with granite counter tops, etc. They had their first big party on the 4th. The more adult beverages they consumed, the louder it got. At least this year they didn't set off any illegal fireworks.

                    For the next few days, my sewing is taking a back seat to house cleaning. My gr. dau. is coming on the 15th, so I just HAD to do some cleaning! It needed doing anyway, but I'd been putting it off.

                    All these shootings are very disturbing. The police seem to be gun happy, especially towards people of color. Others want to take revenge on the cops. I don't know where it will ever end. Colorado has seen its share of shootings with Columbine HS & the Aurora theater. It's all very sad.

                    I have a master gardener coming by this afternoon to give me an estimate of weeding my flower beds. With being a caregiver & all that's involved, I just don't have the time to devote to the yard like I used to. Also, my lower back bothers me, & I can't keep at it hours at a time like before. In my younger days, I'd work in the yard 2-3 hrs. in the a.m., then go to work at the hosp. on swing shift for 8 hrs. Gone are those days!

                    I hope everyone has a good week end.


                      Re: Friday has finally arrived

                      Hello,..... alot going on, shopping, 22 stores ? Wow. Go for it....I want to see the stash, after this

                      It got stormy here too....lost the interweb, just got it back up and all. .....grrr.

                      Jeannette, so sorry, (((( Big Hugs ))), this is the hardest part of having pet friends, they touch such a special place in our hearts, and lives.

                      I woke up with a really bad headache, I can't get rid of it. It may be sinus, but it could be stress, after all the horrible shooting's .....just, tears me up. I just dont get all the violance.

                      Blessings to you all, and all the suffering families.

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