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    Bargain Night Owl

    Hoot hoot! I think I mentioned that my buddy is moving and he won't have any roommates supplying their home furnishings, so I have been scoping out the local Craigslist ads. Well I found some nice stuff so cheap that I am buying it myself! I got three classy silver table lamps today for $20. I can replace the old partially broken lamp on my bedside table...whoo hoo!

    I'm working on the bottom section of my cross stitch. This area is going faster than the last one. And my hives are okay...I only needed two antihistamine pills today. How's everybody doing?

    Re: Bargain Night Owl

    Good morning!

    Kim, that sounds like a nice find!

    Nothing majorly exciting happening here, only going to work. DS#1 has a Martial Art test tonight (for the next colored belt) and he allowed me to watch. If he could decide, there would be no audience at all.
    No sewing yesterday, instead I read another bachelor thesis in the evening. I don't understand why some students don't have their theses proofread by someone with grammar knowledge who also points out typos before submitting it...

    Have a good night and a nice day!


      Re: Bargain Night Owl

      I spent most of the night in the barn. The dog was freaking out and I swear a couple of the big mortars were right on top of our barn. The goats nearly crashed through the stall panels crushing up against them.
      It seems that midnight was the shut off time for explosives, as there haven't been any more since then.
      Tomorrow Eric goes back to work and Em starts summer school. They offer the program to keep the kids on track for next year. They have found that kids who attend start out the next grade, at or above the level of where they left off.

      So I lied. Another boom. Let's hope it was the last.
      I guess I should be thankful that my family and my farm don't live with constant explosions from bombs, IEDs, and missiles that some countries do. (I still don't have to like the fireworks done in excess!)

      I need to hit the hay as it looks to be a busy Tuesday.
      Hugs, Cathy
      Be who you are and say what you feel
      because those who mind don't matter,
      and those who matter don't mind. - Dr. Seuss


        Re: Bargain Night Owl

        Hoot Everyone,

        Kim, great score on Craigslist ! Cathy, I know what you and your animals have gone through. It's that way here. We have a neighbor who shoots off a cannon and guns along with big fireworks every year. Our dogs go crazy, especially Dottie. It will continue until he runs out of the beer cans filled with concrete that he uses as cannon balls! I suspect he has plenty of cans to work with.

        Andrea, good to see you. Good luck to your son.

        Wishing you all a great day. Hoot!
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        Scottie Mom Barb


          Re: Bargain Night Owl

          Hope your dogs and animals are recovered from last night's fireworks. Glad we don't have such stupid neighbors like Cathy's guy with the concrete filled beer cans. What's he celebrating, how much beer he can drink?

          Good finds kitsophia - I've been thinking of listing some items on Craig's List but am afraid I'd be buying more than I sell.

          Andrea, hope next BA thesis has been proofread and corrected and the student presented some interesting ideas. A friend of mine is a Psych Prof and she has the same problem.
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